When you are deciding on promotional materials that will be best for your marketing campaigns, it can be a difficult choice because of the sheer volume of these products that are available today. The focus of your campaign, along with your brand, can help you make this decision, yet you are still going to have to consider a number of other options.

To help improve your chances of making the right choice, we have focused upon a specific group of branded items and have made suggestions on why you may want to use them over all of the others.

Why you should go green with promotional items

One of the most prolific categories, if not the fastest growing, is promotional merchandise that is focused upon eco-friendly products. Over the years, these have evolved from notepads and pens to gadgets and bags of all different types. So why is it that you should focus upon green promotional items? We have assessed and summarized a few of those reasons below.

Maintain the ethos of your brand

The first thing that you need to consider is whether or not you should place emphasis on being an environmentally friendly company, especially with promotional products that you are going to use. This can indicate quite strongly that you are going to stand by your proclamation of following eco-friendly practices. Additionally, promotional items that are eco-friendly that are available are so plentiful that you are not going to feel restricted by choosing to use them.

When dealing with critics that are trying to paint your business in a darker light, make sure that your green approach will help you deride any negative attention they may be sending your way.

Portray your business as environmentally responsible

As has been discussed, eco-friendly products are representative of a company that cares about the environment. There are some companies, however, where it is not technically possible for their daily operations to always be proverbially green – however, this doesn’t mean that they do not necessarily care about the state of the environment. Although this can make it more difficult to convey that they are a green company, it’s even more difficult to avoid the reputation of seemingly being disingenuous. The saying that actions speak louder than words will certainly come up, so make sure that you do have eco-friendly promotional items in your marketing strategies – these guys have a huge selection of items.

Eco-friendly marketing products can help you target environmentally conscious customers

As long as you have a general understanding of who your target audience is, you should be able to understand what their concerns and interests are. It’s helpful to identify subsections of this target audience where you can leverage this information to start a conversation with them.

If you can develop some formats of common ground with these individuals, showing a commonality between your business in them, this will help them relate to your brand.

Focus on national awareness events to promote your business

Some national awareness events target how we can all help sustain the environment. This may include events such as Go Green Week, as well as the World Environmental Day, both of which have events that happen throughout the country regularly.

What is useful about national awareness days is that they are not about one particular targeted audience, often incorporating both adults and schoolchildren that may find that some of the items that you are marketing are useful because of the way you are branding your company.


Present your company as being unique

If you do offer eco-friendly products, this element of uniqueness will definitely stand out, capturing potential customers’ attention. This can make a huge difference as you are trying to promote items you are selling.


This overview of the many reasons that you may want to focus on eco-friendly promotional products should motivate you to give this a try. Although this will not necessarily appeal to every brand, doing so will certainly help you attract consumers that are more focused on the environment.

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