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  • 10 Reasons on Why a Good Logo is Essential to Your Business

10 Reasons on Why a Good Logo is Essential to Your Business

Getting a side hustle or a small business started requires nerves of steel and lots of creativity. Choosing the field of business is a must and thus, it dictates what brand identity you are going to use. The company logo is more than just some pretty colors and some writing. The logo brand is, essentially, your company image. A company branding is a mirror that reflects your activity and the services you provide. Below, we listed 10 reasons why you should choose a good logo for your business.

Style of writing

Your competitors will want this advice too. The number of people using the internet today is huge. Brand content is the information about your business or side hustle that your target audience can access online, the newspapers, or even watch on TV. Broadly speaking, brand content exists in various types, including visual content, written content, video content, and interactive content.

Making your brand stand out may be the key to being recognized on the market. Not too complicated, but not so simple. At first glance, the customer will need to know what they are facing. If the writing is twisted and messy, they won’t even bother. Don’t try getting too funky with the font. That will make the potential customer think that you’re not serious. 

Choosing the right colors

As per above, the colors will do just the same. Colors will form the foundation of your brand’s aesthetics. While the color selection process may look simple, you have to approach it carefully. The color scheme you select will appear consistently on your websites, logos, literature, and advertisements. So, choose one that will complement your services or products.

If there are many colors and all of them are twisted and messy, you will end up with a rainbow rather than a logo. As a matter of fact, people react faster to color than text. Also, watch out for blurry edges or blurry images. From a distance, these aspects are almost unnoticeable, of course. But once you get closer to the building and the blurry logo stands high, you may be deterred from entering the building.

Use simple shapes that are easy to follow. If the shape is indistinguishable, it may be proof of originality and outside-the-box thinking.  But beware; don’t go too twisted like a 3-year-old kid’s drawing, unless your business is a kindergarten.

10 Reasons on Why a Good Logo is Essential to Your Business

Keep it professional

The clearer the brand identity, the better. Again, a messy image won’t do anything but scare away your customers. If it’s is not rendered correctly, the customer will choose another company with the same services for sure.

And above all, they will think that you have no time for a proper logo, let alone for the customer. So, a suit and tie will do for you as a person, but as a company, the suit and tie is your logo.


Customers will be loyal to you and your logo as well. They will associate the services they need with you and your logo. Even if across the street there is a company that provides the same services as you – they will associate the services with your logo. So make it stand out and speak for itself. The customer will connect with your logo as well on your business cards.

Keep Your Brand Will Look Modern

Brand consistency may accredit your business for dependability. It is a positive experience when your audiences know exactly what to expect from you, whether it is a service or a product. Consistency will signify purpose, stability, and professionalism eliminate confusion and instill confidence.

However, no logo or brand can stay relevant forever. Technology has been advancing rapidly and design sensibilities have changed. Further, our way of doing business and the needs of audiences have changed. So, it might be the best time to redesign your brand. A simple refinement to your brand could help your business look modern.

Social media and the internet

More and more people search the web for answers. And the answer maybe your company. Promoting your business should be with your logo first. Spread the news that your business is the answer to what they are looking for. Advertise your logo everywhere. Imagine your logo as a key that opens a large number of possibilities to establish a bond between you and the customer. Even flyers and postcards with your logo make a huge impact on the market.

The logo is you

It may sound weird, but when you design your logo, you are practically representing yourself. A Good Logo will speak on your behalf. Just make sure that the logo is speaking the right thing. So, make the logo reflect your personality as much as possible. Passionate about something? You may include something in the logo as well. For example, a well-known BPO company used a spade as a logo because the CEO was a poker enthusiast.

Spread the message

The logo delivers a message on your behalf at first glance. Your area of expertise will need to fit in the logo somehow, or better, attach some keywords to the logo (e.g. Business – Devotion – Professionalism). The customer will automatically link these keywords to your company and recommend you as trustworthy.

Also, if a slogan is available as well, you can include it in the logo. The impact will be far greater than a simple name.


The design of business logos and brands has been changing rapidly. That is for the reason that the marketing world has moved online and the popularity of simplified logos is growing. Not everybody likes changes. But in a business, things change quite fast. So in order to keep up with the changes, you should consider a logo change. If you add certain assets to your business, you might as well show that in the logo too.

But there is a catch. If you change the logo too much, some customers will vanish, thinking the company vanished as well. So don’t redecorate too much – or if you really want to, advertise your company again on all social media and newspapers.

The designer knows best

Your logo ideas will come to life with the help of a designer. Or if you got the skills needed, you can do it on your own using certified tools. Be sure to state everything you want for the designer to make. The type of business you’re starting will be the first clue for the designer. With this plan, he gets ideas and he will share them with you. But first, you must keep in mind the above steps. Those steps will make the difference between losing the logo battle or winning it.

To conclude the above

 your company lives with your logo held high. Your employees will wear your logo on their lanyards, or on their shirts and everybody will see that. Wearing the logo of your company is a sign of pride. And also, do not be afraid of change if you already own a logo for your company. Everybody needs a fresh start and a clear mind full of ideas.

How to Present Logo Designs with Branding Mock-ups?

A good logo design may land you the job for the time being. But, its presentation can get you the pay you want, establish your authority, and take you to a new level of your designer career.

Now, pause and imagine your reaction if you were to receive an iPhone in a plastic bag-one of the premium phones sold without a case or box. Well, that’s how your client feels receiving the finished product lacking a proper presentation.

You see, the designs you create are a product offered to your clients. However, the presentation you give is the packaging. Together, these two components can open a door of opportunities!

So, today, we have compiled this comprehensive guide to effectively present logo designs using brand mockups. Some key aspects addressed includes:

  •                 Errors in logo design presentation
  •                 Introduction to branding mockups
  •                 Using premium & free PSD mockup store for mockup creation
  •                 Presentation tips & hacks

Let’s take your logo design presentation to the next level!


Logo Design Presentation – The Errors We Make

Traditionally, the concept of logo design presentation had remained limited to emails and cold pitches. Designers would attach their logo designs to an email, ask the client to review them, and that’s it!

Well, while this may have worked fine for many, it is an example of a flawed logo design presentation today. You see, times have changed and so have the approaches towards work.

Today, clients do not have the time to study and evaluate the designs in much detail. They require finished, finalized, and perfect logos in a single go. So, does this mean only experts can thrive well in a good presentation? Certainly not!

Even beginners can ace the art of logo design presentation by taking the lead in the project.  As a designer, you need to consider yourself as the problem solver of the client.

Understand the issue of the customer, interpret the ideas he has, and try to offer him a solution driven by your artistic direction. Take hold of the creative vision and explain it to the client.

This particular way prevents you from making one of the most common mistakes; creating multiple variations and asking the client to choose. It gives the impression that you as a designer do not have an understanding of their needs and require assistance.

Another mistake is attaching the logo designs to the email for the client to approve. The lack of logo explanation and context leads the buyer into thinking that the logo isn’t complete. Plus, there are likely to misunderstand the use of elements and ask for more revisions than required.

Well, what’s the solution to making your logo design presentations? It is simply the use of quality brand mockups! Read more to unravel. 

branding mockup

What is Branding Mock-ups?

Branding mockups refer to visual content creation tools that display how the proposed design would appear once printed. It offers a glimpse of the product design in the real-life. Hence, both designers and customers can identify mistakes as well as rectify them.

Fundamentally, there are two types of branding mockups. These include mockups used for portfolios and the ones used for presentations. The ones used for the portfolio display the design in real-life situations.

A logo displayed on the side of the building or printed on a business card is an example of a portfolio mockup. The ones used for presentation explain the salient features of the design more prominently.

How to create Branding Mockups?

Creating a brand identity is quite simple and easy today. There are countless premium and free PSD stores available online that offer fully prepared templates. These templates get formulated by professionals and comprise dummy data.

You can browse the store, select the ideal ones, download, and edit them to suit your needs. As simple as that!

Another approach towards this is to use these high-quality templates as guidelines and inspiration. Beginners can take ideas from various templates and use them to create a masterpiece of their own. Designers can also use these templates to improve their work quality, identify mistakes, and upgrade the work to international standards.

branding mockup

branding mockup

Presenting Logo Designs with Branding Mockups 

The success of your presentation will get judged not by the knowledge you send but by what the listener receives.

Lilly Walters highlights an important aspect of a successful presentation that is focusing on what the audience receives. Your goal is not to state what you have done but to ensure your client understands and agrees with it. 

Here’s how to present logo designs with branding mockups efficiently:


Explain the Features

You’re the designer to create the logo design, and it’s only you who knows what features are present in it. And so, asking your client to review it without briefing is an extremely wrong move.

It will make your client feel confused. Instead, an intelligent way is to use the branding mockup to explain the features of the logo. Discuss how the specific elements contribute to the benefit of the business.  All this will help the client understand your work and form an opinion about it.


Connect With the Client

Once you have explained, it is time to ask for a review. But, question whether the design is in alignment with the goals.

Like any other question, you can get both yes and no. However, this particular method will seek approval regarding goals.  In case of a no, you can always reason by explaining the benefits in terms of goals fulfillment.

It also gives the impression that you’re sincere with the brand goals and are genuinely trying to help build them. 


Maintain Your Calm

Presentations can get a little difficult, especially when the client seems to have counterpoints and asks a lot. But, as a professional designer, you must maintain your calm.

Answer the queries, and focus on how the design is benefiting the business while fulfilling the goals. Be patient, explain everything, and try reasoning with your client. 

logo mockups
Wings Logo Design

Here Are The Top Tenets That Will Make Your Logo Design Standout

There are quite a few things that have to be considered when it comes to brand design. Especially when it comes to a professional company logo design. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the 6 things which are truly going to make your logo stand out on top of the rest.

  1. Simplicity

One of the things that are going to make your logo Design Standout is its simplicity. Simple designs are easy to picture and, therefore – they are easy to remember. With this in mind, if you manage to come up with a design that relates to the brand and yet it’s simple enough to be easily remembered – you are definitely hitting the sweet spot.

  1. Comprehensiveness

People need to make associations. If your company logo design isn’t comprehensive, it’s not going to be easy for your audience to make the right relations. This is particularly important. You need to make sure that your logo is associated with your brand exactly.

  1. Creativity

Of course, a logo isn’t worth a thing if it’s not creative. All of your images should be put towards the creation of a logo that is engaging, interesting, aesthetically pleasing, fitting, and appropriate, and a whole lot of other things. This requires a tremendous amount of creativity.

  1. Colors

Everything is better with colors – you should know that. Of course, there are certain exceptions. However, colors are going to create associations, and if they are used properly, they are capable of significantly enhancing the influence of your logo. (Read some more about the psychology of the logo colors in creating brand designs).

Network Globe Logo Design
  1. Utility

The logo needs to be useful – it needs to convey a certain message in an unobtrusive manner. People need to automatically associate your symbol with the values that your company stands for.

  1. Uniqueness

Of course, that’s one of the most important things that you would have to take into account when it comes to your logo design. It’s not bad to get ideas from other designs, in fact – it’s highly recommended. However, you need to make Logo Design Standout as distinguished and highly definitive as it’s possible. The last thing you want is the face of your brand to induce wrong associations.

With all this in mind, you can take advantage of our free logo creator and browse through a huge database of, particularly creative and comprehensive logo designs. What is more, you can take advantage of our Logo designs and create something which is also going to have a dimensional impact.

Disclaimer: This article is not a substitute for advice from a trained professional. By using this website, you agree that Design Free Logo Online cannot and will not be held liable for any action taken as a result of using the information in this article.

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