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Best Logo Gifts For Marketing Your Brand – Corporate Business Gifts

Gifts are the best way to express gratitude. If you want to show someone that you love them or care about them, you can say it with a lovely present. You can be assured to receive a smile and thank you in return. If your intent is pure, this response should be good enough for you. That’s how it works in the personal world.

The importance of gifting still applies to the professional world. However, the goals are a little different. Corporate gifting is all about promoting your brand. However, the goal remains the same. It is to touch hearts and extend your love. We can’t overlook the marketing aspect of gifting in the corporate world. The mantra is “Give and you shall receive.” Let’s explore this belief a bit more and understand how corporate business gifts can help your organization.

Helps in creating awareness for your brand

To understand this advantage, first, you need to first understand how professional gifts are different from personal gifts. The very basis of corporate gifts is to mention who it is from. You can’t just put a name slip on the gift to inform the receiver that the gift is from you. This is because corporate gifts have an extended purpose. It is not only to send a thoughtful message or love but also to market your brand in the most affectionate manner ever.

So, as you send a gift to your clients, customers, and employees on behalf of your brand, you put your brand name and logo on it. This will let the receiver of the gift know that you are thinking of them. It will make them feel special, and in turn, you will catch their interest. They will remember your brand and tell other people about it. There it is, a great promotional campaign for your business.

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Brings in new leads

All businesses are constantly on the hunt for more customers and clients. That is the very basis of any trade. A good corporate gift can help you accelerate the process of gaining more clients and customers for your business. As you send them a good corporate gift that they can use, they will try to know more about your business. They will contact you to inquire about your products and services. This is how your business will gain more leads.

With that being said, you should be able to understand why you need to embrace the corporate gifting culture. There are no losses with this idea, only profits. So you should know how to start making promotional products or corporate gifts for your clients, customers, and employees. Here are all the things you need to consider before making corporate gifts and promotional products.

Know the requirements of your customers, employees, and clients

The best way to figure out a good and perfectly usable gift is by asking the receiver. Don’t bother breaking the surprise element. It is the corporate world, after all, not your romantic relationship. Your clients, customers, and employees will be happy just knowing that they are receiving a gift from you. They don’t expect you to throw them a surprise.

So, don’t hesitate to ask your clients, customers, and employees about what they need. You can go online and carry out research and read community forums about the wishes and needs of your target audience. If you want a more specific answer, you can also go for surveys and polls. This will be more interactive as well.

Go brainstorming

Now, if you are doing extensive research, you will land up with a few ideas for corporate gifts or outlines for those ideas, at least. With the help of them, you can go brainstorming to come up with a perfect promotional product or corporate gift. There are three things that you need to make sure that your promotional product has.

  • A good way to make sure that your promotional product brings you more leads is by doing this simple trick. Just make a product that requires your audience to share your brand information in order to receive the gift. It can be in the form of a link or a picture. So, your audience will do further promotion of your brand for free.
  • Your idea needs to be so good that it becomes the face of corporate gifts in your industry. This feature is called linkability. So, your research needs to be strong enough if your promotional product is to match this parameter.
  • If you want your audience to fall in love with your promotional product, you want to make sure that it has the potential of being viral enough. If your gift ends up being viral, it will catch the attention of the press. Once your brand name is in the media, your promotion is assured. So, vitality matters a lot.

Create the product

Based on all the information that you gained from all the aforementioned steps, now is the time to take the most important step. It is to create the product. Before you do that, leave no tables unturned in your research process. Also, don’t make the product in bulk. Start with a small batch at first.

Once you know that people like it and that it is doing the marketing job, you can move ahead to making it in large quantities and distributing the same to more people. Also, if you want to send the product out as a corporate gift, you should go over how you are presenting it. The packaging should be attractive.

Hand out the gifts where your audience hang out

A part of your product research for your corporate gift should be based on where you can distribute your promotional products to your audience. A good idea to hand out your corporate gifts is at the hangout points of your audience. This is the most accessible place. Your gift will be received well there.

After going through the extensive process of how to make your promotional product or corporate gift, it is only fair that we help you out with some ideas as well. Even though you can pretty much send out anything to your clients, customers, and employees with your brand name on it and call it a corporate gift. However, that might not do anything for your brand. If you want to make an impression on your audience and carry out your marketing campaign with the help of your corporate gift, you need to think differently. So, here are some ideas for the best logo gifts for marketing your brand.

Gift cards

This is the safest option for businesses that have little or no idea about what their clients, customers, and employees are going to like. You don’t even have to carry out huge research for this one. Just buy gift cards from different brands and put them in an envelope that has your business logo on it. Just make sure that the gift cards are from brands that all types of people can use. For example, clothing and footwear.


If you are still stuck in that phase where people send out calendars as corporate gifts, this is a great way to change that. Everyone uses headphones these days. From the oldest to the youngest, anyone would love a good quality headphones. So, get your brand name and business logo engraved or printed on some cool headphones and use them as a promotional product.

Water bottles

Everyone drinks water all the time. We hope you know that. So, why not get some pretty water bottles covered in your brand name and logo that your audience can carry anywhere they go? They will think of your brand every time they drink water.

Coupons and Vouchers

Your audience must love shopping. Give them some impressive coupons and vouchers that they can use to get a discount. Make sure to put your brand name and logo clearly on those coupons and vouchers. It would be cool for your audience to have coupons and vouchers on a famous restaurant or an affordable bar. This way, you can treat your audience to a good meal or a couple of drinks.

Bag Logo Gift

Bag Logo Gift


Bags rarely ever go to waste. It doesn’t matter if it is a jute tote bag or a fancy purse. So, bags make for a good promotional product or corporate gift. Just don’t forget to vividly mention your brand name and logo on the product. Also, your marketing campaign gets a boost if you use eco-friendly or sustainable products, especially bags.

Beauty and skincare products

Gone are the days when people assumed that only women use beauty and skincare products, and thank heavens for that. Now, you can send out beauty and skincare products to just about anyone, and they will love their gift. Remember to put your brand name and logo on the box.


Plants make for the most thoughtful corporate gift ever. Just put your brand name and logo on the pot that the plant is in.


All in all, it becomes apparent that you’re not going to run out of options when it comes to selecting logo gifts. However, you should be proactive about selecting a reliable provider to ensure the quality of these gifts. Take your brand reach to the next level with the gifting options discussed in this article.

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