Create Your Own Online Logo Design Ideas

Having a good company Logo is one of the most important parts when branding a new business. Spiking the first response with a remarkable branding will leave a first good impression. Moreover, building a strong brand identity is useful and will boost your business performance in today’s world.

How to use a logo to attract customers?

Our world is filled with colorful brands. Even if you try to imagine a world without them, you cannot. Firstly, company logos are our reality. Secondly, we identify things based on the company brand. Thirdly, and most importantly, just like we have a favorite season, place, gadget, or piece of cloth, the same way we have a favorite logo-brand. Therefore, That’s why your logo will influence your customers and it has long been used to convey meanings even more powerful than words.

Because we know that, we provide you the best logo ideas for your business.

Best 3D Logo Design Ideas

3D Logos are excellent for branding any innovative business that wants to showcase creativity in the contemporary world. In other words, if you are looking for a unique, modern, and outstanding design – theses 3D templates are for you. Easily create your own logo ideas using the free 3D logo maker.


Making a logo never been easier!

Thousands of logo templates

Make a logo like a pro with thousands of original logo design templates in our online store; that’s the way logo making is done. Our graphic artists created high-resolution vector templates, for businesses of all types and industries. So pick your favorite icon and start creating your own creative ideas.

When starting a small business, it is a wise decision to grow slowly but surely. Creating a business brand should never have to be difficult or expansive. Design Free Logo Online made the process of logo making affordable, simple & quick. Easily make your own professional brand in just a few clicks.

Free Logo Maker Tool

We bring you the newest, most advanced free logo maker. Customize your own logo design ideas instantly and without registration. With multiple color choices and original fonts, you create your own logo in minutes.

How to create your own logo free?

  1. Browse our Logo shop and select the best template.
  2. Use the free logo maker to customize your own design. Instantly type your name, choose fonts & adjust colors.
  3. Create as many design ideas as you want free. Pay only if you love it.
  4. Download your brand-new logo instantly. Use it for all your advertising needs.
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Alphabet Letter Logos & Monogram Maker

Letter Logos are a wonderful way to brand a business. Create your own Letter Logos using the alphabet logo maker. Use the text creator to customize your alphabets. Custom letters are becoming a hit, especially among designers. For instance, using your initials with a luxury font will make your design unique and outstanding. Moreover, the typographic design will always stand out, and this is precisely its purpose. Some of these characters are also interactive, reacting to mouse cursors. One thing is clear: custom fonts can never be more unique, and there will undoubtedly be an increase in experimentation in this field.

Alphabet Letter Logos Monogram Maker
Create Your Own Letter Logos

Royal Logo & Crown Logo Designs

Luxurious logos, laurel wreath, heraldic symbols, royal crown icon.

Best Free royal Logos
Royal Logo & Crown Logo Designs

Globe Images & World Logos 

Globe templates, world symbols, and international map icons.

Best Free Globe Logo Online
Globe Logo Images World Logos

Music Logo Designs

Best Free music Logos
Music Logo Templates

Lion Logo Designs

Best Free lion Logo Online
Lion Logo Templates

Vintage Logo Design Ideas

Vintage logo ideas
Vintage logo maker

Travel Logo Design Ideas

Best Travel logo ideas
Travel templates logos

Education Logo Ideas

Academic and Education templates, books and pen symbols.

Education logo ideas
Education Logos

Fashion Logo Beauty Logo 

Jewelry, fashion, Makeup, Nails Salon, beauty templates.

Best fashion logo beauty logo ideas
fashion logo beauty logo

Beauty Logo Maker

Fashionable beauty images, hair salon, and barber templates, with stylish symbols.

Beauty Logo Maker
Beauty logo maker

Finance Logo Ideas

Professional finance templates, bookkeeping, and accounting symbols.

Best finance logo ideas
Finance Logos

Wedding Logo Design Ideas

Take a look at the best wedding templates selection for your inspiration. Easily create a beautiful wedding logo that will stay with you for your wedding celebrations and will look fabulous on your invitations, save the date, place cards seating, and also on your wedding website.

With the wedding logo maker, you can change your names, design your initials, choose a color that reflects your wedding theme, and much more.

Best wedding logo ideas
Best Wedding logos

Food Logo Ideas

Wonderful food, baking, and also restaurant templates with fruit, vegetables, fork and knife, chef symbols.

Best food logo ideas
Food logos

Real Estate Logo Ideas

Professional construction and real estate templates with house symbols, key, and also building symbols.

Best Free Real Estate Logos
Real Estate Logo Ideas

Flower Logo Ideas

Best floral logos
flower logo ideas

Photographer Logo Maker

Best photographer logo ideas
Photography Logo Maker

Automotive Car Logo Ideas

Best Car logos
Automotive Car logos

Mountain Logo Design Ideas

Best mountain logos
Mountain logo templates

Choosing the right colors for your brand

Your brand color is the center of your business image. It is not just a visual aid, it improves brand recognition and creates a powerful first impression by connecting with your customers and target audience. Color influence a customer’s decision to buy for as much as 60 percent.

Choosing the right color is one of the basic secrets of building a successful business brand. Color is a very crucial dimension in considering a company’s identity as well as in the marketing and branding of the business because that’s what creates the first impression from the perspective of the market audience.

Color carries with it a whole lot of emotions, feelings, and experiences in the mind of an audience. Whether it is green, yellow, blue, or red, poorly used can make or mar a company’s image and perceptions. They, directly and indirectly, send powerful messages to the target audience, especially in sales and marketing.

Why is Color Important to your Business?

Color has an effect on human behavior. It is capable of affecting a customer’s moods and can be deployed to send out messages. Human beings have a mental, emotional, and bodily response to colors. Not just in branding, marketing, or in business generally, color plays a very crucial role in other fields such as architecture and love relationships. Research has shown that customers make their product choice based on just the brand color alone. The color of a business brand identity serves to represent its personality as well.

An excellent brand color translates to impressive customer positive reactions. Advertisers, entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, and graphic designers have a good understanding of this concept; that choosing the right color for their business venture directly impacts the success of their enterprise.

Logo Colors

Colors that you choose when you are branding your company plays an essential role in creating that response. Humans conditioned to react to different colors in different ways. As such, Colors associated with feelings and has their meaning.

What do the Logo Colors Say About Your Company?

  • Bold Red. Passionate, and energetic. It is recommended to use red colors to a certain extent.
  • Sky Blue. By nature, blue inspires feelings of peace and relaxation. Ultimately, Blue shows professionalism, integrity, and shows stability in the corporate world.
  • Natural Green. Gerren carries a feeling of life and growth. Alternatively, green also convey the meaning of money and wealth.
  • Royal Purple. Rare as it is, Purple color is an elegant color and very impactful visually when used for logo design. It also gives off a sense of luxury and nobility.
  • Powerful Black. This dramatic color gives off a sense of sophistication with a hint of mystery. Ultimately, black is a reliable choice if you want to instill your brand with a feeling of power.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Color for your Business

Different colors have different meanings therefore, in choosing a color scheme, therefore you must put the following factors into consideration:

#1. The Color Must Be Appropriate:

The color you chose for your business or brand must align with the kind of message you want to send out to your audience. So take into consideration the type of business you do before choosing a color. Your message must appropriately match with your chosen color shade.

#2. Consider your Target Market Audience:

The market audience can react negatively if the business color fails to sit well with them. Hence, color must be sweet and appealing to the interest and subconscious of your customers. Otherwise, there could be a backlash if you mindlessly change a color they like or choose an unimpressive one.

#3. Remain Consistent in your Color Scheme:

Maintain simplicity and consistency with the color brand of your business. Brand color consistency helps your market audience to remain loyal and identify with your brand. This factor plays a very important role where there is stiff competition in the industry. Consistency gives you an edge over those that change their color scheme frequently. It is said that 95% of the top 100 brands stick to not more than two colors. So always know that your brand color is part of your company’s representative; at least in the mind of your customers.


Your color choice does not just build your brand beauty; it also draws your target audience closer to you. Engage colors that strengthen and enhance your brand identity and aesthetics. Your color choice should connect emotionally with the prospect and audience you target for your business.

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Custom Made Logo Design Packages

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