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How to Use Twitter for Business? 5 Tips to Fuel Your Marketing

In order to make your marketing efforts more effective, you should use all the resources available. If your social media marketing strategy doesn’t already include Twitter, you better consider it now. Start by opening a business Twitter account.

In case your Twitter account doesn’t generate enough engagement and leads, you should re-evaluate how you manage this social media.

Sure, Instagram and Facebook are the most popular social media for businesses these days. However, Twitter is an interesting and unique platform that can really work for you in other ways.

With a different approach and more situational content, it can help you strengthen your brand awareness, engage more people, improve your image, and show the human side of your business.

Here are a few great tips that will guide you on how to use Twitter for your business and make sure it brings you the responses and the brand awareness you would aspire to have.

1. Make your profile visually appealing

Your profile on any social media is the ‘face’ of your business. People who want to subscribe to your account go to your page directly, which means you have to make a good first impression. Your Twitter profile picture and description are the basics, but you also have the option of a banner image which is one of the first things people see when they visit your profile. While most companies have their לוגו העסק as their profile picture, you can use this opportunity for creative freedom with the banner image.

Make sure you use appealing visuals on Twitter. It starts with your profile picture and banner and goes on with your content. Sure, Twitter was created as a text-based platform, and many tweets these days don’t include images. Nevertheless, pictures are attention-grabbers, and you can appeal to more people with them. You can easily buy images for all of your marketing needs so that you don’t need to worry about production in these unstable financial times.

2. Post different content formats

Several years ago Twitter used to have a limit of 140 symbols per tweet, but now it is 280 symbols per tweet, which is such a break for marketing. It’s even more opportunities to express your thoughts and share your insights. Aside from the symbols limit, think about the different types of content for Twitter you can experiment with since the platform provides you with several tools for doing so.

On Twitter, you can create votes and surveys, share links to your website to generate leads, share infographics and interesting images, and post other content that is of value to your potential clients.

Also, there is a wide collection of GIFs on Twitter which you can choose when you write a tweet. Don’t be afraid to use them! Twitter is the best platform to let loose a little bit and be a bit more relatable with your communication strategy.

Jkstock | Depositphotos

Jkstock | Depositphotos

3. Talk to your audience

You don’t need to be super serious on Twitter. Many brands choose to lead their Twitter profiles in a less formal way than other social media due to the nature of this platform and its users. People use Twitter to express their thoughts, experiences, and frustrations, and social media managers leverage on this to communicate with their audiences and build more trust around their brands.

Think about your tone of voice on this platform and talk to your followers like a human, and not a brand. You can even tell them jokes if it’s suitable for your brand image. Interact with your audience and don’t ignore their replies, especially if they complain about something. If your brand has a solid personality around it, this is the one social media channel to show that.

4. Offer something exclusive

It’s all good and stuff, but what if you don’t have a Twitter account and are just vaguely questioning if it’s worth it? It’s definitely going to be a long process to find your potential clients there and gain enough followers. One of the tricks that might help you encourage your current audience to follow you on Twitter is offering exclusive content.

For example, you can announce new offers, discounts, and sales on Twitter first, which will help you attract your customers to your profile. Or you can write threads of tweets with some insights, easy how-to hacks, and interesting facts about the field you work in. Threads are really blooming on Twitter, and you can appeal to more of your potential buyers with insightful and valuable information.

5. Use hashtags (but don’t spam with them)

Another way to find new followers on Twitter depends on your use of hashtags. You should never use hashtags just for the sake of them. Some posts are better left without hashtags. And when you use a hashtag, keep in mind that there is a high chance that many people will see your tweet that contains the hashtag. You should surely pay attention to the content of such tweets (and don’t make any grammar mistakes to cast a shadow on your brand).

According to Twitter:

One to two relevant hashtags per Tweet is the sweet spot so you can keep your message concise. It’s best practice to keep every Tweet focused on one specific message, rather than trying to communicate multiple ideas.

Your brand can interact with Twitter activity by using hashtags. Take a look at Twitter’s dos and don’ts of hashtags.

Capitalize on what’s relevant for Twitter users by conducting some research on what topics and hashtags are trending there at the moment. It’s quick and easy to do since the platform has a page specifically for trends. And don’t use too many hashtags! The times when half of a tweet consisted of hashtags are long gone. One or two relevant hashtags are more than enough so as not to spam when you’re starting out.

Don’t miss out on Twitter

With personalization being a rapidly growing trend these days, you should focus your attention on social media platforms that allow you to make your marketing strategy more relatable. Twitter is the one place where you can let loose and have fun with it. Also, in order to boost your Twitter, you can always get new followers on Twitter, and make your new brand look more active.

Twitter is the best place to find your tone of voice outside your main marketing strategy and boost your מודעות למותג. You can tap into a new audience, and be more friendly and playful (or serious) with them.

Adding Twitter to your marketing efforts can actually revolutionize your marketing when done thoughtfully and right. Although Twitter is not necessarily the first marketers’ choice, its potential lies in understanding the competitive edge you have and how you can use that in application to this particular social media platform.

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