Few simple steps to Create a Great LinkedIn Business Page

There are various social media networks that businesses use whether it’s a large or a small business. One the most preferred such networks is LinkedIn where a business can get potential customers, recruiters will find ideal candidates for job positions and everyone can network. You can get a logo design to put on your LinkedIn Business Page profile.


Start by Building your LinkedIn Company Page

You need to have a company page, and this can be done when you log into your profile. From the navigation bar, click on Interests then Companies before clicking on Create. Enter a valid email address and the name of your company on the Create a Company page.


Enter Company’s Information

The second most important step is adding more information about your company. You should add information to your LinkedIn Business Page, such as the description and the name of your company, the URL of your site, address, specialties, industry you are in as well as services or products offered.

Use the Right Phrases and Keywords

Use of phrases and keywords is important in LinkedIn. SEO on your page is as important as having a company logo. The phrases and keywords in LinkedIn should match those on your website.


Ensure You Add Visuals

A logo is important as it does not only remind people about your company, but it helps customers identify it with ease. You should add a normal and square logo on your LinkedIn profile. You can get a professional to design a logo for you or do it yourself by using an online logo creator.

Add Specialties

Add more information about the services or the products that you offer. This is perfect moment to talk about your best-selling or successful products and services. It is a good way to represent your company branding.


Add Career Information

The 6th step is to add your career information. There is a section for careers where you can post job vacancies in your company. Although you can do this for free by adding the job description, you can add images and videos later but only when you upgrade to silver of Gold membership.

Let your Employees Be Your Ambassadors

Once you use a logo maker app to come up with your LinkedIn logo, you can link your company’s page with your employee’s profiles. They then become your ambassadors. You need to list yourself as their employer.



Make Your Employees to Be Administrators

For those employees that can add and edit content, you can make them the administrators. Choose the most ideal candidates who have proved they can abide to the rules, culture, and ethos of your company.


A logo maker helps you come with a logo that best represents your company. When you have a logo, and you have successfully created your LinkedIn profile, you can add engaging content that is relevant and can be shared. When you use this social network properly, you will be surprised by how much your marketing campaign and promotions will be enhanced.


Create Your Own LinkedIn Business Page