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How to Create an Ultra-Modern Menu with Logo – Website Builder Tutorial

There are so many websites which provide templates to make your own website. Any person who wants to make a professional website would need to make a professional logo of his business. Web designing may not be your forte but Mobirise Website Builder Software has made it easy for not so geek people to make menu/top navbar types or menu logo along with the business logo on their professional website.

What is Mobirise Website Builder?

Mobirise website builder is a website by which you can create hundreds of websites for your own business, services, blogging, non-profit organizations, and so on.

This web builder gives you the opportunity to make websites without any hardcore coding but at the same time, it is secure to use. Mobirise is also great for commercial and non-commercial use.

Mobirise Menu Templates

Mobirise has so many menu templates for you to choose from. Mobirise understands the need that people have different businesses and for different businesses, there are different website menu templates. All of these menu templates have different features.

* Menus with a sidebar: If you need to build an ultra-modern website logo and Bootstrap Menu, then Mobirise website builder has its own templates which have menus with a sidebar. This sidebar has many features and you can change the setting of these icons on the sidebar as well.

* Menus with a dropdown feature: Mobirise website builder is a convenient option for you. It offers you a readymade website along with different templates options in a particular business field but it is not the only thing that Mobirise offers. It also offers you menus with a dropdown feature. You can hand pick the feature and dropdown them on your website menu. Now you have your own features, style, and convenience on your website which allows you to be unique in a crowd of other websites. You can change the location of certain icons and their size as well.

* Collapsed menus with a hamburger button: The menu button is shown in these templates as the hamburger button. You can change its look with colors and add some other design too.

* Full-screen menus: You don’t only need the main menus on the website, but you also need further menus like product items, further categories, and price ranges. For that, you would need full-screen menus. These menus are on auto display on websites and people can browse them by clicking.

Mobirise Menu Templates

How to Create Your Own Menu

One can create his or her own menu by choosing the features he or she wants on their website. These features could be from the menu templates or you can replace some of them by setting them in your own unique order.

* Choose a theme: First, when you are going to make your own website menu, choose a theme which suits best with your business interests. Few menu templates are offered by Mobirise and you can select your favorite one among them.

* Drag and drop a menu block: You can drag a menu block and then drop on your website. There are so many features available in the menu block. You can pick the ones you like and drag them on your website.

* Customize your menu (block parameters, text editing, button colors, etc):

The best thing about Mobirise menu templates is that the users can change the menu color and size to enhance their look. They can also edit the menu text as per their own choice.

How to Create Your Own Menu

* Set your logo
Once you are done with the menu setting, you can change the logo with your own customized logo on the website.

* Publish your website once done: Once your website is complete, review it and then publish it.


Mobirise website builder is a great tool to make new and customized websites for any business. The menu with the food logo adds a sophisticated look to your website. So, you must add a classy logo design on your website.

Disclaimer: This article is not a substitute for advice from a trained professional. By using this website, you agree that DesignFreeLogoOnline cannot and will not be held liable for any action taken as a result of using the information in this article.

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