A PowerPoint presentation is something that sooner or later you will be asked to do: be it in your school or work career, it will happen at least once to have to make a presentation that is beautiful and effective. The PowerPoint presentation is an excellent tool to support a study, such as a term paper or a work project. There are those who are already used to it and know all the tricks of the trade, but there are also those who – beginners with this program – do not know where to start. If you fall into this second category do not worry: you’re in the right place! In this guide, we will explain how to create a winning PowerPoint presentation.

What is a PowerPoint presentation?

Students, undergraduates, business owners, graphic designers, doctoral students, and even workers: anyone, at least once in their life, will have to make a PowerPoint presentation to be able to exhibit a project that has been worked on in front of an audience.

How to create a winning presentation

Learning to use PowerPoint is very important! You may be asked to use this program for a project in class or to expose your high school term. The first approach may not be simple, but once you learn you will see that all the work will be useful: in the university world and the working world, PowerPoint presentations are widely used. In the academic world, the presentation is a compliment when we have reached perfection in other academic sectors such as writing, research and so on. For example, to ensure we can provide quality essays we can give up everything to a quality essay service such as WriteMyEssayOnline, but what about showing a nice presentation? We have to do it ourselves!

create a winning PowerPoint presentation

* Create “New Slide.”

To start creating a presentation on PowerPoint, you will have to open the program and then click on the other on the left on “New Slide.” You can choose between different Layouts or different types of slides depending on your needs.

* Change the layout

If during work you need to change the layout to your slide, just go to the slide to edit and select the item “Layout”, which is next to the “New slide” that we showed you a while ago.
The different slides will be collected on the left side of the screen of your PC, arranged in chronological order.

* Insert images, tables, graphs

To insert images, tables, graphs or other elements, you will first need to select a layout that allows you to add at least one content. Then click on the top left on “Insert” and select the text you want to insert.

* Change the background

To set the background of a different color, you must click with the right mouse button on any point of the slide, provided it is external to the content panes. Then you just select the “Background format” and change the color. You can choose between solid color and gradient fill; you can select an image, a texture, or a pattern. Don’t limit yourself with conventional backgrounds if you want to get a winning presentation.

* Enter transitions between one slide and another

In the transition between one slide and another you can also insert transitions, that is particular effects that make the transition from one slide to another less abrupt. There are several types, and you can select them under “Transitions.” The particular effects will make your presentation perfect!

* Create animations

As for the passage from one slide to another, effects can also be added to the elements of the slides. You can then choose to make the text appear in a particular way, for example by sliding it from right to left, and the same applies to images and other contents. To do this, simply select the content you want to animate and click on “Animations,” which is next to the “Transitions” we have just seen.

These are just the basic features of PowerPoint: just take a little ‘more familiar with the program and comb through here and there, to discover new features and create more beautiful and appealing presentations. You will get your winning PowerPoint presentation soon!

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