Top Tips To Creating A Killer Facebook Ad Campaign

Mine Your Audience Insights

The best Facebook tool that you have at your disposal is Audience Insights.  This tool allows you to learn about a specific audience before you risk your budget and target them in your marketing campaign.  The tool works by mining the Facebook data available to it and show you who your target market is.  This will be based on the people who have already liked your page.

Using Audience Insights will help you understand exactly who your users are and how likely they are to follow your call to action.  By using this tool, you will save a lot of time and money.  You can focus on the quality of the advert and now on the targeting metrics.

Create A Unique Ad For Each Audience

One of the best features on Facebook’s advertising platform is the ability to create different ad sets for the different audiences you target according to the team at Mighty Social.  This means that you can create 2 different adverts and deliver them to audiences in the same campaign.  You could also use the exact same advert and send it to completely different audiences.  The result of this is better targeting.

An example of this will be a retailed who sells kitchen supplies.  This company might have a new stainless steel mixing bowl that they are trying to market to 2 different groups.  Instead of sending the same advert to everyone, the company can make 2 unique adverts and deliver them to their distinct audience.  The first advert could target professional chefs while the second targets parents who like high-quality kitchen supplies.  The 2 adverts will be very different despite the same product being pushed.

Accompany Ads With A Landing Page

You should rarely connect your advert to a product page or your website without first using a landing page.  A landing page will allow you to maximize the advertising efforts and educate your users before you ask them to buy anything.  Using a landing page could change the outcome of the ad campaign that you are running.

Facebook advertising is not cheap and this is one of the reasons why landing pages make sense.  You are going to be spending your money on clicks and you want to ensure that each of them counts.  When you send visitors to a product page or website without any clear instructions on what they should be doing, you are going to be wasting money.

Make Use Of Striking Imagery

There are many people who teach whole courses on how to write the best Facebook ad copy, but the same amount of attention does not seem to be paid to images.  This is actually something that you need to pay attention to because visual content is just as influential as textual content.  There are many people who believe that visuals are more important.

You do not have to use a picture of your business, service or products, but something that is as relevant as possible and eye-catching.  Facebook states that you cannot use an image that has more than 20% words.  This makes it clear that you are looking to grab attention and not display a message.

Have A Bid Strategy And Budget

The last tip you need to know is that you have to have a bid strategy and a budget before you start.  If you do not, you will end up spending a lot more on your advertising than you should or than you want to.  Fortunately, Facebook has made doing this a bit easier as they have a tool which is known as Optimized CPM.

When using this tool, you will be giving Facebook the permission to bid on ad space for you based on the goals and constraints that you provide.  This tool allows you to maximize your budget and helps you to avoid overspending.  Of course, you can do this yourself, but until you fully understand the costs and how to properly allocate your budget, you should look at leaving this to Facebook.  Their tool will do all the hard work while you learn what you need to about this.