In our digital world, any side hustler or small business needs to have a website. If you plan to grow your business and have a lot of clients, you need to have a strong brand identity, leave a good impression. Hence, online presence legitimizes your business. When you have a business website, it gives your business identity and virtual proof that it exists. It is where your online clients will find you.

Don’t think that a Facebook page for your business is enough to prove your credibility. A survey in 2015 showed that 80% of customers believe that having a business website proves your credibility compared to social media.

Building a WordPress website is not a hard task. Even if you don’t have the experience and the technical know-how, there are still lots of available tools that can aid you in this endeavor. Also, when you develop an online shop, you can use some great WordPress eCommerce Plugins. All you’ll need is an ounce of determination and a bucket-load of patience.

Why you should have a business website?

Saves Some Money

When you have a website, you can carry out your side hustle or small business online. That will instantly expose you to the outside world and get you more customers. You will save money on advertising on billboards, newspapers, and flyers. You deal with your clients online directly and arrange for delivery at a price. For example, if you are managing a restaurant, upload your menu and let customers order online. If you are selling beauty and cosmetics, create an online shop. Sell your creams, eyelashes, and makeup – all can be done easily with the free WordPress WooCommerce platform.

WordPress WooCommerce platform. 

Market Expansion

Maybe your side hustle or small business began by serving locally within your community, and you are thinking of enlarging it. Having a website will help you achieve your goals. Your products or services will be available across different time zones and the world. Customers will be able to buy a product from your business from anywhere in the world. In the process, your revenue will increase. So, you should take advantage of a website.


When you have a business website, it will be easy for you to advertise and market your products. There are so many ways to promote your products through the internet. For example, you can use SEO services to boost your ranking on a search engine. When you are ranked high, you will make more sales and make more profit. 

Improves Customer Care

When you have a website, you will enhance customer care services. If you on a store and have some employees, it is not possible to oversee them 24/7 on how they interact with the clients. However, in the online world, there is no secret. You monitor your workers’ performance and ensure your clients are receiving prompt responses. 

Improves Accessibility

When you have a website, your business will be available to your customers 24/7 throughout the year. If they are awake at midnight and want to purchase a product, they can access your website and place an order. You can also be able to review your products or services when your store is closed. If you are wondering how to about developing a website, you can search for companies like Wix, or Canva and consult them. Gone are the days of pulling out printed yellow pages to search for your business. Today everything is done online, so do not be left behind. Not having one will place your business at a competitive disadvantage.

Organize your web assets

This goes far more than just organizing your business. Your web assets include everything from your social media profiles to your website. You need to put all of these in order. That is the first step to building a successful business online.

Everything that concerns your brand should be optimized for the business. For instance, your web pages and social media pages should be rightly optimized for relevant keywords. You should have your logo and business details consistent across all your online platforms.

Get a professional logo that can represent your brand in the best way possible, and use it across all the platforms. If you don’t know who to hire to build your brand, design a professional one for yourself online. A tool like Free Logo Maker Online allows you to create your own ideas without having to spend a fortune hiring a freelancer.

Also, don’t forget to regularly update the content on your website and social media with information about your brand. This will help you figure out the best marketing plan to use later in the future.

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Today, we’re going to share with you a few of the essential tools you’ll need as you create your website. And then, we’ll give you some tips to pave your website’s way to success.



All websites require their own address, so have you decided on your domain name? Most of the time, the domain name is exactly the same as your business name but the choice is up to you. One of the first things you’ll have to do is to secure your domain so others don’t snatch it up like lightning. (It’s actually a thing and it’s called domain name squatting.) You can go to sites like Google domains or GoDaddy to purchase your domain and they’ll also be able to help you out with #2.


Aside from the domain, your website cannot exist without hosting. This is how you actually link your domain to the World Wide Web, so you can really understand how important it is to your investment. Also, it is a spot you will place your website files set up the server settings, and so on. Aside from GoDaddy, HostGator, Cloudways for WordPress is another popular choice. 

How to install WordPress on Cloudways

WordPress on Cloudways


If you’re absolutely new to the process, we recommend that you use WordPress to build your website. After all, it is already the most trusted website builder out there relied on by at least 40 percent of all the world’s web pages. Setting up your online profile there will be a breeze. You’ll only really have to worry about the content you put in. If you want a simple, yet limited website builder, you can go for Wix website builder


Finally, once the backbone of your website is fully set up, you’ll want to make sure that the media you add will help you pull in the numbers. Whether you plan on adding a blog or video content, it is important that you beef up your features with the keywords people usually enter in search engines like Google. This is what Search Engine Optimization is all about. It is a type of marketing technique you can either do yourself or hire a professional for so you can just lie back and wait for the hits to come in.


Other tools for designing your website are also sprouting all the time like mushrooms on the internet. But if you are really keen on creating art and other media to decorate your website, you can do basic programs like Adobe Photoshop. It’s better to use images that you actually created yourself instead of stock pictures on the web. On the other hand, if you don’t have the time allowance to make your own images, you can always rely on sites like Pixabay for your royalty-free pictures.  

Lay the Groundwork

As a website designer, it is important to lay the groundwork first. The clients are more interested in results rather than seeing how beautiful their site is. That is why; you need to know what your client wants. Ask your client questions about what he or she wants you to achieve. The client may want to sell a product, generate leads, improve brand awareness, etc.

Right Tools

You need the right tools to design a WordPress website. There are some basic tools that every designer should have but some of the advanced tools are specific to a project. Some tools are not very famous but can deliver some value and make your life easier.

Modify or Design

You can either modify a WordPress website or can design it. There are many themes available on the online market that you can modify. It all depends on the needs of the client, maybe he wants you to design a new theme from scratch. Well, using a former theme can help save you a lot of time. Because you will get some functionalities out of the box which is tested and proven. You will also have the facility of support and can ask questions in the community forum. It means you can always get help from people in case of any difficulty. You cannot get help when you are building a theme from scratch.

Designing a WordPress Website ideas
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