8 Important social media tools every small business should know

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8 Important social media tools every small business should know

Online businesses need two forms of representations; first in the form of a dedicated website and second in the form of social media. For that, we need great social media tools. Let’s break it further. Websites grab traffic from two sources; first is an organic one, which comes from search engine page; the second one comes from social media links. For any new website or an online business, social media presence is a must thing. The reason is quite obvious; an average internet user spends more time on social media than any other website.

Well, making a dedicated social media page is not enough. A business needs to monitor the performance of its social media page, to evaluate the effectiveness. It is essential that website owners keep a check and balance of how social media presence is impacting their business.

Here are the 8 tools social media tools that small businesses must need to know about.

Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is multi tasked manager social media tool. It helps you to manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google +; all from one single platform. Apart from serving as analyzer tool, Agora Pulse allows handling social media in a much easy way. It offers post-scheduling, auto moderation, usage by multiple members and other such features. It also allows interacting with followers and figuring out more active of them.


EveryPost is the perfect social media manager plus analyzer. The tool is one of the most fantastic social media tools. It allows posting the same content on multi-channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and Google+.  It also acts as a content management tool due to its function of customization. You can fetch a post from any other source, customize it and then post it on various channels.

Apart from this, EveryPost also offers flexibility of managing team work. So many members can manage the social media accounts by using the same tool.


HootSuite is amongst one of the most popular social media tools. The most important use of this tool is managing all of the social media accounts of your business, through one single app. Hence, there doesn’t remain any need of opening so many tabs, just for switching from one account to another one. Popular social media account that you can manage using HootSuite, include, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, WordPress, Twitter, Mixi and Foursquare.

HootSuite also offers the scheduling feature for automation of posts. Customization feature of HootSuite is just a plus. Free as well as premium versions of the tool are available.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has generally reserved a tool for analyzing search engine ranking of any website. The tool is equally effective for gauging the social media performance as well. A good feature of Analytics is that it is free and everyone can use it. Hence, beginners who can’t afford the advanced social media tools can get accurate insights. Google Analytics offers social media reports. It also offers single sharing platform for catering to multiple social media posts.


Buffer is another interesting, easy to use and much features social media analytics tool. Most prominent function of Buffer is to schedule any social media post. If you find any post interesting, then click on it and add it to the buffer extension. The post would automatically get posted on the selective social media channels. Buffer is also widely used tool by online businesses. It is equally popular among startups as well as Pros. It can manage the social media accounts including, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Free version of the Buffer is available; luckily paid version is also not too much costly.


Feedly offers you an opportunity to act as a curator in the best way. The way Feedly works is very much unique comparing to the other social media tools. It lets the online businesses to get an insight into what is trending. It compiled popular discussions in the form of a magazine and helps you in decision making. When it comes to scheduling of posts then Feedly does its task by integrating with Hootsuite and Buffer.


This social media tool offers an edge on posts scheduling. Unlike, other tools, it offers to make a scheduling library that further makes the task easier. In this way, you are saved from the hassle of re-posting while gaining an equal amount of attention. Making of a library also offers a complete customization in term of content.


Bitly is another popular and widely used social media analytics tool. It is more specific for e-mail marketing. It also helps on managing Twitter and Instagram posts. Apart from giving the insights about social media traffic insight, Bitly is also a popular link shortening service too.

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