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Tips & News for Business owners & entrepreneurs. Our blog brings you the top picked inspiration from the graphic designers and brand managers world. Tips on branding, managing, marketing, and succeeding in the business world.

How to Change Your Logo Using Adobe Illustrator Software

Step-by-step guide to change your logo using Adobe Illustrator Software Many people ask how can I design a logo myself? what is the easiest way to create a logo? these days, with the online logo maker software, you can create your own HD vector logos fast and easy. But the question is can I edit the logo myself? how can I change texts, colors and fonts?There are simple ways in which logo can be easily edited with Adobe Illustrator. The edits you need to give to your logo are those of text itself, the color and the font that [...]

Top Logo Design Trends In 2017

Logo Design Trends For Your Inspiration Logo design is ever changing and dynamic according to customers’ demands, taste and many other factors. This is why on daily basis; different trends emerge in this design. The top logo design trends in 2017 are discussed below for your Inspiration. These are some of the top trending logo designs in 2017. Literal Minimalism Logos This is one of the most trending logo design style in 2017. It has to do with removing unnecessary details from the trademark and leaving only essential elements there. This will make [...]

Best Logo Designs – Free Logo Maker

Collection of the Best Logo Designs As a business owner, you need to make sure that you create the best logo design for your business. Branding a new company with our free logo maker is easy and creating a logo is an important task, however, sometimes it is not as easy as you think. There is a wide collection of logos that can match to your business. To ease the task of choosing the best logo and create a logo online with our free logo maker tool, we have gathered a great selection of the very best free logos created by for your inspiration. [...]

What information should be when Branding Stationery Design?

Good corporate identity design symbolize you and your brand. Good Branding Stationery Design design will showcase your organization in a dignified way. It is also a good way to leave positive first impression. Customers that see your branded business cards or letterhead at the first time will be impressed. Here is a list of info that should appear on your Branding Stationery Design: Personal Contact information. Name, surname, job title / position, cell phone, personal email, beeper number. Company Contact Information. Office Phone number (extension number), Fax number, Office address, mailing address, company website, company social media profile (Facebook, Twitter, pinterest, instagram). Logo Design. Include your company logo in a respected prominent [...]

Popular logo file formats – Recommended logo file format

What is the most recommended logo file format? While you are on the creating a logo for your business with our free logo maker, you will come across with different types of files. Among the many logo design file formats, the most recommended and the most popular logo file formats is the HD editable logo files. HD vector logos come as AI & EPS logo formats. HD logos are unlimited sizes and can be enlarged without any distortion. How will you know what files to choose for your logo? The best quality for printing materials and the internet use? What type of file should a logo be? Why you should use a Vector Logo? [...]

How to Create a Killer Logo Design

How to Create a Killer Logo Design A company logo is an important part of an entity’s identity. When properly designed, the logo should be able to appeal to the target market served by the company. To ensure that your company logo captures the true identity of your company, it is vital that you find a designer who understands the company well. Who better understands your business better than yourself? You can use our free logo maker to create the perfect logo and use it for all your marketing and branding needs. The logo you design can be [...]

TOP 6 Logo Designs Colors That Make Modern Logos Standout

TOP  6 Logo Designs Colors That Make Modern Logos Standout Selecting a color palette is one of the most important decisions you are required to make when designing logo. Since our mind is very responsive when it comes to visual stimuli, your color choice when you want to create a logo will go a long way in influencing the opinion people have towards your brand. When learning about the psychology of colors, it is good to understand that color goes way much far and has the ability to convey different messages. Red Logo Design   Among [...]

Outstanding 3D Logo Designs Collection

Outstanding 3D Logo Designs Collection from Design Free Logos Online When it comes to business, first impressions last. And one of the best ways to make good impressions is to have a well-designed brand. Making a logo is a tedious process, especially if the business owner doesn’t have any idea how to make one. Furthermore, there are times when one needs to change the logo. A good logo design five to ten years ago might look a little tired today. Whether you are looking for a new logo or changing an existing one, then you should probably check [...]

2016 Best Alphabets Logo Design Collection

The Very Best Alphabets Logo Design Collection The art and science behind logo design is known to change continuously. This is often caused by the fact that different businesses these days are now able to engage their consumers through various virtual and digital channels. This frequency is amazingly increasing at a fast rate, while the overall quality of engagement becomes more personal and elusive. Therefore, if you are planning to make your own initial logo, take a look at this very Best Alphabets Logo design collection. What makes it the Best Alphabets Logo Designs Taking into [...]

5 Essential Marketing Tools to Build Your New Business

The Most 5 Essential Marketing Tools That Will Help You to Build Your New Business There are numbers of challenges on the way to establish a new business these days because it demands lots of efforts to get up from ground level and avail best returns. When we talk about a new business then biggest challenge in front of us is to utilize our marketing efforts in best possible manner because it has power to create wonders in your dream business setup. No matter whether you are going to start a small business or a big industry, in every [...]

6 Top Colors That Make Outstanding Logo Designs

6 Top Colors That Make Outstanding Logo Designs The psychology of the colors in creating company Logo designs: Having an understanding of the psychology of the colors is essential in creating Logo designs of your company. Our mind is basically extremely responsive on the visual stimuli; the Top Colors that you choose in creating your logo design plays an important role in creating that response. Colour psychology in logo design have the ability to convey different message. The designer will be compelled to utilize the apt color in order to bring character and quality to the [...]

10 Most Motivational Business Quotes about Success

The list of top 10 Motivational Business Quotes any Successful Businessman should know Every business has a risk, but one should have courage, good investment, and manpower to market the product to succeed in any business. Before starting any business, we should have a written business plan, projections and goal. And at the same time, we need to implement the strategic plans in marketing, study and understand the pioneers and competitors in the market. It takes some time to get the breakeven in the business and start getting profits. And after all these arrangements there comes the [...]

2018 Best Logo Designs and Brand Identity Trends

What are the top trends of logo designing in 2018? Design Free Logo Online graphic designers experts have shared their thoughts on the forces that will re-shape small businesses brand identity in 2018. Here you will find out what 2018 holds in the areas of the small business branding and logo design. Here are Brand Identity Trends For 2018 1. Overlapping Gradients In a Logo Using Colorful and Metallic Elements In a Logo Should you use bold gradient colors in your logo design? Nobody thought colorful gradient trend is going to become so huge. Among all [...]

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أفضل تصميمات الشعارات المجانية الخاصة بالعقارات

  أفضل مجموعة لتصميمات الشعارات المجانية الخاصة بالعقارات كونك صاحب عقارات، فمن الأرجح أنك تريد أن تكون متأكدا من حصولك على أفضل تصميم شعار عقاري لشركتك الجديدة. يعتبر التسويق لشركة عقار جديدة وإنشاء شعار شيئان مهمان للغاية ويمكنهما أن يؤثرا على تسويقك وإعلاناتك على المدى الطويل. شراء شعار قد لا يكون سهلا أحيانا كما تظن. هناك مجموعة واسعة من الشعارات العقارية والتي يمكن أن تتطابق مع مجال عملك لتسهيل عملية اختيار أفضل تصميم للشعار، فقد قمنا بجمع مجموعة كبيرة من أفضل قوالب شعارات العقار المجانية، شعارات البناء، والشعارات العقارية، كلها تم إنشاءها من طرف كل ما عليك القيام به هو اختيار الشعار الذي تريد وتصميمه على الانترنت عن طريق [...]

Come si può creare un logo online usando il nostro logo maker?

Crea un logo online, è facile usando il nostro logo maker gratuito Crea un logo online con migliaia di Template per Logo & lo strumento crea loghi gratis. Come creare un logo con il nostro Logo Maker Gratuito Trova il template per logo che preferisci. Abbiamo collezioni di loghi fantastiche tra ui potrai scegliere Progetta il tuo logo personale. Usa il nostro logo maker gratuito per cambiare il nome della tua azienda, lo slogan, i colori & i font, la dimensione dell'immagine e molto altro. Se ti piace & vuoi che ti inviamo i file - Paga solo $ 19 e sarà tuo, entro poche ore i nostri designer prepareranno [...]

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