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  • Common Rules for Creating the Best Conference Name Badge

Common Rules for Creating the Best Conference Name Badge

When people attend a conference, there are a few motives that they want to achieve. They primarily want to learn through the forums and topics that have been prepared by the host. But there is also the element of meeting new people. Many business associates meet at conferences or other similar forums.

When it comes to meeting new people, name badges will help you to remember people you just met in the morning sessions if you are not good at names. These badges are also used for accountability, especially when controlling the movement of attendees in a busy conference center.

If you are the host of such a conference, you should focus on making name badges that are not only appealing but also functional. For this to be a success, there are various rules that should be followed. This article will take you through them.

Make a Name Badge for Everyone

There should be no exception when making name badges for the attendees; everyone should have one. Thus, as you prepare them, ensure that you have a list with all of the names that should appear. You should not delete the template and an IT person should be on standby to prepare name badges for any last-minute attendees who show up that morning.

All Name Badges Should be the same

With a prepared template, this will not be a problem. All you need to do is make sure that the template is the same one. If many IT personnel prepare different templates, there the badges will not look as good. The entire conference will look confused, especially when the difference can be spotted from afar. If you are the host, then it is good to supervise this carefully.

Make Them Big Enough

No one can claim that a certain size is the most perfect one when it comes to name badges for a conference. But one thing to know is that it should be big enough to accommodate the content that should be displayed. All names should be conspicuous from fifteen feet away, and so should be the logo. If there are other contents, which is not recommended anyway, they should be small but conspicuous. The name badge should be big enough to hold all of the content without looking congested.


The Names and Logo Should Be in Harmony

The main purpose of a name badge is to display the names of the attendees, but marketing your company brand is also an important part of it. Thus, if you are going to have them both on the name badge, they should be in harmony. The experts at the Rocket badge company advise that the name of the attendees should be at the top of the badge so that others can see it clearly at a glance. You can have the logo at the bottom so that it will not distract people. The advantage is that its bright colors will be a plus for visibility.

Go for Quality

Quality is always good for every project that you do. Making name badges for a conference should not be an exception. If you have to buy them from an expert, choose durable and good-looking options that will not break down during use or look cheap on the attendees. Since they are a branding, they should show that your brand values quality. This is an excellent opportunity for you to shine. The best thing is that the name badge holders can be re-used again if they are collected at the end of the conference.

Fonts and Format Matter

Never go for all caps when writing the names. It is conspicuous but looks unprofessional. Also, all-capital letters are very difficult to read for many people. The best option is to go for the normal writing style. When it comes to fonts, choose one that is easy to read. Fancy fonts may look attractive up close, but they are hard to read from a distance. Others are not as attractive as people may think.

No Tilts and Flips

Blank name badges and lanyards are usually bought and then all you will need to do is print the names of the attendees. Choose them well to make sure that they do not have tilts or flips. The main problem with this is that they will look bad once they are worn. But the biggest challenge is that people will not be able to read the names of the attendees. Thus, they should remain straight no matter what activities a person is involved in. So, emphasise the matrix of the name badge in relation to the positioning of the lanyard.

Adjustable Lanyard

Some people like their lanyard short while others like it long. Thus, it is advisable to have a lanyard that can be adjusted. If not, many people will be tempted to remove their name badges, especially when physical activities are part of the conference. But if they can adjust them, then keeping them on will not be a challenge. Adjustable lanyards might be a little more costly, but they are the best for your conference. They are also wide enough to be branded with your company or conference logo as an added advantage.

Be Creative

You have probably seen name badges and lanyards with a bar code or QR. This contains the marketing message without using a lot of space on the provided badge. Many people are digitally advanced and they will definitely get curious and scan the bar code or QR with their smartphones to read the message. Do not forget to include the sponsors on your name badge and the lanyard. If you are creative enough, this small space will fulfill its purpose of displaying the names of the attendees and also provide a free marketing platform for your brand.


Name badges are very important at every conference as you can see. Following the above rules while making them ensures that they will be fully effective. No detail should be left behind in this case. Luckily, they are all simple and achievable. Nothing should stop your conference from being a big success.

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