What information should be when Branding Stationery Design?

Good corporate identity design symbolize you and your brand. Good Branding Stationery Design design will showcase your organization in a dignified way. It is also a good way to leave positive first impression. Customers that see your branded business cards or letterhead at the first time will be impressed.

Here is a list of info that should appear on your Branding Stationery Design:

Personal Contact information.

Name, surname, job title / position, cell phone, personal email, beeper number.

Company Contact Information.

Office Phone number (extension number), Fax number, Office address, mailing address, company website, company social media profile (Facebook, Twitter, pinterest, instagram).

Logo Design.

Include your company logo in a respected prominent place.

company name, Surname & job title.

First, place your name and surname. Introduce yourself as you prefer to be known. Second, Your job title will describes your position in the company.

Professional examples of Branded Stationery Design:

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