3D Logo Black – לוגו עם אפקט 3D מתכתי על רקע שחור

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SKU: 3D-00045
Product ID: 94747


Metallic 3D Logo on black background

Give your new logo design a striking 3D effect on a dramatic black background with metallic silver lines. Get the high-resolution front 3D mock-up and turn your logo into an amazing 3D. Use it for websites, business cards, presentations, social media, and much more.

קובץ כלול: JPG + PNG שקוף

  • SIZE: 24 cm * 17 cm

3D Logo black background mockup sample:

3D logo black lotus flower

3D logo black lotus flower

לוגו תלת מימד כסף על רקע שחור

לוגו תלת מימד כסף על רקע שחור

לוגו מתכתי תלת מימד על רקע שחור

לוגו מתכתי תלת מימד על רקע שחור

What colors to choose to make an appealing brand?

The color of the logo has major psychology behind it. If you can crack the psychology, you can eventually make a great brand with unique and attractive colors. Eventually, the audience will be attracted to your label if you have an impressive design that called the audience towards itself. Therefore you must put in efforts while choosing your branding colors. So what colors you should choose? take a look at the list below.

Modern or classic brand

The modern or the Classic brand also has to offer a lot. You have to choose the color accordingly and according to the tone that you are going for your brand. For instance, if it is a modern brand and can go for subtle hues and a classic brand, you should choose the other classic colors such as black, red, blue.

The gender that your brand is focusing

The first thing that you need to consider is the gender that your brand will be focusing on. If it is a feminine brand, the colors have to be famine in. The famine color includes lilac, purple, pink, and red. Whereas the brand that is focusing on the masculine-related product can go for black and grey colors. For example, placing hot pink, light blue, red, or even golden letters with the 3D Logo Black, will give your brand a luxurious “look and feel”. 

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