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Storyboard Creator Online: How To Share Your Vision

Storyboard creator online is a tool that allows you to easily create storyboards and animated storyboarding videos according to your unique needs. Storyboards are often used when creating motion graphics or animation media for your next social media campaign or video production.

Many people find storytelling through visuals an easy way to share their vision of something they have or will create with their audience. But storyboarding is becoming a lost art form with much different visual content developing software.

However, an online storyboard creator is a great way to make great things and organize your workflow with creative project management from the client’s brief to the finished project. This article will go through many different ways to use storyboard creator online. This can be helpful for your project or if you just want to make your storyboard.


What Is A Storyboard?

A storyboard is a graphic representation of the scenes of a film, play, or video game. They are generally displayed in sequence with arrows showing transitions between each scene with examples of what each scene will look like in detail near the bottom of the frame.

These boards also divide sequences into shots that are often identified by numbers that represent where they fit into the timeline, as well as important action items that are usually represented by images at each moment on either side of this number.

Why Create A Storyboard?

The most common reason behind storyboarding is to make the process of creating a video production easier and more efficient. A storyboard helps the creator by allowing them to visually see where they need to go, when, and how.

A storyboard is a great way to organize a project as well as determine if you are on the right path for the final product. You can also use storyboards to create visually appealing videos, which are highly important for marketing purposes.

Storyboards can help you visualize your material at the early stage of development, so it is easier to control the story and visuals of what will be put out in front of your audience.

Storyboard Elements

A storyboard is generally made up of various elements; however, they are still broken into different sections that make up each character or scene in your film or video game.


Images on a storyboard represent the action that should take place in your video or film. They can range from text boxes to an array of graphics and even still images.


A panel is used if it pertains to a storyboarding sequence and to break up your animation into individual shots or scenes in your production. A panel can act as an image, title, or background of your short film-based animations or sequences.

Titles And Captions

The titles and captions are typically used to show the voice-over or dialogue in your video at a particular moment. A caption is also used to highlight certain information in each image, like a character name or the location where the shot takes place.

How To Make A Storyboard

Storyboards can be created with a variety of different software programs like Krock. Once you have created your storyboard, you will want to color it, add additional animations and make notes about each shot you want in your video or film.

Make A Storyboard Online Template

You can create a storyboard online using a pre-made template or make your own. The best way is to use an online storyboard creator that allows you to create storyboards with ease and quickly.

This method is great for people new to creating storyboards because it gives you a great way to practice before you make your own. You can also play around with the different elements like colors, layouts, and even characters in your work without worrying about losing too much time when you have your final project.

Add The Script

A storyboard creator online allows you to add the script for your video or film so that you know everything that is happening in every shot.

If you are working with a team and want to assign different shots to each group member, it can be incredibly helpful when each person has their storyboard. This way, you already know how the story should go and how it will look to the audience.

Make A List Of All Shots

The trick to creating a great storyboard lies in figuring out what shots you want and making sure they tell a cohesive story to your audience. It is best to think about how each shot will look before you start animating it, which makes it easier to imagine how the final product will look.

In addition, you want to do some research and make a list if possible. This can help with different angles, camera angles, lighting, and backgrounds. Make sure that your shots are in line with the voice-over or dialogue of your narration. This will make the process that much easier when needing to create a project or video for your client.

Storyboard Creator Online

Sketch Out Your Frames

When making a storyboard for a video or film, it is a good idea to sketch out each shot in your project before you even start animating. This allows you to go back and customize the shots once you have them all in place because you can fine-tune the different scenes that make up each frame of your work.

Add Camera Movements

It is also very important to add camera movements and transitions with your shots to make sure that each unique scene you create will fit the timeline of your project.

The Bottom Line

Storyboarding is one of the most important parts of every video or film. It has been around for a long time, and it is still being used today because of the effectiveness and efficiency it brings to creatives when creating their art.

It allows you to get a better overall picture of how the final product will look regarding scenes, plot, characters, and the entirety of your film or video production.

If you are new to storyboarding or creating videos, you can use an online storyboard creator like Krock to help with your work in this area so that you have a better idea of what the final product will look like on all fronts.

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