• 7 Ways To Use B2B Web Design As A Branding Opportunity

7 Ways To Use B2B Web Design As A Branding Opportunity

Companies that aren’t using their websites to expand their operations and increase revenue are missing out and won’t be as competitive as others. Most sales professionals greatly underestimate a company’s digital presence and its potential in keeping their business futureproof.

Although traditional marketing may still be effective in attracting new business and closing sales, in today’s digital space, a business website is a superb source for generating new leads, turning these leads into clients, and maintaining relationships with existing clients.

In this article, you’ll learn how incorporating good practices from B2B web design in your branding may help you grow your company. Read on!

What Are The Characteristics Of B2B Web Design?

A business-to-business (B2B) service is where one business sells goods and services to another business. Think of the company from where an aircraft company sources its aluminum and rubber to manufacture its planes’ cabins or tires to be sold later as the complete airplane to airliners. That company sourcing all those materials is a B2B company.

B2B companies have grown since going online, and there are many reasons for their success, one being is how these businesses design their websites. For a B2B website to achieve outstanding results, it should have the following features:

  • Stacked content on every page
  • A page with detailed information on goods and services offered
  • Manuals and brochures that prospects and customers can download
  • Detailed and numeral contact information

That said, here are seven ways how you can incorporate the best of B2B web design as a way to improve the reach of your brand:

B2B web design tips
  1. Direct Prospects To Relevant Content

A competent sales team requires up-to-date and industry-standard tools to attract, nurture, and convert leads into actual sales. The customers of today are very well informed and do a lot of research before coming to a conclusion. And to cater to your customers’ needs, your website needs content showcasing your products and services. This could include delivery times, pricing plans, best practices, frequently asked questions, functionality, implementation procedures, etc.

If your website already has all these, the next step is to send links to clients where they can view your website anytime. These links save both the clients and the company time, since before a customer conducts business with you, their questions will have already been responded to through your FAQs or reviews left by other customers.

  1. Create Content That Addresses Customers’ Needs

The majority of B2B marketing is centered on content as a crucial part of lead generation and conversion. Nonetheless, there are still more traditional companies who underrate the power of creating information, which is paramount in solving customers’ problems and addressing their needs.

Creating content that solves problems and addresses needs places a company at a competitive edge. It also shows its potential to understand customers’ expectations. When consumers contact your website and discover you have the solutions to their problems, they are likely to keep doing business with you.

  1. Generate Inbound Leads Using SEO

Many companies market their services and products using search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, or others. To get ahead of your competition, revamp your web page for traffic search engine optimization.

SEO refers to increasing traffic or awareness about a specific website by ensuring it emerges among the top search results in search engine tools. However, SEO visibility is crucial as search engines are the key ways to search for prospective clients on internet. For one, small businesses need SEO if they need to establish their presence in their target audience.

SEO also appropriately grows your audience because

  • it’s still evolving to be at per with mobile and native SEO,
  • it eases searches for customers interested in the company’s products and services, and
  • it reduces costs and keeps your brand competitive among similar companies.

Optimizing your website for SEO and steering keyword phrases your target audience uses will generate additional inbound leads. The good news is that these leads have the most potential to be converted into actual sales and ultimately maintained into returning clients. 

  1. Pay-Per-Click, Social Media Advertising, And Targeted Ads

SEO requires time and continuous efforts to maintain. Though natural search traffic seems to perform well, a business can use different ways to generate leads. Pay-per-click campaigns may allow your company to pay for directed ads so your company’s website stays on top of your competition. When a client submits a Google search for keywords related to your products and services, your ads will direct them to your website.

In the same way, social media marketing aims at providing consumers with valuable information through popular social media channels. In turn, your customers can share your content across their networks leading to increased traffic to your site. Social media content influences SEO attempts in increasing relevance in the search outcomes in social media networks. This results in a reduction in marketing expenses while raising lead generation.

Targeted ads are very powerful tools in digital marketing. They are used to advertise goods and services offered by a particular company which help to attract the attention of the audience. This increases the number of potential buyers.

  1. Convert Leads, Make A Follow-Up, And Then Close Leads

All individuals that visit your website are potential buyers. When they download a free e-book, complete a form, enroll in your mailing list, they become potential clients. But with no further action on your end, they remain just that—leads. As important as lead generation is to the growth of the company, lead conversion is equally or more important.

Now that you have your potential clients’ data on hand, start by cold calling them or sending them an email confirming their interest in your products and services. Contacting them will ensure you don’t lose their business to a competitor. All these website leads are valuable and thus should be nurtured. Any sales professional worth their salt shouldn’t ignore inbound leads. This can be equated to ignoring someone window shopping in your store.

  1. Industry Events

This is a leading networking tool. It involves gathering companies within specific industries in one locality to demonstrate newly developed products. Industry events give companies chances to create or bolster relationships with the main industry customers, partners, and prospects.

Valuable connections develop from the face-to-face encounters with buyers and suppliers. The partnership established with different companies in your field leverages each one’s knowledge and experience and builds better solutions. Since industry events are on the rise, any business who ignores in the potential of events is missing great opportunities.

  1. Referral Programs

This refers to a company using individuals or partner brands to create awareness to other people about their goods and services. Referral programs are an efficient way to use recommendations of satisfied customers to attract more sales.

Referral programs simplify the process of sharing goods or services with other businesses and make tracking of referrals easy among businesses. Businesses that aren’t using referral schemes should consider employing this method to ensure growth.


One key ingredient of business success lies in a good marketing strategy, including designing a website to stay competitive in today’s digital age. B2B web design is a good marker from which all other businesses should pattern their websites to promote their brands and establish credibility, trust, and a good initial impression among prospects.

Web design is a powerful marketing and sales tool. Any company that wants to grow must create a web page and use the strategies mentioned in this article. Your company will not only grow but also have happy clients.

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