• Benefits of Using Wordmark Logo in Your Business

Benefits of Using Wordmark Logo in Your Business

A picture speaks a thousand words, and a carefully chosen word can catch the imaginations of thousands of people.

Such is the case with wordmarks, a font-based logo that focuses on the name of an institution, product, or company. Examples can be seen in the logos of Disney, HBO, Facebook, and FedEx.

Keep reading to find out why big names like them choose wordmarks over regular logos.

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Wordmarks put your business name at the spotlight

To get your business off the ground, you need to build brand recognition that gives you an edge over competitors.

Wordmarks will help you achieve that goal. Pictures are better remembered than text, and what’s better than using logos to get people to remember your business name? Use the logo across all platforms and media, and people will recognize your brand at a glance.

Two things must be considered before designing a wordmark logo: a catchy business name and an excellent logo designer. After all, creating a wordmark is one thing, and designing a truly impactful wordmark is another. Check the availability of your name ideas here and feel free to use our logo maker or custom logo design service.

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Wordmarks protect your business

Have you ever realized that symbol logos are more likely to be imitated than wordmarks? If you go to a flea market full of counterfeit products, for instance, you will be shocked by the number of “brands” that mimic Apple’s bitten apple symbol. Some buyers actually get fooled into thinking they are purchasing genuine Apple products. Such tricks have a lower chance of working if you use wordmarks. People can mimic the design, sure, but they cannot use the name of your business. As a result, you can protect your business and customers against counterfeiters.

Compared to symbol logos, wordmarks rarely fail

Many companies often come up with horrible graphic logos. Many things can go wrong with it: poor color selection, complex design, abstract symbols, and so on. Most importantly, many graphic symbols fail to represent the image of the companies they belong to.

With wordmarks, however, you are less likely to miss it. You can focus on the lettering, and in most cases, the color will not be more than two. The designing process will be much faster and easier compared to symbol logos.

On top of that, wordmarks are much more timeless due to its simple and straightforward design. Even if they need to be updated, this type of logo will not go through major changes. Several examples of this case are Vogue, Nescafe, and The New York Times.

Wordmarks are easier to make

Creating a symbol or graphic logo is challenging. To get one that answers your needs, you need to find an experienced designer that can translate your vision into reality. And unfortunately, these professionals don’t come cheap and can poke holes in your budget.

If your business is just getting started, a wordmark is a better option for you. You can browse for free commercial-use fonts, and then tweak the design a little bit using graphic editors like GIMP or Inkscape.

Alternatively, you can make use of logo makers. Simply select a template that best matches your company, and then download the result.

When your business grows, feel free to hire a designer to improve the design of the logo for you.

Do you have an array of products? A wordmark would be perfect

One of the most common problems with symbol logos is its flexibility. When rendered in a small size or printed on unconventional mediums, many logos lose their details like lines and colors. At this point, they also have lost their charms.

You can prevent such a case from happening by using wordmarks. Typefaces are scalable, and you can easily change its color without worrying about how it will affect your logo.

To test your wordmark’s versatility, try to use it on various platforms like business cards, web pages, product packagings, and others. Make sure that customers will be able to read your logo without much effort.

Some companies that use wordmarks on their products are West Elm, Crate&Barrel, and Tiffany’s. Besides them, professional services businesses such as those of CPAs, business consultants, and lawyers also rely on wordmarks.

Wrapping it up

Your business is better off with a wordmark than a symbol or brandmark logo. This type of logo is less risky since it’s better at communicating your brand’s image and personality compared to the traditional logos.

It also turns out to be more affordable because you don’t need the most experienced designers out there to make one for you. What’s more, considering that businesses tend to change priorities with time and would like a more flexible representation, a wordmark becomes a better option compared to the rigid graphical logos.

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