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Unique & Attractive Carbon Fiber Business Cards

These are one of the demanding types of business cards. Carbon fiber business cards are made from original carbon fiber. Their weight is much light but they are stronger if compare to steel and is more demanding in everything now days. Carbon fiber has such unique features that make it perfect for use in any industry whether it is automobiles, race cars or military. This card has smooth and modern look that attracts the people. These cards are the new addition in the cardstock. They have the long lasting quality of stainless steel and they also maintain the quality of slightness of plastic. Because of natural carbon fiber pattern a light reflective vision is created and it helps to add beauty and proportion to product. There are some clients who throw away your business card that you handed them and never seen it. For these particular clients, a unique and attractive carbon fiber business card made of real carbon fiber, must be handed. They come with a card holder with them.

Carbon Fiber Business Cards

Specialty of Carbon Fiber:

Carbon fiber is special in use because of reasons given below:

  • It is very sturdy in specific applications.
  • Carbon fiber is very much lightweight.
  • They have a modern, unique and impressive look.
  • It is a kind of next-generation magnificent material.
  • They are massively used in different applications like NASA, automobiles, expensive supporting tools and more.

Reasons of using carbon fiber business card:

There are some impactful reasons that tell and help us that why we should use it for business and brands:

1. Semi-Gloss Finish:

It has semi-gloss finish in them. Because of this semi-gloss finish your clients and partners would like keep them and show-off them to others.

2. Modern Style:

They are created with unique and modern affect in them. This uniqueness attracts business men to make their business cards in carbon fiber.

3. Usage:

Usage of carbon fiber is very high in different industries like automobiles, organizations and military.

4. Suitable for travelling:

These cards are made of real carbon fiber and because of this they are very light weight and suitable for travelling.

5. Stronger than paper card:

Beside the fact they are light weight, but these cards are stronger than any paper card with their long-lasting property.

Qualities of Carbon Fiber Business Cards:

There are some qualities of which they are so much in use nowadays. These qualities are given below:

  • Carbon fiber business cards are completely made with aerospace-grade carbon fiber.
  • They are long-lasting.
  • Semi-gloss finish in them with durability.
  • Made of 100% original carbon fiber.
  • They can be single or double-sided. Both options are available.
  • They can be consisting of 2 colors.
  • Everyone can design the setup according to their own design. For this purpose, help is provided.
  • Usually, the dimension of these cards is (3.5*2’’).
  • Credit card dimensions of carbon fiber business card are (3.37*2.12’’).
  • The weight of these cards is 3 grams.
  • Their thickness is 0.5mm.
  • They have a lead time of 3 to 4 weeks.
  • To increase the shape effect, corners of these cards are rounded.
  • These cards include individual safety plastic sleeves.

Making Customized Carbon Fiber Business Card:

Whenever some business or brand wants to design their carbon fiber business cards, they always search for it on the internet. Because there are thousands of samples available on the internet. So they would have an idea about how they look like, how it is designed, what features it has, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using a carbon fiber business card. And when they search for the companies who designs business cards, these companies also provide the samples. It helps them to know that how the particular company designs the business cards. Some people want some random changes in the sample available. But mostly, everyone wants to design their business cards completely customized. Here are some features that help in customizing the carbon fiber business card:

  • Add Colors: For designing customized carbon fiber business cards there can be a need for extra colors. Some designs need more than one color. Pantone colors can also be a mix for achieving the exact design. If some designs need to print an image on them it can also be added.
  • Magnetic strips: If someone wants to turn their business cards into a gift card or membership card, then it is possible by using magnetic strips. These all are encoded and delivered to the customers ready to use.
  • Adhesive backing: Now adhesive backing is also available in it. It helps them in sticking with any flat surface. Like if someone wants to add to stick them on their office table.
  • Magnetic Backing: In the inclusion of adhesive backing, magnetic backing is also provided. Magnetic backing helps the business cards to stick with any metal surface like fridge.
Carbon Fiber Business Cards

How to design carbon fiber business card:

There are few steps to follow when you are designing your carbon fiber business card:

Choose the material:

Select the size:

First select the size of the card according to your need because it comes in different sizes.

Choose the thickness of the card:

The thickness of carbon fiber business cards is also available in different sizes like 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm and more.

Select the background Color:

There are different background shades available for business cards. Everyone can select it according to their need.

Select the shades:

Then select the shades for your card from the shading list.

Choose the Finish:

There are many types of finish available to design a business card like shine, stainless steel brushed finish, matt silver and so on.

There are many types of carbon fiber business cards used now days. They includes carbon fiber cards with small contact chip, scratch resistant carbon fiber cards, carbon fiber gift identity cards with silkscreen printed logo and the list goes on.

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