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How To Use Google My Business For B2B Brand Building?

Having a Google Business Profile has become important for businesses because it helps them get exposure, enhances credibility, and gets them ranked for local SEO. It is one of the crucial parts of online marketing strategy. As per גוגל, about 82% of people reach search engines to look for information. So whether you are a small, an established, or a B2B, listing your services on GMB should be the first step to building a brand. It should be your top priority because of the benefits it offers;

  • Free business listings
  • Allow you to give your business details
  • Allow you to understand your brand/business better 
  • A convenient way to increase your search engine visibility

If you are reading this and you are also a business owner, irrespective of your niche, just jump onto the GMB. The best part of GMB is that it is FREE, and setting it up takes the least effort but offers great results.  

For B2B, whether you want more traffic or more converting leads, Google will be the ultimate search option your customers will refer to. Your business’s profile on Google will assist in improving your local search. When your potential customers search for a local service or a brand, your business should stand a chance of appearing in the search results. This is exactly what Google My Business is meant for. This will further bring in more customers, leads, and ROI. But all of the above can be achieved when you use GMB to the best of its potential.

In this blog, we will tell you the best ways to use Google My Business for your B2B brand building.

Set Your Business Profile

Set up the business profile first to take the most advantage of GMB. To do that, follow these steps;

  • Sign in to the Google Business Profile Manager
  • Add your business name
  • Add your business location
  • Fill in your contact information and website address
  • Add the physical business address for verification
  • Customize your business profile by adding working hours, contact times, photos, etc.
  • Optimize the business profile – this is of utmost importance.

To maximize the use of GMB, it is crucial to optimize the business profile in a detailed manner.

Three factors must be considered for optimization such as;

  • Prominence – It is based on the performance of SEO, reviews, and links.
  • Distance – How far is the location of your business from your customer?
  • Relevance – This includes your business’s relevance to what customers search for.

These three factors must be kept in mind while creating a Google Business Profile, but to ensure maximum results from it, adhere to the following points too.

Complete Your Business Profile

If your business profile is incomplete, viewers are likely to doubt the authenticity of your brand. On the other hand, if your Google Business Profile is up-to-date, people are more likely to find it trustworthy. They might visit your location, go through your website, and perhaps buy your products and services. In fact, as per גוגל, complete business profiles are easier to rank on the top of the search engines than incomplete ones.

By complete profile, we mean that you must tell your visitor;

  • Where are you located?
  • What do you do?
  • What is the best time to contact/visit?

Keep your visitors updated with new information, like upcoming events, festive discounts, etc.

Get Your Business Location Verified

Businesses with verified locations will have more chances of showing up in the search results. It will help improve your ranking score and increase your brand’s visibility. Apart from this, it will even make your brand or business appear in the general results.

Testimonials And Reviews

When people visit your business profile on Google, they first look for reviews, feedback, and ratings. Poor, negative, and unanswered reviews may send your potential customers back. However, positive reviews and timely replies can boost your business reputation and will directly help in brand-building. Ask your customers to share their feedback. It will make your Google My Business profile trustworthy. Google has made it easier for businesses by providing direct links for your customers to review. When customers give your products and services a review, make sure you manage Google reviews well and promptly.

הרעיונות הטובים ביותר לעיצוב לוגו

Add Real-Time Images, GIFs, And Videos

If you deal in a food joint or a restaurant, add real-time images of customers, food, and drinks. You can add cooking and recipe videos of the making of food items. To make the profile look realistic, you can also add behind-the-scenes videos of food being cooked. Use high-quality images that leave visitors drooling.

Also, you can add images of enticing interiors. If Google’s directions are to be believed, the business profiles on GMB with attractive and category-based photos will likely get more clicks. The best part is that you can also edit the images for your business profile on Google.

Insert Keywords

Content that goes up on Google or any other social media platform must have relevant and trending keywords. Incorporate keywords naturally in the sentences. B2B brands should add keywords in the description, products, and services section. Do not stuff them because this practice can upset the overall Google ranking.

Add Extra Features

Google gives you the freedom to add extra features and attributes to your business profile. For instance, the hotel industry can display check-in, check-out times, hotel amenities, add menus, and a list of special services. The Healthcare industry can add insurance information. To keep the marketing game on top, you can also use Google Marketing Tools.


To sum up, Google My Business is a tool by which businesses can reach a wider audience irrespective of their type. It is a free tool through which you can influence people’s buying decisions, promote your services, and increase your online presence. Your business gets a professional profile wherein customers can get all the necessary information for their purchase. Thus, Reputation management is the key. So, make your business profile as appealing as possible because this could make or break the first impression of your business.

גופני הלוגו הטובים ביותר

To boost their sales, any small business or side hustler must compete for market share. Since there are currently many companies on the market offering the same or closely related products to what you do, you must follow suit. In other words, you need to be strong if you want to live and prosper.
Having a fantastic לוגו העסק is a crucial component of branding. Make sure that each symbol and color you choose has a purpose and that the design embodies the principles of your company.
Additionally, you must ensure that the logo is clean and straightforward because the one that is complicated may cause problems when used on business cards and other materials for the company or when transferred online.

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