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  • How To Write A Successful Business Letter In English?

How To Write A Successful Business Letter In English?

Is it tough writing business letters for you? Don’t worry; it is what everyone faces in the beginning. After reading the essential steps to writing a business letter in English, you will find it much easier.

By the term letter, do not confuse yourself. It is still the 21st century and by business letters means either you write it and keep a hard copy with business letterhead, or you can convey the letter message via email. Business letters are official letters for anyone who wants to do a serious business conversation. The letters are used as a medium of communication between sellers and buyers, business owners with their clients, and so on. Using a business letter to communicate can strengthen the professional impression of a company. The choice of words, intonation, style, letter structure, and other aspects dramatically determines the success of a business negotiation.

What to know before writing the letter?

Keep in mind that the letter you are about to write will be representing the company and therefore it has to be formal. It is your very first impression of your clients and potential customers. The reason is that businesses communicate in a formal way through writing in letter form. The more professional your letters are, the more potential they will retain to attract your target niche.

However, each business letter may have unique characteristics commonly, business letters must be a page, and if you’re in a situation where you are in dealing with a big company.

Essential Steps to Writing a Business Letter in English

To note, the business letter has its scheme and language. Regardless of its content and how it influences its structure, a series of formalities is used to adapt to the idiosyncrasy of the company. However, in reality, they do so in a minimal way. Writing a business letter requires small learning, practice, and a few practical tips such as those included in this post.

Determine The Type of Your Business Letter

We write business letters by sending them to the receivers. It could be either a single person or a group of persons (company) sending to another individual or group. There are different types of letters segregated by the purpose of writing the letter in the first place. It could be either an inquiry or a complaint letter, cover letter, or adjustment and order letters.

If you are upset about the product or service or any kind of behavior, try to keep the humble tone in complaint letters. Complaint letters should contain the point, and relevant context, so make sure you have done enough research before highlighting your points. Cover letters usually go with your resumes, and it is a better chance to get a job. Order must be absolute, so double-checking is a must before sending it, and then adjustment letters are in response to complaint letters that you receive.

Each letter is different; therefore, it is essential to get the idea of the letter you are about to write.

Make An Outline First

It is always wise to practice before executing anything. You should stop and think of the best and most improved form of a letter in your head or on a rough piece of paper. The outline will make the error chances less, and you will be editing the minor changes then. Gather up all the cause and required information accordingly. You could either write proper sentences or make bullet points to highlight your discussion.

Layout of a Business Letter

First of all, you must pick the right format for your letter. You should write your business letter in a way that you can print them in hard copy any time you are asked to. Try to leave margins of 1 inch on a letter-size page. In the letters, block paragraphs get the preference.

For that, your MS Word will ask you to press the Enter key two times right before changing the paragraphs in order to avoid paragraph indent.


Adapt the model to the needs of your company and have your business letter template (click for samples) or, even better, several different templates for different types of communication or recipient. The content varies significantly depending on your motive.

Not only will you save time when writing them, but you will also achieve uniformity and personalization at the same time.

Be clear and considerate

The effectiveness of communication can be achieved in many ways, do not neglect any, from the most obvious, such as the use of clear language, short sentences, and paragraphs, even in short, without having to give up to including the information you consider critical. The information in question includes language, indentations, line spacing, and many more. Above all, try to be brief, simple, and clear.

The formal tone should be used for Business Letters

Use a formal and courteous tone: Communicative courtesy is not only in the friendly tone but in taking care of all these formal details. In any case, always use a courteous and respectful tone. Avoid too direct style, aggressiveness, and also overconfidence.


Do not neglect the documentation: Sometimes it will be vital to make a preliminary draft and obtain the necessary documentation so that the letter can include rigorous data or other information. In turn, it tries to adapt its content and tone to the profile of the recipient, which can also extricate you from collecting data, especially when there are cultural differences.

The use of adverbs

Showing interest in the recipient does not mean overconfidence. It will be enough with the use of adverbs, as “really”, or completely, say, offering benefits (bonuses or discounts) or showing consideration when arranging an appointment in a place that suits you. Let’s also learn communicative strategies so that business relationships flow better, such as avoiding disagreement by seeking agreement or, say, leaving the receiver free to reflect (on the letter) that we understand that he/she can’t satisfy our request.

Final word

By paying attention to the tips above, making a good business letter is not a dream anymore. Start writing so you will understand directly how to write it well.

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How to write an outstanding business quotation letter?

Business quotation letter is very important in the world of professional business. Basically, it is written in a formal business letter style and is intended to ask for an understanding related to important (billed) fees. The quote in question represents an offer or request from someone or an organization. Usually, quotes contain details on the prices of certain items, selected payment methods up to the deadline for payment.

Business quote letters are usually divided into several types according to the intended purpose; request for proposal, request for information, and business invitation.

Request for proposal

The proposal includes details about customer needs and in general, can be explained as follows. Prospective buyer sends a request for a particular item and the seller provides detailed information about the item. The information includes specifications, duration of delivery and of course the costs that must be paid.

Request for quotation

This type is usually given when a customer submits a large purchase request. Quotation requests are usually far more detailed than ordinary proposals.

Business invitation

A business invitation is sent by the company to several vendors which contain the lowest cost requests without reducing the quality of work and without increasing the duration of work. The form used is usually attached together with a letter representing the offer.

Tips for writing a Business Quotation Letter

If you are in a situation where you are required to write a business quotation letter, the following tips will be very helpful:

Have a list of the most important points

You must form the most important points in your letter to keep them from deviating from what you want. First, consider emphasizing the points in the first paragraph of your letter. The goal is to tell the reader what you want (in general). Second, the first paragraph is very important because this is a determinant of whether your letter is worth reading or not.

Emphasize the benefits that can be achieved by the reader

The second paragraph should be aimed at informing about the benefits that the reader can get after he agrees with what’s said in the first paragraph. For example, you can show how your services can drive his business in a better direction. In essence, show why the reader needs to choose you or why you are the best solution he has (at least until now). If you want to draw their attention further, you can write your advantages in a few paragraphs. This method will attract attention because people tend to read smaller separate parts than if they were all put together in one long description.

Don’t forget to include contact information in your stationery. For information, contact information is something that must be in the header of your letter. Also, the contact information in question includes the sender’s name, sender’s address, telephone number, contact information, and the date (when the letter was sent), and so on.

Spelling & Grammar

All thanks to MS Word that while typing a business quotation letter, it automatically underlines with a red or blue line when there is a mistake in grammar or spelling. But when you are writing letters on Notepad or writing in a physical form, there will be no autocorrect. Try to avoid those words about which you are not confident. Besides, if you are using one of the grammar checker apps you should be fine.

Spellings of British and American vocabularies are different too. Try to use direct tenses in your letters and short sentences which describe to the point context. Also, use one of the popular spelling apps like Grammarly.

Final word

The tips above are very important for anyone who wants to write a business quotation letter. The points above are important pillars and as long as you stay on track you don’t need to worry. You might be able to add some details but make sure you don’t forget the things above. Thank you for your attention and hope this post is useful.

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