What is the price of a logo Design?

If you are asking How much should a logo design cost? This article is for you!

Everyone who owns or helps run a company understands the importance of a unique and effective logo and brand identity. A good logo is capable of representing your business and brand, and as such can have a tremendous impact on your ability to market your products and services effectively.

That being said, the importance of a good logo design is often overlooked. And even when a company does decide to focus on having and using a good logo, they will usually end up overpaying for the creation of it. In most cases, this happens because many companies do not understand the inherent value of a unique logo and as such cannot determine what sort of price is fair for them to pay when acquiring a brand logo (or when hiring a design specialist to create a custom logo for them).

In order to better help you understand how to get a high-quality logo design for your brand without spending too much money, we’ve put together this article explaining how much a quality logo should cost you. Whether it’s a primary logo based on a premade template or a custom logo made fresh by a logo designer specialist. We hope that you find this information helpful and understand better the cost of logo design.


The Price of Logo Templates

When it comes to logo design, you don’t always need something intricate; more often than not, a distinctive design unique to your company will be more than enough to help to promote your brand and stand apart from the competition.

That being said, many companies charge hefty fees for the use of even the most simplistic logo templates. Quite a number of companies, for example, will charge up to one hundred dollars for a basic logo that contains just a simple image along with your company name. In comparison, DesignFreeLogoOnline offers a wide selection of high-quality templates, created by professional logo designers, available for only $19.

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1000’s of Cool Logo Design Ideas to choose from

Professional logo designers created high-quality, ready-to-use logo templates to choose from a catalog. With more than 1000 professional symbols, it’s easy to find the perfect template for your business.

Logo creation made easy with free logo maker tool

DesignFreeLogoOnline made the presence of logo creation extremely easy with the Online Logo Maker tool. It’s easy to use the logo creator to design a logo with flexible color options, premium fonts, and limitless emblems possibilities.

Furthermore, for an additional $29, you can upgrade to an HD design package that will offer you a vector logo file, with unlimited size and fully editable files. You can use it for your website, twitter, facebook, T-shirts, billboards, business cards and much more!

Custom Logo Design

Hiring a Designer Specialist

When it comes to creating a truly impressive custom logo, sometimes you simply need to hire a logo designer specialist to help you. But how much should a logo design cost when you hire the services of a designer?

Some companies charge hundreds of dollars at minimum for simply a design consultation; other logo designers will charge a bit less. In comparison, DesignFreeLogoOnline charges only $199 to work together with a brand specialist, world-class logo designers, and create a unique Custom Logo Design specific to your needs.

Additionally, when you hire our custom design services, you will receive not just a high-quality custom logo but also an exclusive logo certificate that will cover the design copyrights related to that specific logo design; this certificate guarantees that the logo you receive is owned solely by you. View Custom Logo Design packages.


No matter if you are the owner of a small business or an experienced entrepreneur owning a large company, when it comes to logo design, the most important thing to remember is that your logo should be memorable.

Start branding your business and create a logo on your own. Have some inspiration with the best 50 cool logo ideas.

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