Owning a business, whether small, medium or big is arguably one of the best of life’s goals.  Apart from the financial independence, freedom, and autonomy that comes with it, being an own boss isn’t going to feel bad either. The big question is; is your business coping with day to day challenges? For example, is it easy to realize monthly financial goals based on a business analysis paper you got from Thesis Rush?

The truth is; without a well-planned business action, you could end up breaking sweat for nothing. Your capital investment is also likely to go down the train. That is not all. Small businesses that still utilize outdated bookkeeping methods, and hardly rely on cutting-edge technologies to boost productivity and efficiency is always on the brink of non-existence.

This post will explore a vital issue that every businessperson in this age must know and own.  It is because the use of technology for small businesses has become indispensable. Getting your hands on something best suited for this year (2018) will put you ahead of the pack.

Reasons why small businesses need software too

  • The future of Artificial Intelligence is here, and soon, businesses that are yet to embrace technology will cease to exist, become inoperable or face unimaginable levels of difficulty such as stiff competing they cannot beat.
  • The smooth running of day to day business activities depends on IT deployment, which includes the use of software for communication, task delegation, inventory, invoicing and payment processing.

Factors to consider when looking for ideal software for small ventures

You shouldn’t install a software program because a blue chip company uses it, thereby bound to succeed in making your venture the envy of many.  There are factors which every small business owner must consider before using given software even if they choose to hire third parties that get paid to proofread business plans, and they include the following:

  • The needs of a business matter. The number of activities for which you need a software is a must-consider, and it is because ventures vary from one to the other in this regard.
  • Cost. Should you buy an expensive program or a cheap one? Cost management skills for SMEs and a feasibility study will help you make the right determination here.
  • User interface. Once you install software, the next issue you need to look into is whether it is easy to use, navigate or another cause for expenditure, whereby, one must be trained to use it.
  • Is it data-secure? Today, even small enterprises are beginning to handle big data such as sales and marketing related data, in which case, the sensitivity of information as well as confidentially of users matter.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.  Before installing a program, ask this question: is it compatible across different platforms, such as mobile devices and computers?

Top best software for small enterprises

Here is a look at some of the software program options for small ventures:

  • Slack

Efficient communication is part of success in running an enterprise, and for those whose ventures are still at the budding stage, acquiring a software program like Slack wouldn’t be a bad idea.  It brings together, team members so they can be able to chat in groups, one-on-one and in real time. It is compatible with mobile phones, browsers, and desktop computers.

  • Xero

Keeping track of finances is another reason why small businesses must make use of applications that make that possible.  This post recommends Xero because it is not only comprehensive but also features advanced functionalities, not to mention accessibility which others do not offer.

  • TurboTax

Tax compliance is never up for bargaining. With software like TurboTax, filing returns for a small business is now easy.  While it won’t match up to the level of QuickBooks, the fact that it has won several awards means it will spruce up your financial accounting needs.

  • Infusionsoft

Entrepreneur and author, Clate Mask is also a marketing guru, and being the brainchild behind Infusionsoft, a marketing software help you keep track of your goals, clients, and data, attests to success you are about to witness, firsthand!

  • FreshBooks

FreshBooks is not only a cheap alternative to cloud computing for small businesses but also makes your accounting easy on the go.  It is a cross-platform software, which means, you can use it on different electronic devices and operating systems.

In summary, succeeding as a business person in the SMEs industry isn’t going to come easy without factoring in the need for IT integration. The software programs in this post are some of the best out there.

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