• The Process of Designing a WordPress Website from Scratch

The Process of Designing a WordPress Website from Scratch

WordPress is a powerful Content management system but most of the designers do hate it. The reason is that they think that it limits their creativity. They think that it is not easy to interact with their clients. After all, it is not easy to convert a design into a WordPress theme. It is no doubt a powerful platform but it is also not perfect. That is why; there is a different approach to make your clients happy. There are some steps you can follow to make the process simple and effective. Moreover, there are many web design agency Singapore that are ready to design a theme for your WordPress website.

The process of putting together a WordPress website is not as difficult as it looks. In this article, we will share the tips to build a WordPress site that your clients will love.

Designing a WordPress Website

Get Ideas

You can get ideas from other similar sites to create a good design. I will not recommend you to steal ideas of someone quality work. I know it is a very common practice as nothing is original. You can steal from anywhere you think inspires your imagination. But do not steal the entire work, just steal something that speaks to your soul. Use some of your imaginations to create something authentic. Alone the idea does not have value without execution. Give an idea to 10 different people and ask them to work on it. You will be amazed to see that all of the 10 people will have different results.

Lay the Groundwork

As a website designer, it is important to lay the groundwork first. The clients are more interested in results rather than seeing how beautiful their site is. That is why; you need to know what your client wants. Ask your client questions about what he or she wants you to achieve. The client may want to sell a product, generate leads, improving brand awareness, etc.

Right Tools

You need the right tools to design a website. There are some basic tools that every designer should have but some of the advanced tools are specific to a project. Some tools are not very famous but can deliver some value and make your life easier.

Modify or Design

You can either modify a WordPress website or can design it. There are many themes available on the online market that you can modify. It all depends on the needs of the client, maybe he wants you to design a new theme from scratch. Well, using a former theme can help save you a lot of time. Because you will get some functionalities out of the box which is tested and proven. You will also have the facility of support and can ask questions in the community forum. It means you can always get help from people in case of any difficulty. You cannot get help when you are building a theme from scratch.

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