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11 07, 2016

How to use our online logo maker?

2016-07-11T06:42:06+00:000 Comments

Design any logo you want without any obligation. Using our online logo maker to design your own logo free. This is how it works: Browse among thousands of logo templates, select the right ready made logo for your business. Use our logo design software to design your company name. In real time pick colors and fonts, size and much more. Save your logo design. Come [...]

8 01, 2016

Why do I have to pay $19

2018-07-07T09:18:02+00:000 Comments

Designfreelogoonline.com allows you to design any logo you want - free of charge! Once you make a logo with the free logo maker and you want to use it, Pay $19 and it is yours. (one logo requires one license). Our designers will prepare the files for print and web. The logo will be delivered to your email within [...]

8 01, 2016

Extra Editable HD Files Pkg

2016-10-19T14:42:43+00:000 Comments

Upgrade your logo design with our Extra Editable HD Files Pkg for only $29. Have high resolution, editable files with unlimited size. If you want to upgrade your logo and have high resolution open files with unlimited size for all advertising needs. You can change the logo shape, text and colors with Illustrator graphic software or Photoshop. You [...]

27 12, 2015

How can I SAVE my logo?

2016-10-19T14:42:43+00:000 Comments

On the left side at the top end, click on SAVE and you will get the option to save a sample of your designed logo. The logo will be stored in your browser and you can come back and LOAD it, redesign and save it again.  (To reload the logo, click the on the arrow "Load") save [...]

20 12, 2015

I’ve designed a logo with the free logo maker, what’s next?

2018-01-19T08:57:44+00:000 Comments

Once you designed a logo with the free logo maker tool and you want to use it, Pay only $19 and our logo designers will prepare the files and send the logo within a few hours.  After you have finished designing your logo: “ADD TO CART”. “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”. Fill "Billing & Shipping" info and accept the [...]

5 11, 2015

Where can I publish my logo?

2016-07-05T15:19:25+00:000 Comments

Once you purchased a logo template, this license enables you to publish your logo and use it for all your advertising needs. You are free to use the logo you designed with no limitations (website, shirts, stationery, business card, letterhead, Facebook, sign and more).  

18 09, 2015

How to download the logo free?

2016-10-19T14:42:43+00:000 Comments

We allow our users to design any logo they want with our free logo maker tool.  You can also download a free sample of the logo you designed. (The logo sample can be download free as PNG file, Jpeg or Pdf). free download logo maker   Once you are happy with your new logo design and you [...]

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