WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS! and fully adapted for COVID-19. We continue to provide the same level of support you have come to expect.

We allow users to create a logo for free with our logo creator. No registration needed!

You can also download free sample with watermark of the logo you designed.(top left menu)

Download Your Customized Logo

Download Your Customized Logo

Once you want to use the logo, place an order, pay the basic fee $19 and download a ready-to-use JPG + PNG transparent files.

In the checkout, the a general thumbnail of the product image displayed.

You don’t need to worry; your customized logo is saved, just as you designed it.

Also, you can change the design at any time, as many times – free of charge

General Product Image Displayed

General Product Image Displayed

All the special upgrades sent via email, within 24 hours.
The basic logo will be ready to download right away after you place your order. However, all the special upgrades will be delivered via email. So, our team is busy creating your HD files, platinum package, or 3D logos.
If you didn’t receive your order within 24 hours, this is what you should do:

  1. Check your email spam folder (sometimes files go in as a spam).
  2. Verify that the email you gave us is correct.
  3. Let us know, email customer service your order number.

Our support team at your service 7 days a week: [email protected]

A quick video on how to make a logo with our free logo maker


How to Make a Logo?

Everything you need to know in order to use our free logo maker as a pro!

Using Your New Logo

Everything you need to know in order to use your new company logo!

How to download your new logo after placing an order – For an easy step-by-step guide – Click here

Prices & Upgrades

Everything you need to know about our available upgrades and prices.

I’ve purchased a logo, Can I come back add the branding design package?2020-10-02T10:08:09+00:00
Yes, If you already created a logo with us , you can enjoy the custom branding Pkg., at any time, in a special price

Branding Design Package 

Receive custom design sketches with your logo design, Give feedback to our graphic designers.

Our graphic designers will deliver the final files in HD vector file formats, ready for print & web. Print it at any printhouse you choose.

With the 3D Logo’s, do we still get the original 2D logo as well?2020-10-02T12:59:50+00:00

Yes! with the 3D Logo you will have the original 2D logo as well.

The 3D logo will showcase your customized logo you’ve created in a very special 3D effect. Our graphic artists will create extra 3D version just like magic, showcasing your logo in an innovative way.

The 3D logo is an additional file to the original logo and you can use the 3D logo and the 2D logo, hence you will have both files.


This is how it works:

  1. Create a logo with our free logo maker.
  2. Add to the cart the 3D Logo effect.
  3. Our graphic designers will create the 3D logo.
  4. Receive both 2D and 3D logos via email, within a few hours.


What is the difference between the 3D and original logo?