Why Your Small Business Needs a Killer Logo Design?

Did you know that your logo functions as the face of your business?  The logo is linked with the identity of your business and it is, therefore, the cornerstone of all your marketing campaigns. It also anchors your brand and offers a good point of reference. A study published in 2011 showed that consumers use the shape and typeface of a logo to judge the credibility and target market of a business.

Even more, they associate the business logos with high-end brands, meaning that they will contribute much to your corporate identity. That is particularly true on the internet where people make their purchase decision within seconds after landing on a website page. Below are the reasons you should choose a killer logo design for your business branding.

Make a Strong First Impression

The interaction that takes between your company and customers after they come to you for the first time can have a great and long-lasting impression. Around 24 percent of the customers that have a strong first impression are more likely to stay loyal to your brand for over two years and 87 percent of them will inform other people about your products. If things do not go well, around 95 percent of the customers will tell others about the bad experience. It is for that reason you would want to create a strong first impression and a good logo design will help you achieve that.

When building your image, choose a design that matches the expectations of your target customers. Think about the tone you would want to communicate. Choose the colors, icons, and shapes that will come together easily to make a fresh and beautiful logo.

A good logo will help you make the right impression on prospective customers. Most people have a busy schedule and other businesses will be competing for their attention, meaning that you will have to hook them immediately. They will be ready to try what your brand provides if they are wowed. If you do not have the skills needed to come up with a good logo design, consider hiring a design professional. A professional will choose the right design elements to capture the attention of more people.

 Logo Colors Trends

A Good Logo Design will Help You Establish Your Brand Identity Easily

A professional logo design will function as the foundation for your big brand. Unlike what many people think, brands are different things, but brand image plays an important part in the development of a company. Mostly, it serves as the iconic pictorial brand representation or the aspect of your business that people identify easily.

When choosing a color for your brand, choose one that can tell your brand story. Check out the Top Logo Colors Trends

Of course, developing all the aspects of your brand at the same time is important. But if you already have the professional logo design and a brand name, you can focus on establishing your web presence, creating branded literature, setting your corporate graphic guidelines. When designed properly, the logo will tie everything together and other aspects of your business branding will come easily.

The Right Shape Will Work Wonders

More recent studies have shown that the shape of a logo affects how a customer perceives a company. In other words, you will have to choose the shapes of your symbol wisely when designing it. Think of how you would want people to perceive your brand. For example, some businesses would want their customers to see them as service-oriented and friendly and others will want to look efficient and commanding. Research your audience so that you can incorporate visual elements that are suited to them.

Still, determining the visual elements that work best and those that are in line with your goals is important. An experienced graphics designer may help you choose the best tools for designing tasks and walk you through the logo designing theory.

When choosing the curves, shapes, and rounded lines create a sense of approachability and warmth. Therefore, if your business serves people directly, curves may help you make a lasting first impression.

Abstract Bridge Logo
Create Your Own Logo Design Ideas

Sharp lines and edges will suggest professionalism and brand strength. A simple sever design will depict a forward-thinking or cutting edge brand. Keep the details minimal and the corners sharp and choose the fonts wisely because sans-serif and serif fonts project different images.

Communicate Your Brand Clearly

The purpose of branding is to communicate your products and services. So, if your logo does not serve this purpose, the risk of losing your prospective customers to key competitors will be very high. For example, the logo of a real estate business should communicate a sense of structure and orderliness. An image of a house would also communicate the brand properly.

A good logo design will help a person who has never seen your mission statement, objectives, or anything else related to your business know what your brand represents. Remember to show the design of your logo to other people and listen to their views before implementing it. You can send it to your relatives, friends, coworkers, and even strangers. Still, you can hire a professional to help you with the design work.

A Good Logo Design Will Make You Recognizable

A good logo is one that people can recognize easily. Even though designing such a logo sounds challenging, it is possible through good design work. When designing the logo you have to keep in mind that abstraction or a simple shape will say a lot about your brand.

As you might be aware, consumers are now distrustful of any advertising that says more than necessary. Any advertising that makes false claims or one that looks too good to be true will damage your brand. That should tell you that the text-heavy and heavy-handed logos are out of fashion. A clean and comfortable logo will be memorable.

While paying for the design of a logo might look expensive, the returns will be huge in the long run. You have to aim at creating something that your target customers can recognize easily whether it is on your website, poster, or article. If you do not have the skills to design one, hiring a professional designer is the right thing to do, especially if your goal is to observe good results within a short time.

Build Visual Consistency

An inconsistent public image is not acceptable in the world of branding. If the colors and text on your print materials are different from those on your social media platforms, your audiences will be confused. Further, building brand consistency will be hard if the fonts you use on various channels are different. A logo is a clean symbol that you can include in all your branding materials, both print and digital. It will function more like your seal or stamp and everything else you design or write will complement and enhance it. For example, one of the best ways to start is to create a branded business stationery. It will leave a good impression and easily identify your business. You will have matching Business Cards, Envelopes, Letterhead,s and also Email signatures. So when your customers will see your brand they will recognize it faster. Brand awareness is the name of the game.

Custom Branding Design Package Stationery
Branding Design Stationery

When designing your logo, ensure that it will work properly in all HD formats. Even though digital platforms allow the use of medium size files, some other channels like print media will limit you to vector formats. Your logo should have adequate contrast and clarity so that the process of translating it to HD formats will be easy.

How to Create a Killer Logo Design?

So now we understand that the company logo is an important part of an entity’s identity. When properly designed, the logo should be able to appeal to the target market served by the company. To ensure that your company logo captures the true identity of your company, it is vital that you find a designer who understands the company well. Who better understands your business better than yourself? You can use our free logo maker to create the perfect logo and use it for all your marketing and branding needs. The logo you design can be used in print, online and a variety of other marketing avenues to raise awareness of the brand.

Now that we have established that you have what it takes to design your own company logo using our free logo maker let’s look at the steps you should follow.

1. Choose a Template That you like

The first step to creating your very own killer logo design is to pick out a fitting icon from the thousands we have in our database. You don’t even have to worry about having any design experience. Our designers have already come up with many different templates featured on our online logo maker for you to choose from. Once you have found an icon that appeals to you, move on to the next step.