• The Help Of Logo To Promote Your Social Media Account

The Help Of Logo To Promote Your Social Media Account

According to a Deloitte survey, people go check their smartphones at least 52 times during the day. One more statistic reveals that over 60% of people check their mobiles within 5 to 10 minutes of waking up. This is the level of mobiles and social media penetration in people’s lives today.

No matter how many social media channels you have integrated with your business, it is very much essential for every business to ensure that their follower list is increasing. 

Promoting your account on social media platforms is not easy, especially since the competition is advancing at a fast pace. Several ways are there in which one can socialize and promote their accounts on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and so on. 

With an impressive logo design, you can succeed in attracting more Social Media users. You can also increase likes by using a service, such as real Facebook likes by Vervebook.

In this article, we have discussed how to use a logo to promote your social media account and get more followers. In addition, we will also discuss the usage of logos for social media promotions. 


Why using a logo can help you promote your social media accounts?

 First of all, every business has a logo that defines what the brand is and its purpose. It builds an image in the mind of the target customers. 

Since you will be using your social media accounts to market your brand and increase sales, you need to design your brand logo suitably to get connected with the users and build a trustworthy relationship. 

 Unless people know what the company is about and if it interests them, they wouldn’t visit your profile and follow you back. This is where the business logo comes in. Ideally, the logo must tell about the business at a glance.  Hence having a logo that looks great and tells the user what you sell in a glimpse works great. 

 A logo also plays an essential role to promote your online business on social media platforms. 


In what ways can a logo impact your social media marketing strategies?

 If you are not sure how to use a logo on your social media accounts so that it can impact your marketing strategies in a positive way, read ahead. 


Project a professional image

Due to its tremendous potential, no business can afford to ignore social media. And when it comes to captivating customers, you need to project a professional image where the logo plays an essential role. So, pay attention to social media logo trends and guidelines before planning about logo designing. For example, YouTube suggests using a channel icon and banner image both. Facebook also needs a profile image/logo and cover photo. Go for a professional business logo and banner/cover image that enhances brand awareness and provides more exposure to your business account by reflecting your niche and values.


 Help in connecting with the user communities

One of the main benefits of using your business logo in place of your profile picture on social media platforms is that it will help you in connecting with both your target audience and followers. With a meaningful logo and wonderful graphics, your audience will be able to decipher what your business is about. Hence, make sure you create a logo that can make a spot-on impact on your user and follower list. 


Describes the business and its purpose

A meaningful logo is one of the many ways of describing your business and its purpose. For example, if you have a clothing brand the logo must clearly reveal that. Similarly. if you run educational institutions, one must get a clear idea by viewing your log. So, if you want to promote your profile on social media channels, you need to design a logo that will have a complete resemblance with your business in one or many forms. Some people make a mismatched logo to be different. This is also one way of dealing with it. However, in such a case, you need to put in more effort initially to tell the target audiences about your business niche and to influence them in the first place. 


Choose a logo that reflects the business niche

Higher the popularity of your business more will be your reach in terms of the target audience. However, to let your social media audience know how famous your brand is, you need to have a wonderfully designed logo that speaks of professionalism, reliability, and assurance. For example, a baby care brand would need a soothing logo, while a retail business would need a straightforward logo. This will describe whether you are professional as a business owner and take your business seriously or not. 


Helps in building trust and credibility

Another reason to use a logo is to build credibility and trust amongst your target audience through your social media accounts. Unless and until your logo delineates genuineness and professionalism, your audience will never trust your business and hence, you won’t be able to drive traffic to your social media accounts. Also, the look and feel of your logo and social media posts must match and be consistent across all social media platforms. It will help in enhanced brand recognition.


Makes you stand out in the crowd

 When you have a business profile and using social media channels for marketing your brand, you will have lots of competitors who are doing the same or have already established themselves on these social media channels. Hence, to overcome the competition and make your business look unique and appealing, you will need a logo that will communicate your story impressively, yet differently. 


Tips to design and use a logo for your social media account

Before we conclude our discussion, we would like to give you a few pointers that will help you in designing a perfect logo for your social media promotions. 


  •         Follow the size rules for designing the logo as each social media platform specifies a different size. 
  •         Always get a custom-designed logo that fits all your social media platforms and offers a nice visual appeal.
  •         Most users check social media on phones, so ensure your logo is clearly visible on phones.
  •         Get as creative as you can but do not overdo the logos since that will demean its beauty. 
  •         Always use attractive color palettes in the background to make your logo stand out. 
  •         The text to be written on the logo must have a clear font style, size, and it should have a contrasting color for proper visibility. 
  •         If possible, use pictures in the form of watermarks or by making the image more transparent. 



With the help of a properly designed logo, you would attract users and make your social media account more appealing. Hence, your followers’ list will grow, and you will drive significant traffic to your business. However, make sure that the logo is attractive and yet descriptive enough to spike the curiosity in your target audience. 


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Top Tips To Creating A Killer Facebook Ad Campaign

Top Tips To Creating A Killer Facebook Ad Campaign

Top Tips To Creating A Killer Facebook Ad Campaign

Mine Your Audience Insights

The best Facebook tool that you have at your disposal is Audience Insights.  This tool allows you to learn about a specific audience before you risk your budget and target them in your marketing campaign.  The tool works by mining the Facebook data available to it and show you who your target market is.  This will be based on the people who have already liked your page.

Using Audience Insights will help you understand exactly who your users are and how likely they are to follow your call to action.  By using this tool, you will save a lot of time and money.  You can focus on the quality of the advert and now on the targeting metrics.

Create A Unique Ad For Each Audience

One of the best features of Facebook’s advertising platform is the ability to create different ad sets for the different audiences you target according to the team.  This means that you can create 2 different adverts and deliver them to audiences in the same campaign. You could also use the same advert and send it to completely different audiences.  The result of this is better targeting.

An example of this will be a retailed who sells kitchen supplies.  This company might have a new stainless steel mixing bowl that they are trying to market to 2 different groups.  Instead of sending the same advert to everyone, the company can make 2 unique adverts and deliver them to their distinct audience.  The first advert could target professional chefs while the parents of the second target those who like high-quality kitchen supplies.  The 2 adverts will be very different despite the same product being pushed.

Accompany Ads With A Landing Page

You should rarely connect your advert to a product page or your website without first using a landing page.  A landing page will allow you to maximize the advertising efforts and educate your users before you ask them to buy anything.  Using a landing page could change the outcome of the ad campaign that you are running.

Facebook advertising is not cheap and this is one of the reasons why landing pages make sense.  You are going to be spending your money on clicks and you want to ensure that each of them counts.  When you send visitors to a product page or website without any clear instructions on what they should be doing, you are going to be wasting money.

Make Use Of Striking Imagery

Many people teach whole courses on how to write the best Facebook ad copy, but the same amount of attention does not seem to be paid to images.  You need to pay attention to this because visual content is just as influential as textual content.  Many people believe that visuals are more important.

You do not have to use a picture of your business, service, or products, but something that is as relevant as possible and eye-catching.  Facebook states that you cannot use an image that has more than 20% words.  This makes it clear that you are looking to grab attention and not display a message.

Have A Bid Strategy And Budget

The last tip you need to know is that you have to have a bid strategy and a budget before you start.  If you do not, you will end up spending a lot more on your advertising than you should or than you want to.  Fortunately, Facebook has made doing this a bit easier as they have a known tool called Optimized CPM.

When using this tool, you will be giving Facebook permission to bid on ad space for you based on the goals and constraints that you provide.  This tool allows you to maximize your budget and helps you to avoid overspending.  Of course, you can do this yourself, but until you fully understand the costs and how to properly allocate your budget, you should look at leaving this to Facebook.  Their tool will do all the hard work while you learn what you need to about this.

Create Your Own Logo Design Ideas

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