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2022 Guide To Real Estate Branding

When starting a real estate business, one of the things on your to-do list might be the creation of brand awareness. According to the Content Marketing Institute based in the United States, creating brand awareness has been a priority for many businesses. It is the first step in building a successful real estate branding and establishing a good foundation for acquiring new customers.

Firstly, Brand awareness will keep your real estate brand in the mind of your audience. For example, take a look at the Ax Capital agency that is specialists will in property in Dubai. They took branding to the next level and created an alphabet logo from the letters AX. Dubai’s real estate market is thriving and has expanded over the past few years. It is real estate in Dubai that is considered the most attractive in terms of ROI and comfort for one’s own living. The competition is hard and they had to keep the brand identity elegant and outstanding.

After people have known you, they will be comfortable and familiar with it. Then after they are faced with decisions to buy from your business or the competitors, they will most likely choose your business. Secondly, Brand awareness will further help you achieve most of your business goals and objectives. Finally, it will increase your audience, and website traffic, cultivate leads and build brand affinity. Here is how to create it online.

Let’s go deeper and examine some of the key factors in building a successful real estate branding.

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How Can A Real Estate Logo Help Your Agency Grow?

A real estate logo is not just some little piece of graphic that you stick everywhere. Firstly, it actually has a purpose and it plays a big role in a business because it establishes your brand’s identity. Secondly, it shows what you are all about. Finally, it is so vital and one should not underestimate its importance.

Have you ever wondered why we immediately know the logo of iconic brands or at least brands that we always use or buy? It’s because we directly associate it with the identity of the brand. A good logo projects the essence of the brand visually. You work hard and spend a lot of time and effort on your business, especially self-employed workers.

Also, you do this to be the best in your industry so you want to be recognizable and distinguishable. A logo can help with that, actually branding in general will but more on that later. It is also possible to gain new clients and get more attention with an established branding.

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Work with professional designers

The first important thing about logo creation is to hire a professional or use a professional logo maker platform. They are trained, skilled, and most importantly, right for the job. If you want your realty brand to look professional, then that is what you do, work with a professional. Just like you have been striving to be the best in your field, graphic designers have been working hard to become leading experts in theirs. They have the experience and the track record that deserves your trust.

Here are just some of the advantages of working with a graphic designer:

Provide custom logo variations

To really make sure that you get the logo that suits you best they will make variations as choices so that you can pick what is best

Knowledgeable about design

They know what has in, what has out, and what has already been done. They can guarantee that they can give you a relatable and relevant logo

Good with collaboration

If you are scared that they might not convey the message or the image that you want for your brand do not worry! They are trained to listen to a client’s needs while still being able to provide them with professional advice.

Worth the money

If you are running a business then saving money and saving is one of the goals, right? Money that’s spent that will do you good is an investment, and that is what a graphic designer is. An investment. You now know a little bit of why branding is important and who to hire to create your real estate name brand.

Why a logo and branding can help real estate businesses?

Real estate logos are everywhere. You put it at the front of the lot with your for sale sign, it is on front of the lawn at every open house, it’s on napkins, fans, keychains, and a bunch more. That there is your branding. You want the visitors at the open house to remember you because remembering you means they remember the house you have shown. Also, the future of Artificial Intelligence mortgage is bright. To be established and distinguished logos are important because of the fewer face-to-face meetings. Technology will be more utilized and automated systems so identification is critical.

Examples of Perfect Real Estate Branding

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Brand Recognition

The distinction among companies today relies heavily upon a brand and name recognition. Eye-catching real estate branding, clever catchphrases, and establishing a presence amid target communities can make a significant difference in client interest. In real estate, most clients will not be hyper-aware of the different brokerages around them until it comes time to buy or sell a home. This makes the agent or brokerage’s job in promoting themselves difficult and important. They want to be the first or at least one of the first people or companies that come to mind when that day comes. By consistently associating their brand with something unique, the chances of a home buyer or seller remembering their presence in the market increase significantly.

Credibility, and Tying Everything Together

Once an agent or brokerage establishes a good level of recognition, tying this image to client testimonials and credentials can take branding to the next level. Realty and Construction Logos should be present near anything and everything positive and/or informative regarding the agent or firm it represents. This will create an emotional connection between the potential client and the branding they are seeing and is another reason why a logo must be professional and unique, as any goodwill formed by this should ideally be transferred to the recipient of praise and/or holder of listed credentials/accolades.

Authentic testimonials are those from verified buyers or home sellers confirming incredible service all around. Oftentimes, when an agent’s marketing has worked well to sell a home, most clients are more than willing to give a positive testimonial. Secondarily, agents should keep their profiles up to date, listing the number of homes sold, their education, experience, and awards.

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Consistency and Longevity

While opinions on the right way to go about branding may vary, nearly everyone will suggest keeping some level of consistency with logos, marketing, and other branding practices. Switching to a new logo should be done with extreme care, as the goal will be to stick with it as long as possible (if not for the entire lifespan of a career or company). A timeless logo will suit an agent or brokerage well over the years, whereas a generic or low-quality logo that will be cycled out eventually will likely dilute the recognition and credibility gained over time.

Appearances are a huge component in real estate from physical properties to client services. The high-quality design will go a long way in establishing an agent or brokerage in their community. With that in mind, real estate professionals should invest time and effort into creating the right logo for their needs.

Besides, to be effective it must fit you and what you want to achieve. Also, it will establish that you are serious, trustworthy, and reliable and that’s what should emanate in your logo. Moreover, a good Real estate Logo, branding, and marketing or advertising all tie together.

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What to consider when branding a real estate agency?

On the actual branding, here are the things to consider. As discussed above, these all will be taken care of by the graphic designer but here are the things that you might need. It will be good if you know what to expect too.

Branding Color

This is the most remembered element. It is the first thing people see. They notice color before they notice the typeface used or even before they read the actual words on the logo.

Colors in your real estate branding have different meanings that are why it is a must that you make sure to use colors that give off the vibe you want.

Size and Shape

Will it be square, rectangle, or circle-shaped? Is your logo tall and narrow or long and wide? Just like color, the size and shape should also give the feeling that you want the people that see to get because shapes also have meanings.
It is also important to think of its uses. Will the size and shape that is chosen look good on the real estate signage, social media, postcards, print ads, marketing collateral, etc.

Versions of the logo

You won’t know when you will need what but it’s best that you are prepared for any occasion and uses.

The official primary version and the horizontal secondary version. For example, Horizontal logos are often used in places with limited space. It also is a better fit in some instances.

The transparent (i.e. not white) background version – PNG file.

This is in case you will need to stick your logo onto something colored or graphic. This is so it blends well with the image or so that it doesn’t cover anything important. It also prevents taking unnecessary space needed.

An all-white and all-black version.

If you ever want to print on T-shirts, keychains, or other collaterals, it is always cheaper to print with only black and white as colors. There are also instances where this is needed. Say, sponsor or event needs.

Finally, make sure to ask for the colors and the type of fonts used. This will help you if you ever work with a different designer in the future. In branding, it is important that you always stay consistent.

Hopefully, this article helps you understand the importance of having a logo and how to make a good one using a graphic designer or our logo maker tool.

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Why Real Estate Branding Should Have A Great Website?

Have you just started a business and you are working on your real estate branding? If so, one of the very first things you’ll need to do is set up a website. It’s one of the easiest things to get started, as you can do it from wherever you happen to be. But it can also go horribly wrong. There are some big decisions you’ll need to make regarding your website, and they’re best made with care.

You might not think your business needs a particularly good website. However, these days, even the local hardware store needs a website. People don’t just turn up at stores anymore unless they’re going to a market. Most people Google what they’re looking for.

So, in order to make sure you’ve got all the ingredients for your website to bring in customers, here are some great tips for setting up a real estate website.

  1. Choose Quality Hosting

To start with, you’re going to need to choose a web host. This is the very foundation of your website, but a lot of people just choose the first thing they see when they do a Google search. A good host is actually very important, and there are some you should definitely avoid.

When you’re looking for the best web hosting for small businesses, you need to find an option that is reliable. Look at those reviews to see who the experts recommend, as well as what actual users have to say about it. Customer service is also incredibly important, as you need to know you’ll be taken care of when things go wrong. While most of the time, you probably won’t have too many problems, when you do, you will need urgent support so as not to lose business.

  1. The Right Domain Name

Ideally, your company name is going to be the same as your domain name. However, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, your company name doesn’t make it clear what you do. Alternatively, it just does not make for memorable reading. You want your domain name to be short and memorable, and to avoid cringe-worthy mistakes.

Take some time to think of the right domain name, make sure that what you come up with is available, and test it out with friends. If outsiders like it, you are on the right track.

Setting Up A Small Business Website
  1. Get An SEO Expert

Ultimately, what you really want is for your website to come up at the top of a Google search. In order to make this happen, you need search engine optimization (or SEO). There are many “rules” to follow to take advantage of the search algorithm, and it’s not as simple as repeating a keyword over and over again.

You probably don’t have the time to gain SEO expertise, so the best course of action might be to hire someone to do the job for you. Make sure they know what they’re doing, and have certification from a website like HubSpot, as anyone can pretend to be an SEO expert!

There are many blogs that keep track of changes Google makes to the search algorithm. Anyone in the business should always stay up to date with the changes.

Real Estate Website Design Trends in 2022

Half of the world’s population is now online. According to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), there are billions of internet users in 2021 and this is a large market for any type of business. The internet is now the go-to place for all services and businesses and organizations need professional websites to provide these services. Web design services are in high demand and it is one of the fastest-growing industries. Let’s explore the top real estate website design trends for 2022.

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  1. Black-And-White Palettes

Colors are a crucial component of any Real Estate Branding and for this reason, we have to treat color with respect.  The best websites play around with color to capture the attention of the visitor. The right color choice can lift the mood of the visitor thus keeping them longer on the website.

While bright colors have dominated web design over the years, the return of e bold black and white shades is long overdue and it is going to make an impact in this industry. Black is one of the strongest colors and wherever it is used in real estate websites or advertising, it carries an aspect of power. It is for this reason that web designers will continue leveraging the strength and assertiveness of bold black.

  1. Rotating Animations

This is not very new and as a web designer, you might have seen it on some vanguard websites. If you want to carve a niche as a trendsetter, it is time to start proposing Rotating Animations for your clients. If you are a business owner looking for a bold web design that will keep users coming back, Rotating Animations are the in-thing in 2022.

Create an innovative intro brand video for every time users refresh a page or play around with the titles of articles or call-outs and any other important aspect of a web page.  With the infamous short attention span of internet users, you need to go out of the way to keep them longer on your site. More importantly, you need to create a memorable user experience by creating fun and exciting animations.

  1. Serifs On Screen

As a web designer or a business owner building a new real estate website, there are many rules you come across. One is the belief that Serifs work only for text while San Serifs work best on screen. Well, the web design industry is a volatile industry where things change first and only the most creative people stay ahead.

Serifs on screen are one of the unconventional trends you will see a lot in the coming months and that’s because it is gaining traction with web designers and users love it. More web designers and brands have turned towards bold serifs for the most important aspects of their websites.

It is true that serifs work best when you have a longer copy due to readability. However, if you want to call attention to a certain aspect of your website, you should consider sans serifs. It is all about throwing the rule book out of the window to build impressive websites.

  1. Mircointeraction

These are events with a single purpose which is to surprise the user of a product and create an inviting personal event. The discrete and individual moments in product design accomplish specific tasks and at the same time improve the flow of the product.

This trend in web design is now popular and it is a big thing in 2022. When people come to your website, they want interaction and through these minor events, there is a connection. When you receive an envelope icon for instance when visiting a website, this is a micro-interaction. Web design will boast more interactive incarnations of micro-interactions in 2022 and it is a great way to involve an audience in your website.

  1. Glitch Art

In the world of design, there are times when retro designs push back and come to the forefront again. The artistic application of malfunctioning video has become a trend in web design. Glitches were and are still a common feature in the world of computers but web designers now see the positive side of these glitches by creating glitch art.

Glitch art gives your website a distinctly psychedelic look. Web designers and website owners looking for an outstanding look to their designs can go for glitch images and video as this trend continues earning more fans.

The number of digital video viewers in the US 2018-2022

The number of digital video viewers in the US 2018-2022. Source: Statista

  1. Minimalism

Minimalism is not new but one of those trends in web design that promise to continue reigning for a long time. The whole idea behind a minimalist design is to ensure visitors can browse without taking too long.

The basics of minimalist web design entail building web pages by simplifying interfaces by eliminating unnecessary elements or content. If something doesn’t support the user’s tasks, it is not worth including in the web design and this is the mantra of minimalism in web design.

  1. Conversational Bots & Machine Learning

Some of the trending technologies today sounded futuristic and impossible a few years back but they are now everywhere. As a web designer or business owner, you need to stay on top of your game to incorporate the latest innovations and these include conversational bots & machine learning.

There are huge advancements in artificial intelligence and the capabilities of bots. These innovations offer great convenience to users through instant feedback and improved efficiency. The best thing about the latest chatbots is the ease of customization.

  1. White Space

The idea of “less is more” has gained traction in web design over the year. Using white space is one of the trends that help stay true to this idea. Utilizing white space to separate sections of pages improves readability and users will find it easier to digest important information.

  1. Broken Grid & Asymmetrical Layouts

For a long time, web designers have faithfully followed the grid system to maintain consistency in their designs. It is an easy and convenient way to bring your real estate branding to life. But there’s a trend towards the broken grid and asymmetrical layouts.

This allows a designer more creative freedom when it comes to real estate branding. Also, it is possible to create an extra level of hierarchy on a page. This extra hierarchy allows for more intriguing and unique designs and guides the eye to the most actionable part of a page.

  1. Interactive Real estate Website Designs

Internet users keep demanding more from the websites they visit. Pages that allow interactive activity now attract more users and longer time visits. The interactive web is a trend you cannot ignore and you need to incorporate features with interactivity.

Many other outstanding web design trends will reign in 2022. For example, natural and organic shapes, UX-Driven Diagonal Lines, Sketch as the Go-to Web Design Software. Also from Animated GIFs, Scroll-Triggered Animations, large attention-grabbing titles, Abstract Shapes, Monochromatic, and absence of color to Thumb-friendly navigation.

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Disclaimer: This article is not a substitute for advice from a trained professional. By using this website, you agree that DesignFreeLogoOnline cannot and will not be held liable for any action taken as a result of using the information in this article.

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