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Business Intelligence – Best BI Tools For Small Businesses

The process of selecting the best BI tools (Business Intelligence) for your small business can be lengthy. Numerous tools will be found that offer features and make similar claims, but regrettably, not all of them will live up to their claims. Therefore, you should try to learn how a BI tool works before choosing it, specifically your AI logo maker. For instance, how it can assist your small business in expanding and what you need to do.

To help you choose only the best, we have compiled a list of the best BI tools. But first, what is a business intelligence tool?

What is a Business Intelligence BI Tool?

A business intelligence BI tool is a type of application software designed to collect large amounts of data from external and internal systems, such as journals, books, health records, documents, emails, files, videos, and images, and process it. Even though the tools are not as flexible as the available business analytics tools, they are a good choice when it comes to amassing data.

You can use them to prepare large amounts of data for analysis and also create dashboards, reports, and data visualization that your managers and employees need to accelerate and improve their decision-making, pinpoint revenue potentials and increase operational efficiency.

Here are the best BI tools that might work for your small business.

The AI Logo Maker

As a small business owner, you need to establish a powerful and memorable brand identity. That will help your customers to know your brand and stay loyal. Your business logo design has a big role in your brand’s image.

Our innovative AI Logo Maker is the first tool in our list of best business intelligence BI tools you can use to grow your business. Our AI logo maker tool is made for startups, professionals, and small businesses. Powered by BI, designfreelogoonline.com helps business owners create professional logo designs in just a few clicks.

Our AI maker understands logo designing data best practices in order to produce an outstanding and professional brand identity for your business.


Key Features of Design Free Logo Online AI Logo Maker

  • It offers different business intelligence technologies focused on simple analytics to produce a professional logo brand.
  • DesignFreeLogoOnline AI logo maker offers live flexible editing functions. Including the AI 3D logo maker with special effects that will make your logo stand out.
  • Unique fonts, colors, icons, and background adjustment feature to choose from.
  • It provides multiple logo formats just like a human graphic designer would.
  • Easy and smart BI download feature – Instantly you can use the logo design in print or digital.


Datapine is a business intelligence and data visualization tool that will connect your data sources and create better graphical presentations to help you comprehend your data. Due to the data integration capabilities of this tool, users can connect and analyze data from various sources, such as ERP, CRM, and various types of documents effortlessly.

That way, even if you are using an ERP or simple CRM, you won’t have to worry about all these tools creating silos in your company.

Its modern data dashboards provide a clear picture of the progress, goals, and any other information that users need to boost the growth of their businesses. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy user to use Datapine. Accessing information and producing data visualizations is made simple by it.

Key Features of Datapine BI tools

  • Datapine can connect with many data sources to allow easier access and management of data.
  • It allows the creation of various types of detailed graphical representations for easier digestion of data
  • Allows the creation of professional dashboards for better display of the data you need to understand your goals and the standing of your business.
  • Datapine offers a drag-and-drop feature for easier access and visualization of data.
  • Offers a smart alerts feature to notify the users each time it detects anomalies in the data. You can therefore solve issues promptly to prevent more problems.

SAS Business Intelligence

The self-service tool from www.sas.com was released in the early 1970s to help users analyze their business data for better decision-making. It offers a set of customizable APIs too.

Coronavirus Tracking SAS

Key Features of SAS Business Intelligence

  • It offers different BI technologies and products focused on easy analytics, data exploration, interactive reporting, mobile apps, and collaboration.
  • The tool has text analytics capabilities
  • Its dynamic visuals are grouped into interactive dashboards and reports and you can access them on your tablet and mobile devices
  • It is compatible with Microsoft Office applications like MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and SharePoint

Infor Birst

Infor Birst cloud-based business intelligence and analytics platform help users optimize and understand complex processes. It is a global company that offers a wide range of software tools for various industries and it acquired Birst in 2017. Today, the company offers end-to-end data warehouse, reporting, and visualization solutions. Its BI approach is based on learning and automation technologies.

Key Features of Infor Birst BI Tools

  • Based on modern data architecture and it is therefore highly flexible, scalable, and secure
  • Allows the creation of interconnected analytics on a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) structure.
  • Its adaptive interface provides a positive user experience for both online and offline users
  • It is compatible with other applications

SAP Business Objects

SAP BI software offers comprehensive analysis, reporting, and interactive data visualization features. It mainly focuses on categories like digital supply chain, ERP, CRM, and Customer Experience (CX). One of the great things you will love about it is that it boasts customizable role-based dashboards, meaning that you can create your applications and dashboards. The developer offers several price options and you might therefore find one to match your needs.

Key Features of SAP BI Tools

  • Allows exploration, reporting, and sharing of data in a single integrated space
  • Comes with a powerful browse and search functionality that facilitates the easier finding of information
  • Allows data combination for the creation of a single complete report
  • Comes with many pre-configured, customizable templates for use when creating charts, data sets, graphs, and interactive visualizations
Key Features of SAP Business Objects

Domo Business Intelligence Tools

Domo business intelligence tool comes as a pack of many systems that helps business people connect their data and extend it with custom and inbuilt apps from the Domo Appstore. Besides, you can use it for your warehouse, data lakes, and ETL tools, alongside your Python or R scripts to prepare the data you need for predictive modeling.

Like other business intelligence tools, Domo allows the connection of data across the enterprise and due to its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, you do not need any help to use it. Domo is a favorite of many data analysts from all parts of the world.

Key Features of Domo Business Intelligence Tools

  • Allows connection to over 1000 pre-built cloud connectors, file uploads, and proprietary systems
  • Its Magic ETL feature allows the preparation of data without the need for SQL
  • Supports various types of data visualization such as graphs, charts, and maps.
  • Enables the creation of predictive models through its AI engine and Mr. Roboto feature
  • The Domo Appstore offers connector APIs, pre-built apps, and dashboards for all users

Oracle Business Intelligence

Oracle BI tool comes as a set of applications and technology focused on offering end-to-end solutions. The tool promises to help users optimize the performance of their business to make fast and informed decision-making.

Users should expect a wide range of features such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, reporting, and mobile analytics. Oracle was launched in 1977 and its mission is to provide quality tools to help businesses manage their data in an agile and comprehensive way.

Key Features of Oracle BI tools

  • Its ad hoc capabilities allow easier generation of charts and visualization of data
  • Its personalized dashboards allow users to access their data interactively and personalize it.
  • Comes with a personalized alarming system to provide activity monitoring and reach users through emails, dashboards, and mobile devices when they detect an issue.
  • The Oracle BI Publisher generates scalable reports to deliver information in a correct and safe way
  • It combines predictive analytics with rules to allow the implementation of real-time intelligence in business processes.

Megalytic BI Tools

Megalytic simplifies the process of combining marketing data from different sources. Actually, this tool allows access to data from Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and Adwords easily because it only takes a few clicks to complete the task. Moreover, it will process and report any data in your CSV files. Therefore, it is the best BI tool if your goal is to pull together loads of data from different places into one central place for analysis.

Features of Megalytic BI Tools

  • Offers an easy-to-execute adjustable announcing arrangement
  • Produces beautiful multi-page reports from AdWords and Google Analytics data for better sharing.
  • Provides many templates for various types of data reports such as monthly comparisons, website overviews, search engine optimization, and blog performance
  • Allows users to create personalized metrics to add to their reports
  • Allows creation of mailing lists to allow automatic delivery of reports

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics comes as a pack of several tools that are highly configurable, easy to use, and extensible. It allows users to streamline the process of gathering data from various sources and speeds up the creation of reports. Furthermore, it simplifies the graphical representation of data and its REST API capabilities make it compatible with many third-party systems. Therefore, you can import data from the existing software tools automatically.

Additionally, the scalable interface of Zoho Analytics makes it a fantastic option for both small and large businesses. So, regardless of how little or large your database may be, you can still process your data. Additionally, Zoho Analytics provides collaborative workspaces that may accommodate teams of 2 to 50 people.

BI analytics smb integration

Key Features of Zoho Analytics BI tools

  • Zoho Analytics allows syncing and importation of data. It can connect it to cloud-storage platforms or in-house databases for easier importation of data.
  • Its chart creation feature allows users to create graphs and charts without using any separate systems or spreadsheets. You can use drag-and-drop navigation to create reports and publish them.
  • Offers various formats for interactive and static graphs and charts. That means you can create reports and presentations to match the requirements of your company.
  • Comes with collaboration tools to provide users access to collaborative workspaces with communication options. This feature allows users to discuss their data in a safe environment.
  • Its API capabilities allow users to connect existing applications.


This is a reporting and tracking tool that offers powerful analytics features that offer insights into various trends such as count and engagement. You can use it to track how your audiences engage with your products over time and how various features influence their behaviors. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing how any of your products perform in the market, you will find this tool helpful.

Key Features of Mixpanel tools

  • Provides reliable analytics which it presents in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand manner
  • The BI tool provides a simple interface to allow users to unearth how people use their apps
  • The software tool has redefined tracking. It gauges apps according to events and not page views or clicks.
  • It can collate millions of events and insights to help users improve their products depending on the actions of their target customers

Microsoft Power BI

Constantly ranked as the best BI tool in the industry, Microsoft Power BI provides attractive and easy reporting. And unlike many other business intelligence tools, Microsoft Power Bi updates its dashboards regularly to provide users with updated information in real time.

It is available in flexible plans to meet the needs of both small and large businesses. Besides, it integrates with Microsoft Office tools like Excel and it can source data from on-premise and cloud sources.

powerbi microsoft

Key Features of Microsoft Power BI tools

  • Allows faster data access for easier building of reports
  • Microsoft Power BI offers a default standard, which is adequate for all organizations.
  • It allows agile, quick, and user-generated data analysis
  • Its Power Pivot feature imports and integrates data from different sources

ActiveBatch BI Tools

People have used ActiveBatch to streamline their workflows for a long time. With this BI tool, you can address the complex nature of your business’ IT environments and ensure the reliability of your business processes and workflows. It comes with workflow monitoring tools, alerting tools, and real-time insights to provide users with the peace of mind they need.

The Unique Features of ActiveBatch Business Intelligence Tools

  • ActiveBatch offers powerful business intelligence and reporting capabilities. You will get all the tools you need to process your business data and relay it to end-users in a format that is easy to interpret.
  • It offers visual heat maps to make the process of analyzing the system usage easy and allows users to base the prioritization of their resources on workload demand.
  • It provides Gantt views that make tracking workflows possible. You will know what is already executed, what is being executed, and everything in the pipeline.
  • ActiveBatch allows users to use SQL queries. That means you can enjoy a better view of your job templates and other elements of your system.
  • Its SLA monitoring capability allows users to enforce new policies and also monitor the process of their projects.

Qualitrics Research Core

Qualitrics Research Core is a great cloud-based research software ideal for B2B businesses, travel companies, hospitality companies, media companies, and retail companies.

Real-time analysis, multi-channel survey dissemination, project management, and reporting are just a few of the helpful features that come with the application. As a result, it will streamline all of your online surveys and simplify the process of monitoring consumer participation.

Being a groundbreaker in the business intelligence world, Qualitrics Research Core is very powerful but also easy to use, meaning that all your surveys are likely to take a few minutes. Even more, the BI tool allows the distribution of surveys through multiple channels and simplifies the visualization and analysis of data in a more flexible module.

Qualitrics Research Core

Unique Features of Qualitrics Research Core

  • It offers many customizable survey templates that you can tailor to match your needs
  • It integrates with many third-party tools such as Tableau, Zapier, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and Marketo.
  • It supports multichannel survey distribution for better relaying of survey questions to the audience.
  • The tool comes with a powerful simulation tool to streamline pricing analysis and product configuration
  • It shortens the customer feedback loop so that the users can collect data through the channels that their respondents prefer


Business people and marketers use data every day and that is the main reason they should gather relevant data and organize it properly. The above business intelligence BI tools will make your data management stable, cohesive, agile, and predictable. Both small and large enterprises can benefit from the many wonderful benefits they offer. Determine the qualities you require before choosing the best option for your small business.

Disclaimer: This article is not a substitute for advice from a skilled professional. By using this website, you agree that Design Free Logo Online will not be held liable for any action taken as a result of using the information in this article.

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