A step-by-step guide to edit logo design using Adobe Illustrator software

Many people ask how can I edit logo design myself? what is the easiest way to create a logo? these days, with the free logo maker online website, you can easily create your own HD vector logos. But the question is can I edit the logo myself? how can I change the symbol, texts, colors, and fonts? So yes! you can edit your logo file.

There are simple ways in which your existing logo can be easily edited with Adobe Illustrator. The edits you need to give to your logo are those of the text itself, the colors, and the font that is used to write the text. Changing these details may seem difficult, but thanks to the available Adobe Illustrator software that is there to ease the work of editing. To start, you can download an Adobe illustrator free trial and install it on your computer.

At any stage when you feel you can use the help of a graphic designer, our expert designers are available to adjust the logo for you.

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Follow The Video Guide To Change Your Existing Logo Design Using The AI Logo files

Don't Have The HD Illustrator Vector Logo Files Yet?

In the case you don’t have the editable vector illustrator logo files package, you can still upgrade your basic logo. Navigate to your account and upgrade your package to get high-resolution fully editable files.

How to Edit Logo Texts?

Tool type option – delete/change and add the text

change and add the text

Editing text using the Illustrator software is very simple. Identify the toolbox in illustrator and click on it. A list of commands will pop up once you click, you need to identify and click the type tool option.

Identify the toolbox in the illustrator menu and click on it. A list of commands will pop up once you click, click the tool type option.

The tool type will direct the cursor to the text on the logo. You will then be able to delete/change and add the text that you want.

Character type option – change fonts

Fonts is a very important aspect of a logo design. It defines the meaning and the level of professionalism of your brand or business. Therefore you need to make changes to your existing logo to make it look visible, attractive, and professional. The step to be followed when changing the font and other font characteristics using the Illustrator software is as follows;

First, open the character palette in the Illustrator from top menu > Window > Type  (or do CTRL + T)

Click on the palette for options.

The character dialogue box that appears has a section for changing the font type, the font size, and the character size.

Ensure that the text that needs to be changed is selected. This will enable you to see the changes to the original text in your logo.

After selecting the text, what you need to do is play around with the options in the palette till you get a suitable text. The font comes in many types, there are those that are used for decorative logos and those for formal. Some fonts are also easy to read and some are not. TIP: Try to make the best selection for your business needs. Make sure the font is large enough to read, try printing 1;1 example to see the final text size.

TIP: Try to make the best selection for your business needs. When you edit logo design, make sure the font is large enough to read, try printing 1;1 example to see the final text size.

For more information on how to use texts with illustrator, adobe click here

Open Character tool 

Character type options

Character Type options – change the fonts and text style

Change font type options

How To Edit Logo Colors?

Easily change the colors of the symbol and texts. Choose the right colors for your brand identity that impact the emotions of others. By selecting these colors, you can easily attract a wider audience. Using similar colors repeatedly in your branding campaign, you can easily create brand awareness, and colors become a part of that particular brand.

Character type options

The illustrator software has a toolbox that is normally located on the left menu at the bottom. The first step is to find the toolbox. Once it’s located you can go ahead and start coloring your logo and texts.

How to Edit the Logo Colors
  1. Click on the toolbox. The toolbox will give a range of selections.
  2. Select the element in your logo or text box that needs to be changed.
  3. Then get back to the list of selections, and at the bottom, you will find two overlapping boxes.
  4. Click on that color box, select the new color that you want to use.
  5. The selected color will appear in the selected part of the logo/text.

Need cool fonts to download? Here is a wonderful collection of free fonts. Also, Dafont is a source of a huge variety of fonts. Try it to review your name with a custom preview: click here

Best Free Font Websites To Download Free Fonts

Changing the look of your brand is a very simple task. Using the Illustrator software, one can be able to change the logo to any desirable size and shape. If you can not edit logo design yourself, our graphic team is at your service.

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