How much will I pay for my logo

30 09, 2016

Avec les logos en 3D, obtenons-nous toujours le logo original en 2D ?

2020-10-02T12:59:50+00:000 Comments

Yes! with the 3D Logo you will have the original 2D logo as well. The 3D logo will showcase your customized logo you’ve created in a very special 3D effect. Our graphic artists will create extra 3D version just like magic, showcasing your logo in an innovative way. The 3D logo is an additional file

1 09, 2016

Quelle est la différence entre le logo 3D et le logo original ?

2020-10-02T13:09:17+00:000 Comments

3D logo will showcase the logo you've created in a very special 3D effect. It is an additional file to the original logo and you can use them both. Our graphic artists, just like magic, will create an extra 3D version that showcases your logo in an innovative way. This are the samples of

8 01, 2016

Combien coûte la création d'un logo ?

2023-10-27T06:22:54+00:000 Comments lets you design a logo free of charge and without registration! Once you customize a logo with the free logo maker and are ready to use it, please select a package, pay, and it is yours. Available Packages: Download the logo and use it anywhere That payment gives you the right

8 01, 2016

Paquet de fichiers HD modifiables supplémentaires

2021-08-21T08:39:38+00:000 Comments

Upgrade your logo design with our Extra Editable HD Files Package High-resolution - vector files with unlimited size. Fully editable - Change the logo shape, text, and colors with Illustrator graphic software or Photoshop. Multiple Print Files - For all advertising needs Files Included - AI Illustrator, SVG, EPS, PSD Photoshop, PDF, JPG. Transparent

19 10, 2014

Je n'aime pas le logo - Puis-je obtenir un remboursement ?

2020-10-02T11:58:02+00:000 Comments

Once you've created your logo and completed the payment, you get automatically free access to download the basic logo files from MY ACCOUNT > ORDERS page. That means you can use your customized logo files instantly and freely so we can't offer a refund. Refunds will only be considered for extra services only if the

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