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How To Create A Winning PowerPoint Presentation?

A PowerPoint presentation is something that sooner or later you will be asked to do; be it in your school or work career, it will happen at least once to have to make a presentation that is beautiful and effective.

They are widely used for various purposes in different contexts.

What is the main use for PowerPoint presentations?

Firstly, is commonly used in the business world to create presentations for meetings, sales pitches, conferences, and training sessions. Also, it allows users to present information in a visually appealing and organized manner. It enables the incorporation of visuals, charts, and infographics to communicate effectively with clients, stakeholders, and potential customers.

Secondly, PowerPoint presentation is an excellent tool to support a study, such as a term paper or a work project. Also, Teachers and educators use PowerPoint to create instructional materials, lecture slides, and interactive presentations for classrooms and online learning platforms. It helps to present concepts, visuals, and multimedia content to engage students and facilitate learning. finally, it helps to organize complex information, present data visually, and effectively communicate research results.

Lastly, PowerPoint presentations can be used to create slideshows for events. For instance, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. At a wedding, for example, you can present your wedding logo, romantic songs, and images. They enable the display of photos, videos, and personal messages to share memories and celebrate events.

There are those who are already used to it and know all the tricks of the trade, but there are also those who – beginners with this program – do not know where to start.

If you fall into this second category do not worry: you’re in the right place! In this guide, we will explain how to create a winning PowerPoint presentation. If you are searching for essential tips to create a visually appealing presentation, it is evident that you are bored with the traditional slideshows and want to make your presentations engaging and attention-seeking.

What is a PowerPoint presentation?

Students, undergraduates, business owners, graphic designers, doctoral students, and even workers: anyone, at least once in their life, will have to make a PowerPoint presentation to be able to exhibit a project that has been worked on in front of an audience.

Learn the basics of PowerPoint to get started

Learning to use PowerPoint is very important! You may be asked to use this program for a project in class or to expose your high school term. The first approach may not be simple, but once you learn you will see that all the work will be useful: in the university world and the working world, PowerPoint presentations are widely used.

In the academic world, the presentation is a compliment when we have reached perfection in other academic sectors such as writing, research, and so on.

Change the layout PowerPoint

1. Create a “New Slide.”

To start creating a presentation on PowerPoint, you will have to open the program and then click on the other on the left on “New Slide.” You can choose between different Layouts or different types of free PowerPoint templates depending on your needs.

2. Change The Layout

If during work you need to change the layout of your slide, just go to the slide to edit and select the item “Layout”, which is next to the “New slide” that we showed you a while ago.
The different slides will be collected on the left side of the screen of your PC, arranged in chronological order.

3. Change The Background

To set the background of a different color, you must click with the right mouse button on any point of the slide, provided it is external to the content panes. Then you just select the “Background format” and change the color. You can choose between solid color and gradient fill; you can select an image, a texture, or a pattern. Don’t limit yourself to conventional backgrounds if you want to get a winning presentation.

4. Insert Your Logo, Images, Tables, Graphs

To insert your images, tables, graphs, or other elements, you will first need to select a layout that allows you to add at least one piece of content. Then click on the top left on “Insert” and select the text you want to insert.

5. For example, this is how to insert your business logo into your slides:

  1. Select Insert > Shapes, pick a shape, and click to draw the text box on the slide master. It should be about the same size as your business logo.

  2. Right-click on the shape > Format Shape.
  3. Under the bucket icon, select Fill > Picture fill > File and insert your business logo in an image format (JPG or PNG).
  4. Exit Slide Master. All slides except title pages will have the emblem.

6. Enter Transitions Between One Slide And Another

In the transition between one slide and another, you can also insert transitions, that is particular effects that make the transition from one slide to another less abrupt. There are several types, and you can select them under “Transitions.” The particular effects will make your presentation perfect!

7. Create Animations

Effects can be added to the slide elements as well as the transition between each slide. The text can then be made to display in a specific fashion, for as by sliding it from right to left.

The same is true for photos and other materials. Simply choose the content you want to animate, then select “Animations,” which is located next to the “Transitions” button we just saw.

You can also add a logo animation video to your presentation, that will make an amazing impression.

Essential Steps Tips for Making Effective PowerPoint Presentation

Focus On Presentation 

What rookie mistake we all make is that we focus on presentation and make it most wordily. You might have seen some teachers putting all the speech content on slides and reading them. This is what kills the purpose of your presentation. This is a boring and repetitive way of delivering presentations. When you are out there delivering a presentation, people tend to hear what the presenter is saying instead of what he or she has on the back.

PowerPoint slides are to support whatever you are saying. It should contain graphs, bar or pie charts, and other colorful animations to attract. It is a lousy act for the presenter to turn to the slides and read any of them. If everything will be given on the screen, why would anyone be interested in hearing from you?

To Whom You Are Presenting

You should always consider the nature of the attendees of the presentation. Is it a classroom full of students or some board meeting room with reputable commissioners or your boss whom you are trying to influence? Then you should do the speech context and information according to their existing level of knowledge.

It should have entertaining and interesting facts and figures to draw their attention. When you see your audience is much into what you are delivering, you go further to the details, but if the crowd is less interested, it will make it even more boring for them.

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Story Telling

The basic motive of your presentation should be that you have an idea or some strategy that you want to explain to everyone present in the room or auditorium. Whether you are serving some scientific research topic, or some new business idea or model, or some startup, you should connect with the audience on an emotional as well as intellectual level. It is always helpful to start with storytelling. You should focus on three bullet points that the audience is most curious about.

That is where we are standing right now? What is going to be the outcome? How to get there? Your slides will complement you with what story you are selling.

Rule of 10

According to this rule, your presentation must contain 10 slides only. Try not to go below and beyond that. In those slides, there should be single sentences with complementary images or graphs.

When your audience knows your presentation is based on 10 slides only, they will come up with the pace eventually as they know where it is going to lead in the end. In this method, get to the problem first and start the solution from the next one till you get to the last two slides for summarizing and concluding everything.

Final word

PowerPoint is the most used and first option for every business data and strategy visual representation these days. These are just the basic features of PowerPoint: just take a little ‘more familiar with the program and comb through here and there, to discover new features and create more beautiful and appealing presentations. You will get your winning PowerPoint presentation soon!

Create amazing presentations and learn to navigate through your slides.

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