• What To Expect From Your SMTP Server For Effective Email Marketing

What To Expect From SMTP Server For Effective Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise your products to your target audience.

“There’s no denying that omnichannel marketing communities and industry influencers are constantly on the lookout for diverse, impactful email solutions and cutting-edge strategies. Leveraging and focusing on only one marketing channel is no longer an option for marketing experts, especially when consumers are expecting to get consistent experiences across different touchpoints. That’s why it’s crucial to harness the power of email marketing and get industry-specific information at omnichannel marketing conferences like MailCon.”

However, it should be remembered that the quality, as well as the communicative attributes of the emails, is equally important for successful email marketing. A simple transactional mail is also important in this aspect. To coordinate all of these together, the SMTP server has a very important role to play.

The SMTP server and email delivery

Servers enabled with SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, help in delivering your emails to different email domains.

SMTP servers are basically associated with different ISPs and are tied to an unmonitored IP address. These ISPs consist of all the email service providers that people generally use like Gmail, Outlook, and AOL.

Sharing the same IP address can potentially damage your reputation as you could be sharing it with a scammer. This can, in turn, affect the extent of correct mail delivery. To eliminate this problem, mail servers were created that can be integrated. This ensures reliable and super-fast delivery and higher deliverability along with systematic tracking of all the mailing systems. They can easily handle the ever-increasing volume of bulk emails too, which makes them especially suitable for email marketing campaigns.

Effective Email Marketing

Benefits of using mail servers that can be integrated

There are several benefits of using this. A few of them have been listed below:

  • Even under intensive server use, scalability is quite high
  • You would be able to sort out your recipients based on various criteria
  • You can exercise total control of email protocols and can even use other options like POP3 or IMAP
  • Manage every aspect of the security and privacy of your company’s email system if you host it on your own email server.
  • Minimize downtime and guarantee that your email service is always available by having your own unique email on a dedicated email server.

Choosing the right SMTP server

Choosing the correct SMTP is a very important decision for strategizing your email marketing services. You would need to consider certain points like:


You need to understand your requirements first. Whether you really need all the features or you need some specific features for your business. The more features you opt for, the more complex the whole network would be. It is a great idea that if you need fewer features, you should opt for simpler SMTP servers.

Customer support

SMTP server implements are very complex and the more complicated server you choose, the more help you would need from experts. If you opt for lesser complicated networks, then you might be able to solve the problems by yourself. But for complicated servers, check if you have local support available. That would really be necessary in times of emergency.


Most of the big SMTP servers come free of cost. Free products do not always indicate bad services. However, the prices would depend on the configuration, support, and maintenance which are very important aspects of sending effective bulk emails.

With the right type of SMTP servers, you would be able to reach new highs. But remember that it is important to understand your requirements first. You would then be able to choose the most suitable SMTP server to support your business needs and expand your business profitably.

Using Google Analytics to revive the results of your email marketing efforts

Google Analytics is an excellent tool to review your email marketing efforts. This resource is available for free use and gives users useful details about the visitors to their websites and how they use them. So once your correct SMTP is connected, you are ready to start analyzing your data.

To further pinpoint issues with your website and enhance traffic, you may link Google Analytics with Google Search Console. The amount of visitors that visit your website every day, every week, every year, or any other time frame you want is one of the data sets you may anticipate from Google Analytics.

Furthermore, it will show you the number of customers who come from organic searches, other websites, social media, ads, and direct. Use it to know the interests and demographics of your site users, the amount of time they spend on your site and the pages they visit, and the keywords they use to find you.

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Marketing digitale

Digital Marketing Tips To Increase Revenue For All Businesses

Decades ago, marketing was only accessible to large businesses that had enough revenue to afford it. Now, the internet has made it possible for all types of businesses, big or small, to have a chance at leveraging marketing for their company’s profit.

Digital marketing has become the pinnacle of good business. If you have not started investing in it, then you are missing a huge opportunity to get your company out there and grow your revenue.

Why so?

Because in order to sell more, you need more consumers to buy your products, and for that to happen, you need to be present in their life. In a world where people spend hours browsing the internet, how could you be more present than through online marketing? By using some simple and cost-effective techniques such as SEO or content marketing, you can help your business reach new leads and grow your revenue.

There is no recipe for success in digital marketing, as each business has different goals and needs, so we won’t tell you which strategy works best for meeting those goals. What we can talk about are some effective marketing tips that can and should be applied to any digital marketing campaign, regardless of the channels and tools used. Some of these tips will also help you learn more and get a complete understanding of what digital marketing is.

So, without further ado, here are three digital marketing tips that will help you increase business revenue.

Strategize Content Marketing

To put it simply, content marketing is a strategy centered around creating, publishing, and distributing content that is relevant to your audience. The type of content you create can vary based on various factors, but it usually includes video content, photos, blog posts, social media posts, or newsletters.

Good content is easily sharable, thus making your brand visible to a broader audience. But to ensure you actually deliver good content for the world to see, you need to develop a good strategy. Here are some important aspects to keep in mind:

Conoscere il pubblico

To deliver content that is relevant to your audience and keeps them hooked, you need to know what your audience actually wants. Draw out a sketch of your buyer’s persona, then conduct market research to find out what their preferences are. This way, you can create content they actually are interested in consuming.


Choose the right type of content

Once you have done your research on your potential target audience, it’s time to create content that gets to them.

  • Where on the internet are they spending their time?
  • Which type of content do they enjoy?
  • Who do they look up to? What are their main interests?

The answers to these questions will help you create the type of content that suits your audience most.

Boost your content

It’s not enough to just post a lot of content if no one ever sees it. You need to start advertising your content to ensure it reaches as many people as possible. All social media platforms have at least one method for boosting content, which can be tailored to target the exact audience that has the most interest in your products, so you need to focus on leveraging that.

Analyze digital marketing performances

To find out if your campaign is working the way it’s intended to, you need to also track and analyze its performance. Using metrics such as the number of views, visits, downloads, or leads generated will help you identify which type of strategies work best for your audience and where you need to put on some extra work.

Increase audience engagement

Social media marketing has become one of the most effective ways to engage with your customers online. Also to build a strong connection between them and your brand. Everyone who uses the internet has at least one social media account, so you need to be where your consumers are and leverage those platforms. One of the best ways to increase the audience is to find an agency.

Having one dedicated social media account for your business allows you to talk to customers in a more casual and relaxed way that shows them there is a person behind the brand. This helps consumers relate more to you and form a deeper connection, which leads to them trusting your brand more.

The main objective of a strong social media campaign is to make your audience feel every one of their likes, comments, or shares matters, and that you hear them and listen to their needs.

Make a habit of checking your business’s social media accounts daily and respond to your customers as often as you can. Encourage them to interact with your content and make sure you give them something in return as well. Launching contests and promoting exclusive offers are two of the best ways to keep customers engaged on social media and make them feel their time is valued, so make it a habit to reward your audience from time to time.

Optimize for mobile devices

Any reputable marketing agency will tell you that, if you want a chance at reaching a wider audience, you need to have a mobile-friendly website. In the first two quarters of 2020, more than 51% of website traffic worldwide came from mobile devices, so if you are not optimizing your website to fit mobile users, then you are missing out on some important numbers.

Proper mobile optimization means pages load just as fast on your mobile browser as they do on desktops, images show properly no matter the size of the screen, and the entire design on your website won’t fall apart once it’s not shown on a 15-inch laptop screen.

The benefits of optimizing your website for mobile devices are plenty, including:

  • Enhanced visibility in search results
  • Improved lead generation
  • Better mobile SEO
  • Increased shareability
  • Gaining a competitive edge

The best part about mobile optimization is cost-effectiveness. Compared to creating two social media campaigns, for example, where you have to come up with two different strategies, website optimization only requires you to polish some of your website’s existing content and features.

Marketing via e-mail

Firstly, Marketing via e-mail will also be a part of digital marketing tactics in 2022. Secondly, Email marketing has a great potential of enhancing customer retention. Finally, it can also be used to notify new upcoming in the business.

Use email marketing for promotional emails. It will help you get a wide following that will also attract more people to follow your business and stay connected by increasing the engagement on the posts. As spoken at the beginning of our article, connecting the SMTP Server is essential for your email marketing campaign. Not only that it will ensure reliable delivery with higher deliverability, it will also allow systematic tracking of all the mailing systems.

Dichiarazione di non responsabilità: This article is not a substitute for advice from a trained professional. By using this website, you agree that DesignFreeLogoOnline will not be held liable for any action taken as a result of using the information in this article.

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