The decade of the 21st century, supposes the era of the image, hence the great importance of social networks such as Instagram and YouTube, whether it be photography, vector, or video image. This has caused search engines such as Google to give great importance to choosing an optimized design and good images for web pages, in this way search engines are determining their notoriety.

Knowing this, you will imagine that the design and making a good selection of images for your website are essential. We give you some tips to choose the best images for the design of your website. Keep reading!

How to define your website through images?

The first thing to keep in mind for any marketing or communication strategy that you are going to carry out is to answer the questions that we will see below. The design you want for your website and the images you are going to choose are not an exception in the marketing strategy.

How do you want to be seen on your website?

This responds to who you are as a person. Each of us has a personal image, a brand, which must be transmitted in the web design and in the images that will appear on it. If you are, for example, a casual and fun person, it would be better if the photos on your website reflect a relaxed atmosphere. If you are a professional person, more serious and methodical, then choose photos of people in suits, or that show more professionalism and seriousness.

Each of us has a personal image, a brand, which must be reflected in the web design and in the images that will appear on it. This is especially important if you make a personal website (for example if you are a coach), but you also have to take it into account for your company.

How do you want your company to be perceived through images?

This answers several questions, from what sector you do, whether it is a family business or not, whether it is a small or large company, to how you want your customers to see you. This is very important since the more defined you have it, the better choice of images you will make and the better it will be understood what you want to convey with them. Although you can always guide the type of image you want to give through the design, there are some sectors that ask for a more defined type of images than others, which allow a broader design orientation. We explain it to you with three examples:

– The sector of products for babies or young children asks for a type of images (whether real or with drawings), sweeter, more fun, which communicate to the user that in your company you have the best products for the little ones. Have no idea? You can find a lot of free stock photos you can use!

– In the legal sector, however, the use of images and/or more serious designs are required, which demonstrate the professionalism and diligence of the team that works within the organization.

– However, if you work in the event planner sector, you can decide to be more professional and through the selection of images, access larger companies or that require a more serious image.

It is necessary that you define what you want and who you want to reach and not try to “reach everyone”.

How to choose the images according to your clients?

How to choose the images according to your clients?

We have already commented to you above how important it is to define your company. Also be clear about what type of people your clients are going to be, according to age, sex, tastes, hobbies… in this way you will know what to offer them to meet their needs.

For example, if you are a cosmetic brand that specializes in anti-wrinkle products, most of the images would be better than photos of older women with good looks, it would not make sense for example to put photos of a 20-year-old girl.

How important is the origin of the images for SEO?

For some time, Google bots and other search engines have taken into account which images you are going to show on your website. This means that they also provide relevant information for the user, for what counts for SEO.

How to edit images to make them original in front of Google?

Select stock images and modify them, crop them, change the horizontality, so that it looks in a mirror on the other side, modify the light and/or put some filters. This will be interpreted by Google as original content because you will not find it anywhere else. For this, you can use photoshop or an online program like Canva.

If you are not very clear about how to offer your products and services, what design and image you want for your company, do not hesitate to contact a web design expert.

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