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2022 Guide To Bring Your Instagram To The Next Level

Instagram is among the most prominent social networking platforms, with over one billion monthly active users. Just because of that, firms and marketers have a huge chance to reach out to prospective consumers. Maintaining an Instagram commercial profile, however, is not simple. It is a continuous tightrope walk of posting at the proper time, interacting on the move, and experimenting with new ways to beat the algorithm of this system. Of course, there is no requirement to replace what is adequate for your plan, but if you need better creativity, experimenting with various Instagram posts and Stories is always a wise option. For you to attempt, we have gathered a mix of recent Instagram business post possibilities.

Content Of How To Make Methodology

It is among the most potent material, and you can utilize it virtually on any website. You can use this type of post to demonstrate how to use your products to your target audience. It could also be about finding new and inventive methods to use your belongings. In the food and beverage industry, for example, this may take the shape of formulations. In the beauty sector, it could, on the other hand, take the form of a product tutorial. Most businesses will be able to locate “how-to” content that would appeal to their target market. It raises the number of individuals who hear your word and promotes you as an authority in your field. You can also make use of packages from sites like Trollishly.

Instagram template

Sneak A Look

These posts are designed to create excitement about impending product launches or activities. For example, one could show a product launch picture without giving anything more away from it. You could even dare the public to figure it out. It also increases the number of responses to your content. You may also use this to give your fans a quick glimpse at a future business or brand activity to promote participation.

Products On Display

Many people use Instagram to discover new things and even to purchase. Instagram has evolved from a social-sharing platform to a popular retail platform. Many businesses use it to display their products, build leads, and boost sales as a response. The Branded Posts feature adds to this by permitting you to not only spark people’s interest but also direct them to your homepage, where they may make a purchase. Trollishly is one of the top sites which can help you with this process.

Posts With High-resolution Images

Regardless of how many brilliant methods you attempt with your Instagram posts, you must never overlook the significance of images. High-quality, aesthetically appealing photographs enhance people’s desire to read your information, so use them to your advantage. This type of post is especially good at sticking out from the rest of the postings in a user’s feed and immediately capturing interest. Companies in the artistic professions, such as tourism, architecture, home décor, fashion, and so on, benefit significantly from such postings.

Come Up With Quizzes And Puzzles

Nothing beats asking your viewers a query if you would like to boost the number of likes and comments on a post. Quizzes are successful because they connect with the listener while also encouraging them to contribute their ideas. A similar can be said for puzzles, increasing people’s curiosity to figure out and reveal the response. What renders such roles genuinely effective is the sensation of rivalry they evoke in individuals.

Figure Your Concepts

Renderings depicting and directly describing a topic are known as Figure Outs. They appear to be exciting and immediately distinguish themselves from other types of photographs in a user’s feed. As an example, nearly everyone feels obliged to understand the words. These types of postings are great for grabbing and holding the interest of your viewers. Nevertheless, the message provided in these situations must be significant to your business or specialty. You might also show about using your things with illustrations. Any “how-to” material can be displayed using an image.

What Happens Behind The Scenes

These are the postings in which you publish photographs or stills from your company’s brand activities or your location of business. These also show your employees going about their tasks or doing something fun. It could also show how to make a product, advertise something, or plan an engagement. It is beneficial for non-customer-facing IT or service organizations. By showcasing the initiatives behind an organization, such posts serve to humanize it.


Memes are amusing and exciting, and you can use this to attract a community efficiently. For example, suppose you want customers to identify your brand as cheerful and comical. In that case, you can utilize these. Using memes or other humorous stuff in your posts develops your brand’s personality and tone consistently. Some brands utilize comedy in their material to keep their brand voice recognition constant.

Best Shopify Instagram Feed Apps to add Instagram Feeds

Best Shopify Instagram Feed Apps to add Instagram Feeds

According to the latest figure by Instagram, it boasts of having whooping 1 billion people every month, which makes it one of the most important social media platforms. And as people look at it as a huge crowd, marketers view it as an opportunity.

And at the same time, with such growth of online shopping, businesses have turned towards online stores and eCommerce platforms. And here, Shopify takes a cake. With over 820,000 merchants on the platform, we can say that it is the first choice for businesses for their eStore website builder.

So if you own a Shopify store and want to amplify the reach of your business with Instagram, then you are at the right place. This blog will help you with the best apps available on Shopify that integrate Instagram Feed with your Shopify.

Top Bug-Free Shopify Instagram Feed Apps on Shopify

Instagram Feed by Tagembed

1. Instagram Feed by Tagembed

Tagembed has made a name for itself due to its ease of use and pocket-friendly pricing plans. However, it brings the same magic and legacy to its Shopify plugin. You can find the Instagram feed Shopify app by Tagembed on the Shopify app store and easily install it. The app helps users collect, curate, and display Instagram posts beautifully on the Shopify store. It is also compatible with 15+ other major social media platforms.

It can smoothly run all types of media. Whether it is images from Instagram or Instagram reels, the app streams all without affecting the speed of your Shopify website. Moreover, the feeds are responsive, which adjusts according to the screen size. So, it does not matter if your visitor is using mobile, tab, or PC, the charisma of your feed remains the same, and you don’t have to worry about changing the feed as per the screen type.

While many merchants struggle with adding new add ons on their Shopify website as they lack coding knowledge, the feed provides a great advantage as it is easy to install and run. So even if you don’t have any coding experience, you can still operate it without any trouble. It just displays the feeds in 3 simple steps:

First, install the Instagram Feed plugin from Shopify App store.

Next, create Instagram feed widget using Tagembed.

Finally, embed Instagram feed on the website.

And that’s it, with just three simple steps, users have a customizable Instagram widget on the website. In addition, you can personalize it according to your need by changing font sizes, font styles, themes, backgrounds, and more.

2. Instagram Feed by Space Squirrel Ltd.

Instagram Feed by Space Squirrel Ltd. is the easiest app to use on the Shopify App Store. Users can easily embed Instagram feeds on their Shopify website with just a few simple steps. Furthermore, it is compatible with shortcodes. Therefore you can copy the shortcode to your theme and enjoy displaying feeds on your eStore.

You can embed your Instagram feed from your profile and provide a sneak into your Instagram presence to your visitors. It eventually helps you strengthen your Instagram presence and increase your market reputation.

The feeds are mobile-friendly and provide a ‘load more’ option. That keeps visitors using any device engaged on the website, as they can scroll through and view all the Instagram posts you have embedded.

3. Instagram Feed by Piña Tropical, LLC

Instagram Feed by Piña Tropical, LLC helps you make your eStore more engaging, as it provides a smooth solution of adding Instagram feed on Shopify. Also, it allows showing the latest posts that keep the store up to date and help businesses promote their products, brand, limited time offers etc., to the visitors.

The app enables you to customize the widget as per your need and make it more appealing to visitors. Like the apps mentioned above, even this app is easy to configure and operate. Widgets from the app are highly flexible, which means you can use them with any Shopify theme and custom layouts. And you can add them to the header, footer, sidebar, or any desired location. So go ahead, decide the place and add that grace to your website.

4. Instagram Feed by Elfsight

If you are looking to display posts from your Instagram account, this app is perfect for you. With the help of this app, you can set your Instagram handle as a source of your feed and embed it to your Shopify store. It will help you promote your product, sales, or offers, and if a visitor isn’t an Instagram user, he can still view your posts. Similarly, you can set hashtags as the source and embed all the posts related to your business, and with photo and video content supported, it adds a vibrancy to your website.


In this digital era, cross-platform marketing experienced tremendous success. Similarly, integrating Instagram with your Shopify store is a smart way to promote your brand and, at the same time, attain more audience for your eStore. Shopify store has a various app that helps you in this integration, but the tools mentioned above are easy to operate, effective, and economical. They are easily available in the store, so use them and enjoy the great benefits they offer.


Instagram Shoppable: Successful Ways to Boost Ecommerce Sales

How often do people visit your website?

In these technology-dependent times, you should consider whether to make an e-commerce site in order for your business to succeed. Moreover, you also need to drive website traffic and generate conversions. But the thing is, the same people will be less likely to visit and navigate your site on a daily basis. Even your most loyal customers will not have a reason to visit your site daily. Hence, you will need to tap into other platforms in order to drive website traffic.

Take Instagram for example. It has approximately 500 daily active users and 80 percent of those accounts follow a business profile.

This is excellent news for you and your e-commerce brand. Most of your prospects are not only active on this platform but are also more willing to engage with your brand.

That’s why it is clear that you should utilize this platform to your advantage.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Small Businesses

Benefits of IG Shoppable Posts

This is also where the Instagram Shoppable Post feature sweetens the deal. Once you have a product catalog that is linked to your business account, it is easy to tag a product in a post.

As a result, you can turn followers into prospective e-commerce buyers.

Switch to a Business account

With Instagram, you could switch from a personal account to your business account, which is one of the first steps in order to put your marketing initiative into action.

Doing so allows you to create a professional profile. It also takes contact information from Facebook and retains the shoppable links of Instagram at the same time. Moreover, it gives you insight into the number of impressions and clicks that your post gains weekly. Also, make sure to place your business logo for better brand awareness.

Here’s how you can convert your personal account to a business account:

  1. In your account settings, click the option to “Switch to Business Profile.”
  2. Once you log in on your Facebook account using the app, see to it that you have the admin rights of that particular Facebook page.
  3. You will be asked to choose the Facebook page that you want your business to be associated with.
  4. After you have chosen the Facebook page, you have to at least pull one piece of contact information for your business page on Instagram. It could either be your email address, or the phone number of your customer service.

Raise your social proof

Social proof is an excellent strategy that you can apply to your posts and Stories on Instagram to make prospects buy your products. It is a great psychological concept that you can apply.

When people see that others are happy with their purchase, they are more likely to buy as well. With regular and high-quality posting, you could gain followers on the platform who could be your potential customers, which helps you create an excellent social report for your brand and business.

Also, once the word gets out, it is where the sales will start to come and the conversions happen.

Always tag your products

In order for your Shoppable posts to drive conversions, you have to tag your products in an IG post. Tags are crucial because they let users see product details, providing them with a direct pathway to purchase the product.

Once a user spots a product that they like, all they need to do is to click the tag you have placed to see the name and the price. If they want to buy it, they are just a click away from doing so.

Tag your location, too

Apart from tagging products to create Shoppable posts, it is also advisable to tag your location. You do not have to tag your actual location. All you need to do is to tag a location that is related to what you are selling and your target audience.

For instance, you are selling swimwear but your company’s headquarters is in a landlocked state. It doesn’t really make sense for you to tag that location, especially if you have prospects that are spending a lot of time on the beach.

Set a time to engage with your followers

Sometimes, posting your content is not enough. What’s more important is a social media platform with user-generated content.

You also need to engage and respond to your followers’ comments on social media. But do not just keep tabs on your feeds and for notifications to pop up. Chances are, your business will not get tangible results after random check-ins.

Instead, it is recommended that you create a system that will respond to user-generated content and comments, every single day. In addition, you could designate some members of your team to handle follower engagement.

Go the extra mile with your content strategy

Instagram is a highly visual platform, which is excellent for most e-commerce brands. But with thousands of competitors posting similar content, you have to put in the effort to stand out.

Instead of telling people to go buy your product, why not go for something more creative instead?

If you are launching a new summer line, then you could invite some influencers over for some exclusive beach party, and take a couple of shots of them wearing your products.

Use Hashtags

Posting images on Instagram simply is not enough. It should come with relevant hashtags as well. Hashtags allow Instagram to catalog different products and images. If you are using the appropriate hashtags, then chances are, it is going to be seen with a larger group of people including your audience.

Meanwhile, inappropriate hashtags or using too many of them can hurt your marketing strategy. Overall, hashtags make your profile a lot easier to find on social media channels. When your content is shared on Instagram and on Facebook, it gets published there as well. This improves the chances of your content being found by other users.

Over to You

Your e-commerce site might be successful, but people are not visiting your website as often as they do on social media. That’s precisely why you should sell your products on Instagram. See to it that all of the product information you include on your IG post is accurate, and prices and descriptions are the same as your website.

Then, monitor the metrics of your posts to see whether or not your Instagram Shopping campaigns are successful. Just follow the tips we have mentioned and you would be surprised to see how Instagram Shoppable posts can help boost your e-commerce sales.

Look out for some of these creative and impactful Instagram post ideas for 2022. To liven up your Instagram feed and improve engagement and followers, combine a few of these ideas. Then, pick your favorites and learn which ones are most effective for your target market.

Disclaimer: This article is not a substitute for advice from a trained professional. By using this website, you agree that Design Free Logo Online cannot and will not be held liable for any action taken as a result of using the information in this article.

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