How to write your business proposal

If you work in sales, sooner or later you will have to write a business proposal. I know that writing a business or commercial proposal is a tedious job, but it is better to have everything in writing so that unpleasant surprises do not arise. Here I want to offer you the following tips, especially focused on the point of view of who is going to have to study your offer. I also assume that the preparation of this document is preceded by an intense negotiation in which we have already understood the needs of our client and explained the advantages offered by our solutions. Check topics on deductive essay here: deductive essay topics 

The main rule: Your business or commercial proposal must be clear, concise and reflect the benefits.

The stages: We begin with a summary, we go on to expose the problem, and we continue with our proposal and finish with the price.

In principle, a business proposal is made with the principle that is almost the same as an essay, namely submitting the author’s opinion on an object of the problem. Of course, there are some differences where business proposals are made by highlighting a problem in the financial context. Both require a clear flow of writing that can’t be treated as the work of fiction. All points submitted must have a clear basis. Practicing essay writing can help!

Anyway, my advice is more general and based on my experience when making business proposals; I hope you find them right.

It is concise

The writing of a commercial offer is the closing of a sale. Our client has already understood what we are going to do for him and don’t bore him with technical, financial or logistical details that we have already dealt with the corresponding interlocutors. At this moment, the only important thing is to communicate the price and close the sale. So do not get caught up and stop boring your client with unnecessary details.

Price on the first page

I know that it goes against what is normally considered a commercial proposal correctly written. But every time I get one in my hands, the first thing I do is go to the last page to see how much it will cost me. Why does not anyone lend me a hand and give me the price at the start?

Focus on the results

Most commercials focus their offers on what they can offer their customers. What customers want are results. We will influence what you will obtain with our solutions, not the technical details. Translate the advantages of your products into value for the customer. This is the key to your business proposal.

It offers three options

The client will usually choose the one in the middle, but he likes to know that there are different options. It also helps us to offer one or several products of a superior range, which maybe we would not dare to quote them in any other way. On the other hand, if we give several possibilities we cover ourselves better against third-party offers, and we even make them see that we cover all kinds of scenarios so, with a bit of luck, they will not go to the competition.


The writing of a business proposal is a crucial moment in which a true professional should show off, but not to show off with a commercial proposal of 100 pages, but with the necessary information. Go to the point and differentiate yourself from others by underlining the added value, giving options and presenting the price where it should be: at the beginning.

With these tips, I am sure that your business proposal will be more attractive to your clients, and with a bit of luck, you will closing even more sales.

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