• How graphic designers can hone their career - infographics

How graphic designers can hone their career – infographics

Although the business world is in dire need of graphic designers, getting your first foot through the door isn’t as easy as you might expect. This infographic explains that you’d need to do a lot of things in order to rise up in this business, one of them is getting an internship. Now, you may be thinking that you need to do this. You may be confident in your designer skills and you learn enough from your school as well as various mentors about how to go about the game. But in reality, the field of graphic design is much more cut-throat, not necessarily a competition per se, but through what the clients need and want.

Getting an internship in an ad agency will teach you how to deal with all sorts of clients, particularly the ones that might give you a lot of headaches. It’s through here that you learn how to deal with difficult people, as well as standing by your own artistic integrity without being disrespectful. Interning can also be a way to meet new people in the field from which you can learn a lot. From getting new tips in making 3D letters on photoshop to handling a stressful client, all the info you get out of interning will shape you into a better employee.

Don’t take such opportunities for granted. If you start your career with an internship, there will be a lot more doors opening up to you. And before you know it, you’ll be the one mentoring younger aspiring designers as well.

 How graphic designers can hone their career
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