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Tips & News for Business owners & entrepreneurs. Our blog brings you the top picked inspiration from the graphic designers and brand managers world. Tips on branding, managing, marketing, and succeeding in the business world.

10 easy jobs you can do when the coronavirus hits

10 easy jobs you can do when the coronavirus hits For the uninitiated, the World Health Organization (WHO) has already tagged the novel coronavirus with the label of a pandemic and as a measure of precaution is urging people to stay indoors for at least a month from now. However, keeping aside the mayhem that is presently circumscribing the world, we will have to accept that life goes on. Even when we are in quarantine, there has to be a set of activities to keep ourselves engaged in and most importantly, in order to battle the surging [...]

How To Get Your Small Business Coronavirus Ready

With coronavirus continuing to spread across the world, Businesses are encouraged to keep their employees and customers healthy and safe. Many of them are shifting significant business activity to home or have to change the day-to-day routine. We’ve put together a helpful guide for the small business owners on keeping their brand active. Small Business Trends for the New Entrepreneur Do you own a small business? Then it is very important that you keep up with the latest trends in marketing, technology, customer service, and other aspects that directly or indirectly affect your business. All businesses are [...]

How Not to Get Scammed When Looking to Hire a 2D Animation Agency?

Based on a study conducted by Statista, the size of the animation market has increased from 254 billion U.S dollars in 2017 to an estimate of 270 billion U.S dollars in 2020. More and more individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and established enterprises are choosing to produce more visual content to interact and engage with their audiences. With the groundbreaking success of YouTube and other video-centric platforms, and with the video consumption on mobile devices increasing at 100% every year, companies cannot afford to miss out on this business opportunity. However, [...]

Tips How to Use WordPress to Develop Your Brand

A great website will always be beneficial for your brand. It helps develop and grow bigger whether you are in the beginning phases of your business or already an established player in the market. Every business owner has probably heard by now, how important it is to have a presence on the Internet. When it comes to systems managing your content, WordPress is by far the most popular option. You can greatly enhance your WordPress experience by choosing a reliable hosting provider that specifically caters to WordPress. One option to check out is hostinger.in. It’s a great [...]

Unique & Attractive Carbon Fiber Business Cards

These are one of the demanding types of business cards. Carbon fiber business cards are made from original carbon fiber. Their weight is much light but they are stronger if compare to steel and is more demanding in everything now days. Carbon fiber has such unique features that make it perfect for use in any industry whether it is automobiles, race cars or military. This card has smooth and modern look that attracts the people. These cards are the new addition in the cardstock. They have the long lasting quality of stainless steel and they also maintain [...]

3 Simple Techniques To Choose Your WordPress Template

What WordPress Template do I choose for my blog? Have you ever asked yourself that question? So continue with me, that in this article I will reveal precious tips: If you have already registered and browsed the WordPress directory you may have noticed that there are hundreds of website templates (paid and free) ready to be downloaded. They are organized by categories and features, which instead of facilitating ends up leaving you in doubt when choosing the WordPress template for your blog. Themes or Templates as some call them, are pre-designed templates for visual formatting and content [...]

Instagram Shoppable: 7 Successful Ways to Boost Massive Ecommerce Sales

How often do people visit your website? In this technology-dependent times, you should consider whether to make an e-commerce site in order for your business to succeed. Moreover, you also need to drive website traffic and generate conversions. But the thing is, the same people will less likely visit and navigate your site on a daily basis. Even your most loyal customers will not have a reason to visit your site daily. Hence, you will need to tap into other platforms in order to drive website traffic. Take Instagram for example. It has approximately 500 daily active [...]

How to Use Labels And Stickers to Market your Small Business

Many people think that labels and stickers are less effective when it comes to promoting their business. That is why most companies prefer using other means of advertising. Labels and stickers might also seem like a cheap way of advertising, but the truth is that quality labels and stickers play an important role in creating exposure for both large and small businesses. Another factor you need to acknowledge is that labels and stickers are available in different sizes and shapes. That is why they are convenient for promoting businesses since they can be used for various jobs, [...]

6 Crucial Tips for Your eCommerce Website

It’s almost hard to imagine our lives without eCommerce, having to run to the store for everything, not having next-day delivery, or pulling out your phone and buying whatever you needed. Over the next few years, it’s estimated that one out of every five retail purchases will be made online and the eCommerce business is not measured in billions anymore, but trillions. With so many people jumping on the eCommerce train, it’s important to do all you can to make sure your website stands out among the rest. Below, we have some crucial tips you’ll need to [...]

Tips To Increase Your Customer Base Long Term

Since then, business owners have only one fear—the fear of not getting customers to sell their products or services. It’s fair to say getting customers is twice as difficult these days compared to the past because of the deluge of information people are exposed to every day. These pieces of information keep them distracted and sometimes deviate them, which is a big challenge for businesses that want people’s attention on them. For small businesses, this challenge is highlighted many times over because of the competition. If your small business is struggling to gain traction due to this [...]

Essential Content Writing Tips To Create Great Content

Nowadays, the demand for content writers is very high. This is because we live in an age that is heavily dependent on fast-paced and well-researched informational content. Examples of content that you can easily access are blog posts, social media posts, video or audio recordings, and many others. Many businesses even offer content writing services today because of the substantial demand.   But simply writing for the sake of content is not enough. There are essential things that you need to know in order to produce great online content that people would actually find useful, as well as [...]

Starting An Office Renovation Project With Less Stress

Starting renovations can be difficult if the proper preparations and considerations haven’t gone into the project. This is especially true if clients go into the renovations without having a design in mind, a budget in place, or done their research on a potential contractor that is best suited to meet their expectations. Seeing as a project of this kind will take up a significant amount of your time and space within your office, the decisions that go into all the nitty-gritty details shouldn’t be disregarded. If you want the design office to be a reflection of you [...]

A Game-Changer for E-commerce Business -The Affiliate Summit West

You yearn for a good endorsement, right? Then don’t miss the Affiliate Summit West 2020 conference, a 3 days event that will take place from 27-29 January 2020, in Las Vegas.  Affiliate marketing could be the only thing you need to take your e-commerce business to the next level. Why Affiliate Summit West? Understand this simple idea: the best restaurant in town, the best college, the most reliable antivirus software, the best web hosting company— we always want confirmation from a bigwig we trust that it’s a buy-worthy. Affiliate marketing utilizes the services of online influencers to [...]

Keeping it Simple: Straightforward Logo Design Suggestions

Take a few moments to think about the most memorable brand names in the world. The chances are high that firms such as Coca-Cola, IBM, Facebook, and Virgin will come to mind. While each of these sells different products and services, they all share one aspect in common. Their branding and logos are immediately recognisable. What are some of the factors which have influenced such well-known reputations? Simplicity plays a key role in this sense. This is why those who are looking to design an eye-catching logo from scratch need to learn about which are the most [...]

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13 beste Logo-Schriften für das Markenidentität Design

13 beste kostenlose Logo-Schriften Wenn es um die Erstellung Ihres Logos und Ihrer Markenidentität geht, können die von Ihnen verwendeten Logoschriften unglaublich wirkungsvoll sein. Heute werden wir einige spezifische Schriften durchgehen, die unserer Meinung nach besonders gut für Branding und Logodesign geeignet sind. Wir hoffen, dass Sie diese Informationen hilfreich finden, um die Typografie und ihre Bedeutung für das branding zu verstehen. Bellefair Wenn Sie eine glattere und anspruchsvollere Art von Schrift wünschen, ist diese spezielle Google-Schriftart genau das Richtige für Sie. Eine Serifenschriftfamilie, die von vielen Menschen verwendet wird. Wir halten sie für femininer als andere blockigere Serifenschriften. Great Vibes Das hervorragende Great Vibes ist eine weitere [...]

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Was die Farbe Ihres Logos über Ihr Unternehmen aussagt?

Die Psychologie der Farbe im Logo-Design Der Einsatz von Farben im Logodesign und im Corporate Branding ist ein unglaublich komplexer Aspekt des Marketings. Wir als Menschen sind so konditioniert, auf verschiedene Farben unterschiedlich zu reagieren. Farbe hat eine kollektive Qualität, ist unvergesslich und hängt nicht von Wörtern und Namen ab. Die Farben berühren unsere Herzen. Farbe ist mit Gefühlen und Stimmungen verbunden. Jede Farbe hat eine Bedeutung und unterliegt der Konditionierung und einer assoziativen Verbindung. Wenn Farbe für das Business Branding verwendet wird, wird das Produkt mit Farbe und Bedeutung assoziert und begleitet do das Produkt. Daher können Farben einen enormen Einfluss auf die Wirksamkeit Ihres Firmenlogos haben, [...]

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Qué dice el color de tu logo sobre tu empresa

Psicología del color en el diseño de logotipos El uso del color en el diseño de logos y la imagen de marca de la empresa es un aspecto increíblemente complejo del marketing. Nosotros, como seres humanos, estamos condicionados a responder a diferentes colores de diferentes maneras. El color tiene una cualidad colectiva, es memorable y no depende de palabras y nombres. Los colores nos tocan el corazón. El color se asocia con sentimientos y estados de ánimo. Cada color tiene un significado y está sujeto a condicionamientos y a una conexión asociativa. Cuando el color se utiliza para la imagen de marca comercial, el producto se vincula con [...]

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