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The beauty and cosmetic industry are enormous, with millions of new and consolidated companies competing to gain market share. To contend well, your aesthetic and beauty business needs an unforgettable logo. Corporate beauty logos are not just for identifying a particular company. A logo is an official tool to improve the reach of your business among your target customers.

A lot of new startups and companies are entering the beauty and cosmetics market with new strategies. This means that your new/small business has a high chance of growing due to the market demand for beauty products.

To promote your distinctive beauty products in your niche, first of all, you need a surprising and memorable beauty logo for your brand. People first see a logo to get an idea of what your company represents.

A fashion logo sends a message to viewers in its way. This message, in turn, becomes a way for people to make a purchase decision unconsciously. Therefore, your beauty logo is essential for the growth of your business to a certain extent.

The benefits of watching trends have doubled. When you understand what your competitors are doing, it improves the distinction of your business. Moreover, knowing what attracts your audience gives you a step forward to create a logo that you will love.

Ready for our forecasts? The year 2019 is going be an interesting one in the fashion industry as companies will be all out with awesome beauty logos. We have studied the best designers, recent brand changes and emerging start-ups to identify the most promising trends of fashion logos in 2019. Inspire yourself with these ten predicted design trends for the year 2019.

  1. Elegance and Simplicity

The zero-dimensional era is back and also applies to the logo. Most fashion companies have switched to a more direct version and elegant design for their existing logos, and beginners are also ready to follow in their footsteps. Choose complementary sources without compromising the simplicity of your fashion logos.

  1. Long spaced text

With the strong minimalist tendency, simple logos need a subtle “wow” factor. Instead of breaking the letters, separate them so that the signs can speak for themselves. Large characters with large spacing are a viable option for fashion companies with a short or unlabeled name. Along with other touches of underestimation or interesting characters, the spaced text has a bold and modern appearance.

  1. The shadow effect

Shadow is more critical in our lives and could be more critical in this year’s fashion logos. The responsibility of an exceptional logo is to put the shadow in the right position without compromising the quality or the essence of the logo, especially a fashion logo. The direction of the shadow also acts as a fundamental role in the image of the brand.

  1. All Shapes

Beauty logos will be of all sizes and shapes and sizes in 2019. It will break the repetitiveness in logos and add more vitality to it. This will be as a result of consumer inclination and the thirst for innovation and creativity.

  1. Central Calligraphy

Adding a focal letter is the smartest way to address an exposed logo? beauty companies such as Loreal often want a rigid and tidy look for their logo. Unfortunately, it leaves less room for graphics designers to express themselves. Many designers use illustrated fonts or a simple font with different fonts to create a central point. Introducing a little touch of joy is also a reminder that brands are not just business. Any company can show warmth and personality.

  1. Freestyling

Because we are on track to avoid stereotypes, the 2019 fashion logo trends will be no exception. The designers will be aiming to break stereotype methods and switch to freestyle. This technique would be more frequent in the fashion, and beauty sectors. Although there is a strong possibility that other industries will adopt the change.

  1. Ageless designs

In 2019 companies in the fashion industry will always this in mind when creating fashion logos; however, you do not want it to be due to a massive need for change owing to a completely outdated appearance.

  1. Cropping

A trend to look out for in logo design for 2019 will relate to the art of minimalism. Cropped and fragmented letters are a smart way for designing trending logos, and logo designers will leverage on this tool in 2019. Logo designers sometimes remove fragments of letters or terminology, and our mind by design fill up the blank.

For a more original appearance, cut out the corners or edges of some letters in a word mark. Even changing one or more letters can cause a trademark to be highlighted unexpectedly. Make sure the final design is still legible, without guessing.

  1. Softened color

Every action has an opposite reaction, even in logo design. While some designers love bright tones, others prefer irresistible and strong and colors. From an artistic point of view, many fashion companies are avoiding flashy colors in favor of softer tones. This is expected to be the trend for graphics designers in 2019. Take a look at what your logo colors say about your brand.

  1. Uppercase

This tendency can be based on principles contrary to simplicity. However, if designed, usually when combined with an artistic font and a simple design, it gives specific authority to a fashion logo. Very well done, there is no discreet and unobtrusive authority to the logos in capital letters, with the typography feeling more natural than forced and screaming. This is going to trend in 2019 as companies are already redesigning the logos with beautiful uppercase fonts


Each logo is a work of art and plays a fundamental role in the success of a brand. Trends continue to change, but the logo remains for life. It is also essential to understand the brand message before designing the logo so you can create a killer brand design.

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