20 11, 2023

2024 Logo-Farben-Trends, die moderne Logos hervorstechen lassen

2023-11-20T04:56:51+00:005 Comments

Selecting a color palette when building your business brand identity is one of the most important decisions you are required to make Especially when designing a company logo since these branding colors are not only for your used to create a logo. For instance, colors are also used for your website, business cards, social

31 01, 2022

Was sind die besten Logofarben für Ihr Branding?

2022-03-08T05:01:28+00:002 Comments

Psychology Of Logo Colors Why the logo colors in branding is so important for your business? The use of colors in business branding is an incredibly complex aspect of marketing. We, as human beings, are conditioned to respond to different colors in different ways. Firstly, Color has a collective quality, it is memorable

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