• How TotalVPN Can Help Small Businesses?

How TotalVPN Can Help Small Businesses?

TotalVPN and Small Businesses

VPNs encrypt a user’s connection and mask their IP address, providing maximum anonymity and privacy during their online sessions. Using an unencrypted, basic Internet connection leaves a user or a business vulnerable to attacks from hackers and malware, or targeted surveillance by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), governmental agencies and other third-parties. VPNs also grant a business access to a global network of servers, which is important if a business needs to get around geo-restrictions on certain content and websites.

Small businesses and private users look for VPNs such as TotalVPN to provide the following services:

  • Assist customers in keeping their online transactions and activities secure
  • Grant remote employees access to data and proprietary information from remote areas around the world
  • Securely look up and manage business resources such as inventory and financial information
  • Securely send and receive data between numerous departments and business properties

TotalVPN offers many helpful features that are beneficial for small businesses. Some of these features are:

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Global VPN Coverage

Small businesses are covered all over the world with TotalVPN, as the service provides +60 servers, with these servers spread across 30 different locations in six of the seven continents on the planet. This means that small businesses and their employees have global access to content while connecting to TotalVPN’s servers. Its servers are located in the following continents and regions:

  • USA
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Hong Kong
  • Latin America
  • Southeast Asia

Anonymity with TotalVPN

TotalVPN is capable of masking the IP address, online personal data and physical location of any small business. This prevents snooping by third parties seeking to view, track and store a business’s online data and activities.

Encryption Protocols

This VPN provider can secure a small business’s online sessions with several security protocols, including the following:

  • PPTP
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • OpenVPN
  • IkeV2
  • SSTP

Using any of these encryptions will block hackers, ISPs and governmental authorities from spying on a business’s online activities.

It should be noted that TotalVPN is under a legal obligation to provide certain governmental authorities with a business’s information in cases such as governmental data inquiries and legal proceedings.

No Logging Policy

TotalVPN claims to have a no-logging policy, keeping a business’s online sessions anonymous out of respect for its users’ privacy needs. For legal purposes, however, it does keep track of its users’ data packet usage and their real IP addresses within TotalVPN’s database.

Public Wi-Fi Protection

TotalVPN can secure a small business’s data, even if its employees are working through public Wi-Fi networks and other, vulnerable connections away from the company’s property.

Unrestricted Data

There are no limits on the amount of data that can be encrypted for premium users and businesses. There are bandwidth and data caps for those who opt to use the free version of TotalVPN, however.

99.99% Uptime

TotalVPN promises to be online virtually 100% of the time, but only for its premium businesses and users. There are no such promises for its free users.

TotalVPN Multi-Platform Support

TotalVPN supports every notable operating system and digital platform, except for Linux.

Currently, it will work with the following devices:

  • Android devices, including smartphones and tablets
  • iOS devices, such as the iPhone and the iPad
  • macOS devices

In the future, TotalVPN wants to make its services compatible with Chromebook.


This VPN provider’s features perform well and run smooth. While some users complain of speed dips, this is a quite common issue with encrypting a user’s connection with any VPN. One major issue with TotalVPN has been reported by users of leaks. Small businesses cannot afford to have DNS and other data leaks. Those that choose to use TotalVPN should also use DNS leak protection services to prevent any unwanted leaks.


VPNAlert states that TotalVPN’s pricing plans consist of either a free membership or a premium plan which costs $4.99 per month. The free version provides a decent amount of features and protection, but small businesses would do well to opt for the premium version.

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