When creating your brand identity, the best logo fonts you choose to use can be incredibly impactful. Fonts have the power to impact thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and affect how people react in certain ways.

Also, when it comes to branding your side hustle or small business, there is a whole area known as “font psychology”. The definition of font psychology is that the font type you choose to identify with your brand image will affect the minds of your viewers.

Font psychology is the deliberate use of particular styles and sizes of characters in content to produce a desired effect in the viewer.

Today, we’re going to discuss typography in general. And specifically, the four main types of fonts, so you can have a better understanding of how typefaces are designed and classified. Also, we go over the Best Logo Fonts that we feel are particularly good to use when it comes to branding and logo design.

We hope that you find this information helpful for understanding typography and its importance in branding.

The Four Main Types of Fonts

While there are hundreds of individual fonts, all of them can (in most cases) be grouped into 4 main font categories. These categories are as follows:

Serif Types of Fonts

Serif Types of Logo Fonts

Are Usually The Best Logo Fonts to Use for Branding

Serif fonts are known for the little feet on the ends of the letter; there are many more minor classifications for the different types of Serif fonts (such as Old Style, Classical, Transitional, Neo-Classical, and so on).

They are very traditional and use in Luxurious Logos. Trends don’t last for long. What is in fashion today may be out of the picture tomorrow. For any business to last for long in the future, trendy options shouldn’t veer you off. Go for a Serif font that relates to your company’s characteristics and values.

But by and large fonts of this type re-known for being very traditional and dependable? Because they are so commonly used, Serif fonts are a popular choice when it comes to logo design and company branding.

Slab serif Types of Fonts

Slab Serif Types of Logo fonts

Similar to traditional serif fonts, slab serifs are known for being more dramatically styled, with more significant and more sweeping lines. Slab serif fonts are used most often in retro style and vintage logos.

But can also be a good choice if you want to add a bit of eye-catching flair to your company name. They match almost every kind of branding and are quite easier for scaling. You can see many details in the font and that makes it interesting.

Sans Serif Types of Fonts

Sans-Serif Logo Fonts

Literally “without serif,” these fonts lack entirely the little feet seen on the actual Serif fonts. Sans serif fonts are considered a more modern font and are a go-to choice for anyone who wants a sleek and more economical look.

They are also familiar with how they make lettering easy to read regardless of font size (large or small, something written in a San Serif font is easy to make out).

They match almost every kind of modern technology brand and also are quite easier for scaling. For example, The sans-serif is simple, modern, and use for minimalist and modern 3D logos.

Handwriting Types of Fonts

Script Logo Fonts

Firstly, Script types of fonts are designed to mimic handwriting (cursive writing, specifically in most cases). Secondly, script fonts are divided into two additional categories: formal and casual. For example, formal Script fonts are considered the fanciest and are easily recognized by the dramatic flourishes seen in the lettering. Also, formals are useful for elegant events, but using this script too frequently can lead to your words appearing too tangled together or busy.

On the other hand, Casual scrips, in comparison, are still artistic but less over-the-top; they feature fewer flourishes and are generally more legible. Besides, casual scripts are a common choice for logos and company branding because they create an artistic feel while still keeping a casual vibe.

Handwritten Logo Fonts

Logos with handwritten are one of the more recent additions to typography and are most notable for the way that no one specific characteristic defines handwritten fonts beyond their resemblance to handwriting. However, just as everyone’s handwriting looks different, so too is there a great deal of variety when it comes to handwritten fonts. They are increasingly popular for wedding logos because they add a bit of a personal touch.

Make a logo online

13 Best Logo Fonts You Can Download For Free


If you’re aiming for a smoother and more sophisticated sort of lettering, this particular Google font is for you. The Serif font family is used by many people. We consider it to be more feminine than other more blocky serif fonts.

Great Vibes – (On Our Top Best Logo Fonts List)

Outstanding Great Vibes is another flowing script font. Works well for elegant logos and formal lettering. It’s mostly known for its beautiful looping lines and aesthetically pleasing uppercase letters. Great Vibes is one of the most popular fonts used with our alphabet and letter logos.


Also known as Berkshire Swash, and considered to be a pleasant combination of both bold strokes and delicate lettering; most people choose Berkshire if they want a font that is both elegant and strong.

Great Vibes Bellefair Best Logo Fonts

Cinzel – (On Our Top Best Logo Fonts List)

Regular and Decorative Cinzel fonts are two of the most popular logo maker fonts and they are on our best logo fonts list. Cinzel is another in the Serif family and is based partially upon Roman inscriptions (particularly when it comes to CAPITAL LETTERS LIKE THESE). This font is famous for logo design on account of the sleek and contemporary lines.

Pinyon Script

Rounded corners and sweeping swashes handwritten script fonts, also known for being both refined and playful.  Pinyon Script is a famous font for logos that want to promote a company that is both sophisticated and approachable.

Eagle Lake

This font is considered a script font on account of the flowing lines that are reminiscent of calligraphy. It’s a popular choice for more elegant and rounded lettering when it comes to logo design.

Pinyon Script Font Eagle Lake Font types


This is another san serif font with a modern twist. This particular font is said by many people to feel a bit futuristic; it is used most commonly for things related to computers, technology, or cyber services.


Abstract and features a sort of art deco design that makes it stand apart from other fonts. Technically a geometric sort of san serif. Limelight type of font evokes feelings of the 1920s, particularly in the area of cinema (where fonts like these were used commonly for movie posters and such).

Orbitron Limelight fonts

Oleo Script

Oleo as a script font is notable for having flowing lettering that is not interconnected. Ideal for lettering that is both smooth and elegant but also more on the casual side (in regards to its script classification, it’s is a casual font rather than a formal font).


Based upon the lettering of Rand Holub, a well-known calligrapher and logo designer. Oregano font is famous for the fun and casual feeling it gives off. We love it!

Oregano font


This font is trendy recently not just for logos but also for many other forms of advertising and marketing. It is fun and unique among script fonts. Because of its unconventional ligatures and is generally chosen, if you want your lettering to have an elegant yet friendly feeling.

Times New Roman – Most Popular And One Of The Best Logo Fonts

The most commonly used font, Times New Roman is a basic Serif font that was explicitly designed to aid in legibility. It’s a popular choice for logos for precisely this reason; it’s not overly pretty or eye-catching, but it’s easy to read and understand something written in this font.