A logo is important to any business and it also plays a huge role in marketing a business. It represents the company in a concise and graphical way. However, a logo isn’t just a visual symbol of a company, it tells a story about the business. You can get a grasp of what the business is about just by looking at the logo. Analyzing a logo will help in getting a deeper understanding of the business. Actually, some logos are very subtle in putting hints about their identity that it almost becomes an easter egg. Here are some famous examples:

Baskin Robbins

If you look closely at the pink part of their logo you’ll notice that the second half of the letter “B” and the first half of the letter “R” makes 31. That celebrates the 31 different flavors that they have.

Baskin Robbins Logo

Baskin Robbins Logo


The letter “P” in their logo represents a pin. It is basically what Pinterest is about which is being the pioneers of creating a unique way of cork boards digital.


The city where their product is made is embedded in the name Toblerone itself. Which is Bern. It is a great way to pay homage and tell the story of their origin. Additionally, if you inspect the negative space inside the mountain you’ll spot a bear. This is also connected to Bern because the city’s flag has a bear on it.


This one is really subtle and something you wouldn’t really notice if it isn’t pointed out. The negative space between the letter “E” and “X” makes an arrow. It represents FedEx as a brand. The arrow symbolizes their vision of having an efficient delivery service.


This one takes a little bit of imagination. The red circle is actually the head of a person and the “b” represents the beats headphones. If you put it together it’s basically a person wearing beats. This is really well made because they were able to incorporate their product into their logo and somehow still make it simple and minimal. Which can be hard to do without making the logo look too busy or too much.

beats logo

beats logo


Most of us probably think that the gold arrow is just a smile. It’s actually an arrow that points from the letter “A” to the letter “Z”. It means you can probably find anything on Amazon, just name it. 


This one is one of the most creative ones that amazes anyone you point it out to. Every part of the logo consists of a letter with the name Toyota. It’s really clever and such an iconic logo.

Toyota logo

Toyota logo


Another logo that we see everywhere and most people probably think it’s just a letter “H” in italic or skewed. Actually, it’s two guys shaking hands. The other one represents the car dealer and the other one the car owner. The handshake in general can mean closing a business, accepting an offering, or greeting. However, it can also mean having a mutually-harmonious agreement in both parties, in short, trust in each other.

This is a great example of showing a brand’s vision or mission in its logo. 


Another fun logo where we can spot a hidden image. If you look closely at the second and third “T” you’ll notice that it’s shaped like a person. Now, look at the top of the letter “i” it’s actually a table with a dip on top. If you look even closer the people are holding a chip for the dip. A really fun, creative, and smart logo. It’s a simple way of letting us know that they are a company that sells chips and dip. Also, a nice way to connote that eating chips is fun because it’s associated with parties and friends. 


This isn’t as fun as the others but it’s a great example of how a logo can be a source of motivation. The three stripes have always been iconic. It is shaped like a mountain because it represents the challenges and obstacles athletes will face and overcome. The message and symbolism motivate athletes and it also resonates with what they go through.


This is also really simple but is really aligned with the company’s personality. Which is important in every business, their identity.

The logo’s intention is to symbolize that they don’t play by the rules and know how to have fun. Instead of opting to have crazy fonts or shapes or symbols, they chose to relay their message using colors. Blue, red, yellow are primary colors and they broke the rules by using green.

But how can you create a logo that will motivate your business? This surrounds creating a brand identity. You can start creating a mood board to really see what you are going for. A mood board also serves as an inspiration for your design. Look at the competition’s logo so that you can create something that will differentiate you from them. After doing some preparation and research it’s time to choose your design style. Do you want to set a serious mood or a fun tone in your design? Just make sure that it reflects the business’ character. Next is finding the right type of logo that suits your company the best. There are 7 types of logo, overall. This includes lettermarks, wordmarks, pictorial marks, abstract logo marks, mascots, combination mark, emblem. Each type has a different use and it’s important that you use the right one. For example, if you are a car company, you can use mascots because the logo will look cartoony and it will look like you’re not serious and it doesn’t fit the whole theme of buying a car. The colors that you use are important because they have meaning too. Just like in the example above, Google’s logo. Just like colors, typography sets a whole mood, tone, or theme too. Following the car company example, it will not suit your business if you use something fun like comic sans. A nice Serif font might do the trick since it looks sophisticated and mature. It really depends on the situation. It is important that you communicate with your designer so that he or she can accurately translate the vision you have in mind. It also helps to have options so that you can think about it and choose.

All in all, branding is a really, wide topic and there is a lot to go through to fully understand how it can be motivational. It is important to have the best logo because it will be all over your company. You want your employees to see it to feel inspired when they see it because they are reminded of what the company is about. Being motivated increases productivity. There is also another way to increase productivity, it is called the pomodoro method. It is basically a technique that will help beat procrastination and improve focus.


3D logo maker


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