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  • How To Get Your Small Business Coronavirus Ready

How To Get Your Small Business Coronavirus Ready

With coronavirus continuing to spread across the world, Businesses are encouraged to keep their employees and customers healthy and safe. Many of them are shifting significant business activity to home or have to change the day-to-day routine. We’ve put together a helpful guide for small business owners, side hustle entrepreneurs on keeping their brand active.

Small Business Trends for the New Entrepreneur

Do you own a small business? Then it is very important that you keep up with the latest trends in marketing, technology, customer service, and other aspects that directly or indirectly affect your business. All businesses are not created the same way so every trend will obviously not impact you equally. However, all major trends will affect your customer’s expectations. So it is important you stay up to date during these complicated times when the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is spreading. Staying updated in these complicated times is one of the major things to consider in your business branding strategy. So here in this post, we have highlighted the top trends that we think will impact small businesses this year and beyond. So if you are a new entrepreneur, do well to pay attention to the trends.


Small Business Trends for New Entrepreneurs

Automation Software Is Leveling the Playing Field

No doubt, automation technology is becoming popular by the day, especially among small business owners. Whether it is for data entry, accounting, email marketing, customer service, or any other business process, entrepreneurs are now using automation to achieve more with less.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other automated technologies will definitely help your business in many ways, including growing your business’s sales. So include it in your business branding strategy and get ready to enjoy its endless benefits.

In computer science, artificial intelligence, sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals. Wikipedia


Green and Socially Responsible Businesses Will Take the Lead

This year, customers will tend to patronize businesses that follow green, sustainable, and socially responsible practices. So, prove your commitment in this area by:

  • Use local products as much as possible. For instance, if you run a restaurant, consider sourcing foods from local farms.
  • Use green cleaning products
  • Minimize packaging
  • Patronize green vendors and services


Infographic: Coronavirus: Upward Trajectory or Flattened Curve? | Statista

Generation Z Will Contribute to Small Business Success

If you are already aware of the need to understand and engage millennials, then it will interest you to know that this next generation will be taking over in the next few years. Gen Z is completely digital buddies, so make sure you consider them in your buyer personas.

The Gen Z population is much, so you can take advantage of that population to promote the success of your business. Evaluate your hiring processes and figure out a way you can engage young talents in your workplace.

Whether you are hiring technical talent or building a sales team, this year will mark the beginning of Gen Z taking over the workforce. So make sure your business is prepared for the new shift.

Social Media Marketing Experts Will Be At the ForeFront

social media marketing

According to a survey, more than 73% of small businesses used social media in 2019, and this year, that number is expected to increase tremendously. Because of this development, it is important that your business is active on different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

A great place to start with your online presence is getting a good logo for your business. Your logo is what will represent your business on these platforms, and you hence be needing a logo that will effectively communicate your business message. You can hire a designer to get a good logo for you or you can create one yourself using the online logo maker. However, when designing a logo for your company, remember to pay more attention to the logotype, font, and colors. Those elements are what will make you stand out from the crowd. To take your social media presence to the next level, you can consider hiring a social media influencer to help you draw more attention to your products or services.

Customer Reviews Will Claim a More Important Role

Online reviews are not new at all, but this year, they will be becoming more crucial all the time. People trust reviews more than they trust ads or any other promotional content created for your business. So get your business listed on sites like Google My Business, Yelp, and many others to get substantial customer reviews backing up your business claims.


It is important as a business owner that you stay relevant in the game, especially on hard times like the Coronavirus time. Paying more attention to the latest industry trends. Small business space is constantly changing, but giving more time to researching and implementing new trends, could give you an edge in the competitive market this year!

How to Create a Professional Branding That Stands Out From the Crowd?

In difficult times that many businesses deal with coronavirus influence on their business, it is important to stand out. To give your brand a fair chance. When it comes to creating a professional brand for yourself, products, or services, it is very important to do so in such a way that people and potential clients will feel safe working with you.

Branding, especially a professional brand is simply all about building and developing a reputation you will be known for, both for big projects and small ones you may see as not being tangible enough to assess you.

And mind you, creating a professional brand goes beyond just what you as a person stand for. Instead, creating a professional brand may require you to incorporate some current technological innovations such as the use of a 3D logo animation to really show that you are a pro and that you stand out distinctively from the rest.

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Showcase your logo in the most innovative way. Promote your business with Video Logo Animation. Use your new Animated Logo video for your website, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and PowerPoint.

So much said about the need to step up your brand like a pro. Now let’s quickly walk you through what you need in order to create a professional brand for yourself, side hustle, and your small business.

How to Create a Professional Brand 

Always Stand For Something

You probably will come across the saying that “if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything”. The same applies when you are out to create a brand that can be termed “professional”.

In doing this, you must develop a culture of truthfulness and integrity. That way, clients and other affiliates will know that your brand is one that stands for quality and standard.

Summarily about standing for something is the fact that you shouldn’t make empty promises that your brand can’t fulfill simply because you want to create the impression of being a professional.

Work With Font Type, Graphics, and Images That Reflect What You Do

Every niche has one or two things in common. By this, you have to build your brand professionally by using images, graphics, and even fonts that are unique to the brand you represent.

Doing this will show people that you are a pro in your niche. Also, it goes a long way to show people that you understand the nitty-gritty about the brand you represent.

Ensure That Your Brand Is Always Available On the Go

Sure, you agree to the fact that you can’t be physically present everywhere to meet clients and associates? But you can make your presence to be felt from anywhere in the world once you establish a brand that has an online presence all round the clock.

Like you already know, no one is ready to wait for ages to make contact with you or your brand. But once you have an online presence either through various social media platforms or your personal blog and website through which people can always reach you and have feedback almost on the go, you can tell that you have succeeded in creating a professional brand that has gained stardom. Also printing flyers with Ottawa Printing, send the advertisement so receive customers’ attention.

Choose a Unique and Consistent Brand Name

Although my last, your brand name is as important as your brand itself. Firstly, in order to create a professional brand, choose a brand name that is related to the services you offer. Secondly, be consistent with your brand name. So when your brand name is mentioned, all that everyone thinks is your brand. Finally, this also increases your webometric ranking, sure you understand what that means to your business and brand.

Be Up-To-Date and Trendy

Being a professional keeps you on your toes to always be in search of the latest ways to do things. Besides, looking out for the latest ways to do things, you can also prove your brand to be a pro. For instance, by using the latest technologies such as 3D to showcase your services and brand identity. Give your company logo a special 3D effect that stands out!

3D Logo Deluxe – Give your brand a stunning 3D Mockup Logo

Final Thought on How to Create a Brand In The Covid-19 Todays World

Your brand is what you are known for. Creating a professional brand invariably makes people see you as a pro – which you obviously are. Staying updated about trends, having an online presence is important. Especially on coronavirus (Covid-19) today’s the hard business market. Also, choosing the right font type, graphics are some simple ways you can create a professional brand without hassles.

Remember having a logo that sets you apart in the competitive market is very important to your brand. Consider having a 3D animated logo that speaks. You can creatively design your own brand online using the logo maker. It is completely free to try and has lots of templates to make the job easier for you.

Your brand deserves to be the best it can be, and everything depends on you!

Disclaimer: This article is not a substitute for advice from a trained professional. By using this website, you agree that DesignFreeLogoOnline will not be held liable for any action taken as a result of using the information.

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