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Local SEO For Freelancers – Learn How To Rank #1 In Your City

The first place people look for information these days is on a search engine. Therefore, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most critical aspects of a business.

If you are a freelancer, you should ensure your online presence is optimized for search engines even though you only offer your services. You have a lot of competition, even as a local electrician, plumber, or photographer, and local SEO will help you beat the competition.

Ranking high on Google results as a local business or freelancer requires different strategies than global SEO. the following tips will help you with local SEO as a freelancer and make you rank number one in your city: 

Update Your Website

You will not even be in the ranking as the premier freelancer in your city if you do not have a website. You should create a website, but that is not enough, as you need to ensure it is continually updated. The updates could include a new design to make your website more attractive.

Updates could also mean adding content to your website, particularly content that adds value to your customers. It would be best if you aimed for at least one video or blog post per week to have favorable results on search engine rankings.

Fix any issues your website may have, including navigation, load speeds, and security issues that it may have. The more up-to-date your website is, the higher you will appear on search engine rankings. 

Add A Google My Business Account

Optimizing your Google listing might be the most effective way to rank higher on local Google Search results, especially if you have a small budget for SEO campaigns. As a freelancer, you will likely not have the same marketing budget as a company. It would be best if you had a business profile to optimize your Google listing, which starts with creating a Google My Business account. 

You can easily discover how to open a Google My Business account on Google. Once you provide all the necessary information to open your account, Google will add it to your business profile.

Your profile is what will appear on Google search results and will include information like your location, business number, email, hours of operation, and more. You will have to provide accurate and updated information for your profile.

You also have to verify ownership of the business. Include your logo in your business profile or create one if you do not have a logo. Use the information on your Google My Business dashboard to increase local SEO rankings.

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Hire A Local SEO Company

Many freelancers prefer to focus on their work, particularly if they work alone. They may not have the time or wherewithal to work on local SEO. It would also be better to hire an expert to help you with local SEO if you can afford it.

Therefore, you should consider hiring a local SEO company to help improve your search rankings. If your freelance business is based in Brisbane, you should hire a dedicated SEO company in Brisbane. It is always a good idea to hire a company with knowledge of your area of operation.

An SEO has the requisite knowledge, skills, and experience to propel your SEO rankings higher. They will help you incorporate SEO into your overall digital marketing strategy ensuring you are the premier freelancer in your locality. 

Make Your Site Mobile Responsive

In 2022, digital marketing must include optimizing your online presence for mobile. Most people will access search engines for information using their mobile phones.

To be the number one ranked freelancer on Google search results, you must make your website user-friendly, which involves optimizing it for mobile. Many people will leave a website if it is not easily navigable on mobile hence the importance of making your site mobile responsive.

The good news is that Google has a mobile-friendly test that you should use to see how well your site is optimized for mobile access. Regularly conduct tests and upgrade your website to ensure mobile access is constantly optimized and you are assured of outstanding local search rankings.


Link signals are one of the most critical factors for localized organic search engine results. Link signals are the backlinks pointing to your site. Backlinks are essential and should be in every business’s SEO plan for higher search engine rankings.

To be the premier freelancer ranking in your city, you should have a great backlink profile. The key to backlinks is not quantity but the quality of the links. There are many backlink-building strategies freelancers can use for local SEO. These include guest blogging, getting media coverage, having a page on the Chamber of Commerce, e.t.c. 

Utilize Keywords

Keywords have fallen out of favor in the digital marketing community, but they are still vital. People use words on search engines, and the algorithms will use the words to rank search engine results.

Therefore, if you want to rank high on search engine results, optimizing your content using keywords is inevitable. Even if you have little experience with SEO optimization, you can still utilize keywords using various online tools which help you identify keywords that you may be able to rank highly for, especially for local SEO. 

These tools include SEMRush, Google Keyword Planner, and Ubersuggest. They will rank keywords for local SEO based on keyword difficulty, search volume, parental topic, and traffic potential, among other metrics. You will substantially increase your rankings on search engine results if you utilize local keywords well.


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Get Positive Reviews 

Most people state that they will read, listen to or watch reviews and testimonials from other customers before engaging with a business or freelancer. Therefore, to rank number one in your city, you should try to get as many positive reviews about yourself online.

Positive online reviews from customers online optimize your Google My Business presence. It also encourages more local customers to engage with you online. The star rating on Google My Business is especially vital for local SEO.

Therefore, you should learn the best reviews and testimonials to get from your customers. You should also figure out the best time and how to ask for positive reviews.

Respond to as many reviews as possible professionally to ensure you engage local customers and improve your performance on search engine results rankings. Use great reviews to your advantage by posting them on social media, email campaigns, or websites. 

Soziale Medien

Social media is not a direct SEO ranking factor, but it definitely benefits local SEO. You cannot underestimate the importance of social media in digital marketing, especially as a freelancer.

A strong social media presence can improve your brand awareness and backlink profile. Therefore, you should have a social media page on all the important platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, e.t.c. Social media can be instrumental in driving traffic to your site using paid and organic advertisements on your pages.

Use your social media presence to promote local content to local users. It may help to create a local community of followers, preferably local customers, to improve your social media presence. In this regard, the key to using social media is to focus on the platforms that provide the best results for your business. 

Local SEO is more important than ever, and it changes very quickly. It would be best if you stayed up to date with developments in the space. The above tips will help you become the premier freelancer in your field and rank first on search engine results. Implementing them ensures your business will take advantage of local searches and beat your competitors. 

How To Get The Most From a Small Budget SEO Campaign?

Small businesses have enough scope for SEO but often look upon it as a privilege of large companies only. Big brands deploy enormous resources and money to succeed, but marketers with a small SEO budget should not feel demoralized and consider it out of bounds. Freelancers and Small business services can show how to implement Local SEO on a small budget while enjoying the same success as bigger companies. A small budget should not be a deterrent for implementing SEO, provided you know the prioritizing tricks.

Start your journey by learning how to prioritize and run structured campaigns that will assure exceptional return on investment despite your small budget.

Identify the limiting factors in your budget

Budgets are small because of various limitations. You must compromise on certain limiting factors when you are working on a small budget. As a business owner, you want to save and act smart. For that reason, you choose to use the Business Logo Maker. Also, you choose to save on your other spending. It means identifying the limiting factors first and then working out a plan to circumvent them.

Money – Lack of money hinders your access to assets, and you cannot think about working beyond your skill set. For example, you will have to shelve your idea for an outreach campaign as you cannot afford to create assets.

Time – Paucity of time for SEO arises when you have a restricted marketing budget that compels you to devote less time to Local SEO to limit spending.  A small budget prevents you from doing all the work you want to do.

Resources – A small budget will limit your access to many fancy tools that might be essential for your campaign. You cannot use backlink identifiers, keyword trackers, and other expensive tools.

Knowledge – You may not have access to knowledge with Local SEO experts’ help due to your small budget.

Knowing what your budget will allow and not allowing in terms of knowledge and resources should help you gain a good idea about prioritizing.

Fill the gaps

When you are aware of your limitations, it fuels creativity as you will feel the need to look for cheaper alternatives. There are ways to analyze log files, identify backlinks and track ranks without breaking the bank.

It might require some hard work and the tools might not seem attractive, but it remains effective. How motivated you are to meet the challenge and rise to the occasion determines how well you can use the small budget to get the most from it. The urge to do better with limited resources can provide you with opportunities to develop your skill as you would try to learn things that you would otherwise pay for.

Know your strengths

Find out your strong points so that you can include them in your plan of work. Your contribution will help save money and stay within budget. It will guarantee some success because you would be confident doing good work that provides the right results. Your brand might already be popular in your local area or industry. You can utilize it for gaining reviews or building backlinks.  Know what you have by auditing the access to resources, knowledge, and skills. You could find some way to make a deal that works to your advantage.

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SEO Actionable Practices: Tricks to Get it Right and Tips To Get Rid Of

Set expectations

To create a successful strategy when working with a small budget, you must set the right expectations. Set realistic expectations by looking inwards instead of setting unrealistic lofty expectations by looking at what others are doing.

Start by gathering information about the current traffic flow to your website and use it as a baseline to estimate organic traffic growth by using some predictive models. Avoid the pressure of setting unrealistic high goals, but instead, be pragmatic and set goals about traffic increase and rank improvement that are achievable. List down the types of activities you can carry out within your limited budget.

Take baby steps first

When developing an organic strategy on a low budget that ensures high performance, you must know where to focus your efforts to achieve maximum growth. Direct your focus at the right places – be it content, product, or service.

Prioritize the goals or pages that are most important. You can achieve more of those few pages instead of trying to spread your budget across the entire site. Since small businesses can benefit from searches with local intent, it would necessitate optimizing your My Google Business account. Focus on ranking for local terms where you face less competition.

Set technical things right

Your website is your Local SEO launching pad and must be technically sound without any flaws. It is pointless to optimize technically weak or flawed websites as it will strain your budget without any results. Your inventory of backlinks must be relevant to your current business offerings. Conducting a website audit will reveal many things that you had never thought you had. Look at the anchor text of your backlinks to determine its relevance.

Check if the optimized pages are getting the desired visibility. Is it easy to crawl the site, and does it support good indexing? Knowing the aspects of your website that are holding you back, you can develop the initial strategies.

Prioritize results

When you find that you cannot make much headway by optimizing for your target keywords, it might be tempting to try out long-tail keywords to speed up traffic flow. Be careful to implement the strategy which can hurt if it does not provide the desired conversions. It again brings into focus the need to set the right expectations. If conversions are one of the performance metrics that show success, then working with long-tail keywords does not good for you.

Not necessary to adhere to the best practices

The industry’s best practices might not be best for you, especially when you have budget constraints. Instead, it is vital to decide where you focus your efforts that give results instead of trying to tick the right boxes of best practices, which can be a wasteful exercise for you.

The more imaginative you are with your resources and know where to focus upon to see your efforts giving the results, the better you will be at using your small budget for effective Local SEO.

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