For any business, digital marketing is the key to success in the contemporary marketing environment. One of the most important aspects of successful digital marketing is the visibility of the business or brand online. Since good visibility ensures more organic traffic to the website. Most marketers believe SEO to be a critically important component of their online marketing strategy and, to a great extent, responsible for the business’s success.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a sharper focus on digital marketing and it has become even more essential for businesses to gear themselves up to meet the challenges of 2022 and develop an effective digital marketing strategy. More than ever before, marketers are waking up to the effectiveness of SEO for their digital marketing strategies. Even though it takes time for the results to show, it is both long-lasting and cost-effective, not to speak, credible. Some high-performing tips for a powerful SEO strategy to power your business ahead in 2022 and beyond:

Publish Content for Humans, Not Search Engines

Google is committed to fulfilling the search intent of users better. It uses a two-pronged strategy that involves understanding what the user wants and deciding which content best fulfills the search intent. With Google’s algorithm becoming smarter by the day, it strives to align better with human thinking. The capability has grown to such an extent that it no longer makes sense to publish content to fool the algorithm to get a better search ranking. Given this scenario, it is far more effective to publish content for human consumption, but at the same time, you should not ignore the requirements of search engines. The best thing is to publish accurate, relevant, original, and engaging content to fulfill the search intent of users.

Keyword stuffing or shoehorning them affects the readability of the content, and users are quick to spot the reason you are doing it. Instead, when you insert keywords, make sure they are relevant to the user and the content and add value to the information in a natural manner.

Use Carefully-Researched Targeted Keywords

Even though Google and other search engines are becoming smarter and learning to understand the content better, keywords still form the bedrock of this process. Keywords get to the heart of the matter and power SEO tactics that drive organic traffic from search engines to the website. Despite social media having such a huge presence, SEO is still far more effective in driving online traffic, which is why targeted keywords should be at the heart of all content you publish.

The basis of effective keyword use and placement is proper research. It can be helpful to use SEO tools to identify the search intent and potential keywords you can then use to look for their long-tail variants. Another good method of identifying keywords is to find out what your competitors are using and discover gaps not being addressed by them. You can get better search visibility by including the keywords in the metadata and the anchor text for the URLs. It is important to infuse the keywords in the content naturally to avoid disrupting the readability.

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Focus on Content Quality and Information Gaps

As far as SEO is concerned, you must appreciate that there is no end to it because the environment is constantly changing. In addition to countering Google’s updates and competitor activity, you must strive to keep improving the quality of your content and fill the gaps users are facing. You must focus on updating the content, improving the keywords and backlinks, and ensuring better readability to give your users a reason to come back repeatedly. If you lack the resources to do what is required, you can outsource the job to a competent digital marketing and SEO agency like www.onlineimpact360.com.

Make the User Experience the Priority 

In a notoriously impatient world, users will not stay with a website that is difficult to use. If they cannot figure it out in a few seconds, they will abandon it and jump to some other site. The high bounce rate is a strong signal to Google that there’s something wrong with your website, prompting it to drive your site down the search rankings. It is the reason why you must perform regular site audits to make sure that the site structure is streamlined, accessing information is easy, and there are no dead links. Users, above all, want their experience of the site to be good so that they can access the information they need without having to jump through hoops. A simple site structure also helps the Google crawlers to scan and index your site faster.

To make the user experience better, you must take care to present the high-quality content better using headings and sub-headings, small and easy-to-read paragraphs, and the use of logo design, images, and infographics. It is also vital to optimize the website for mobiles and other portable devices since most traffic now comes from these devices.

Focus on Website Loading Speed

You must focus on page loading speed since impatient users will likely abandon your site if it takes more than three seconds to load, according to Forbes. It is vital to eliminate things that contribute to slowing down the page loading speed of your site because regardless of what your site is about, users expect to get the information they are looking for quickly and without hassle. You can make your site faster by cleaning up the code, deleting old or unimportant plugins, and optimizing the image sizes. Also, having a logical site structure and using tools like Google Page Speed Insights to monitor performance helps.


While you should keep trying to optimize your website for better search rankings, you need to also keep a close watch on Google’s updates and tweaks that can often disrupt your SEO. By staying on top of the changes, you will be able to figure out how it affects your site and take the appropriate measures to leverage them to your advantage, or at best, ensure you are not penalized. Your search rankings depend on many factors, including quality of content, site structure, speed, amount of advertising, presence of backlinks. It is, therefore, vital for you to keep abreast of the changes and implement changes as needed. Tracking your performance metrics using tools like Google Analytics is a must.

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Is Hiring Digital Marketing Help Better Than DIY?

Is Hiring Digital Marketing Help Better Than DIY?

As the world is becoming more dependent on digital apps and tools, businesses should consider using digital marketing strategies. Firstly so they can get their brand out there, logo design visible and to boost their online presence and attract more customers. Besides, given the fierce market competition, it’s no longer enough to depend on offline marketing campaigns to stay on top of competitors.

However, dealing with digital marketing can be quite challenging because of the technicalities involved. While you may navigate this process by yourself, working with a digital marketing agency is also an option.

If you’re choosing between hiring the services of a digital marketing agency or learning and implementing digital marketing strategies by yourself, then this article will help you see the pros and cons of each option. Eventually, you will be able to determine if hiring a digital marketing agency is better than the DIY way.

Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

Primarily, digital marketing is defined as a component of marketing that makes use of internet-based technologies such as digital platforms, social media, mobile apps, and other kinds of digital tools to promote their brand image, logo design, products, and services.

If you’re outsourcing your digital marketing efforts, the following are the pros and cons that your business should consider from the get-go:


  • Receive Top-Tier Marketing Services. Hiring a digital marketing agency can be better than DIY because your business can gain strategies and insights from a whole team of digital marketing experts and professionals. You don’t have to consult with an SEO specialist, content writer, designer, and web developer individually, because an agency has all the people and talent you need. Thus, if you’re looking for the perfect agency, you may consider using sites like sortlist.co.uk that can help you compare options and hire marketing experts who are the best match for your business.
  • Keep Up To Date With Marketing Trends. Whether it’s about search algorithm changes or new strategies, digital marketing is always evolving. Looking out for these trends and taking the time to apply them to your campaigns would take a huge effort if you are going to do it yourself. Hence, you should partner with an agency that can effectively do this for you.
  • Reduce Operational Costs. Hiring a digital marketing agency is much less complicated. That’s because you will only pay the agency a monthly fee for their services. You don’t have to worry about paying salaries, benefits, and healthcare costs if you opt to hire an agency instead of an in-house team.
  • Accountability. The agency will be accountable for your marketing strategy and the results behind it. For example, if they were tasked to design a user-friendly website but customers are complaining about bugs and glitches, you can refer it to the agency and have them sort it out. Since they’re accountable for the problem, they’ll find ways to address the issues and correct the mistakes if necessary.


  • Lack Of Time And Attention. Most marketing agencies have other customers too. As such, you can’t expect their personnel to give their full time and attention to your marketing campaigns, especially if other clients are paying more than you do.
  • Brand Familiarity Doesn’t Happen Overnight. A reliable marketing agency would work on familiarizing with their client before implementing a marketing strategy. However, this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to review products, services, and brand image. The agency would need to spend more time studying your niche and target market before they can come up with the right strategies for your business. And as time goes by, you may have to pay more money to achieve better results.
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Do-It-Yourself Digital Marketing

Now that you know the pros and cons of hiring an agency, it’s time to consider the pros and cons of DIY digital marketing.


  • Cost-Efficient. Going the DIY route may help you save money since you will be doing the tasks yourself. In other words, you don’t have to pay for digital marketing services who would