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Create your Auto Van logo design with wings image using the best AI free Logo Maker. Motorcar logos with an auto van or small truck image are great for branding any facility used to repair motor vehicles.

In addition, logos with car symbols are also great for driving school, and Transportation, delivery, and travel agency.

File di stampa ad alta risoluzione per la vostra auto e il vostro logo

Ottenete file illimitati e ad alta risoluzione per la vostra corona con il logo dell'auto. Utilizzate i file HD per tutte le esigenze di stampa. Stampatelo su cartelloni pubblicitari, biglietti da visita, T-shirt, carta intestata e molto altro ancora.

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Receive your Auto Van logo formatted specifically for social media channels, digital, and websites.

File HD completamente modificabili

Make unlimited changes using your vector files. Also, receive a professional AI illustrator file. With that source file, you can change the shape, and colors or add elements to your small truck with wings design.

truck van logo design

truck van logo design

Resizable Logo Files

Espandete il vostro logo automobilistico di lusso per adattarlo a stampe di grandi dimensioni come manifesti e cartelloni pubblicitari, oppure rimpicciolitelo per adattarlo a un sito web, a un blog o alla firma di un'e-mail.

Get Full Ownership Of Your Customized Auto Van Logo

Use your customized Auto Van logo for all your commercial and non-commercial use. You have full ownership of your customized design. (Not to the individual elements).

Design A Truck Van Logo Using The Online AI Free Logo Maker

Seguite i passaggi indicati di seguito per dare subito vita alla vostra identità di marca:

  1. Scegliete un modello lussuoso e professionale per la vostra attività automobilistica tra i nostri modelli vettoriali già pronti.
  2. Utilizzare il Creazione di loghi gratuiti online per personalizzare il vostro simbolo. Personalizzate le vostre idee di design con il vostro nome, i colori e i caratteri.
  3. Create idee di logo professionali senza registrazione e scaricate un campione gratuito.

Color Trends in Automotive Logo Design


Did you know that green is the easiest color for our eyes? That is the case. Also, our eyes are more sensitive to color because we can discern most of its shades.

Furthermore, green stands as the color of nature, peace, and relaxation. It also symbolizes rest, harmony, and equilibrium. It has evolved to be associated with environment-friendly products and the environment as a whole. Eco-friendly Truck Auto Van brands are using them to represent their values. It is a good choice for transportation brands.


Purple is another trending color in the world of logo design. The color represents luxury, royalty, and spirituality and many people associate it with extravagance, creativity, fantasy, mystery, sophistication, calmness, high quality, and independence.

One great thing about purple is that even a small amount of it can make your products appear and feel luxurious, particularly when combined with gold.

Purple is ideal for almost every type of packaging. Still, this color is underappreciated in the modern Design del logo in 3D. A large percentage of the companies that use it in their Truck Auto Van Logo Design mostly find their place in the sun.


People mostly associate white with peace, cleanliness, simplicity, sincerity, and hygiene. The meaning of white can change radically depending on the cultural values of the target population. For example, some people associate white with weddings, thanks to the trend created by Queen Victoria.

Others associate it with mourning and burials. That should tell you that you have to understand the values of your target audiences before using this color in your logo. Some brand designers also use white as a contrast color to create a negative space in their logo or to complement surrounding colors.