The medical cannabis industry is blowing up all over the world. Governments are legalizing the herb for medical and recreational use while Australia medical cannabis startups are achieving record numbers in IPOs and fundraisers.

Part of what makes cannabis so appealing is the fact that it’s a natural yet effective treatment for a number of common ailments. This includes things like anxiety, depression, stress, pain and seizures.

If you’re starting a medical cannabis establishment and don’t know which logo design to go with, you’re not alone. As an increasing number of medical cannabis businesses pop up, it can seem like all the good logo design ideas are already taken. But, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Read on for some inspiration on logo design concepts that would work great with medical cannabis websites.

  • Upscale

Cannabis consumption and demand is no longer limited to hippies and people who fit the generalized stereotype of a “stoner”. There’s actually a wide variety of people from different backgrounds, tax brackets and tastes who’re using the herb and seeing its benefits.

That means businesses need to diversify their branding in order to speak to the different demographics at play here. For instance, a growing portion of the cannabis market is made up of luxury consumers who’re used to bespoke design and messaging.

If this sounds like your targeted demographic then you should look into designing a logo and website which reflects that. Think elegant, clean lines, modern typography and bespoke design. You want your branding to express the quality inherent in the product itself and there’s no better way to do that than with targeted branding.

Take inspiration from some of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands by going for simple geometric shapes or using a subdued color palette.

Medical Cannabis logo
  • Fresh

If you’re targeting new cannabis users who are part of a younger demographic -i.e. millennials- then you should consider incorporating some fresh design elements into your logo.

Not only that, but your branding should have an educational angle, such as including a definition of the strain you use on the packaging, with information on why it’s so effective.

Attention to detail is the key to success here, and you want to empower your customers while taking away the feeling of intimidation that some might feel when trying medical cannabis products for the first time. Fresh design is characterized by bright, vibrant and lively colors as well as the use of youthful symbols that appeal to newbies.

  • Focus on health

Medical cannabis is fast becoming an acceptable form of treatment in various states and countries around the world. So, it makes sense that a growing number of businesses are focusing on the medicinal benefits of their products, while highlighting the scientific research behind them.

You can do the same with your website logo and design by giving it a “pharmaceutical” feel. This could mean incorporating a medical symbol such as the medical cross or coat of arms. This immediately elevates the credibility of your medical cannabis logo and allows people to see you as a legitimate supplier of reliable medical products.

  • The Leaf

The seven-poited leaf is a common feature in a lot of cannabis business logos. That’s because it tells you what the business is about and it’s basically a universal symbol of the marijuana plant.

The only downside to using this logo is that you’ll be one of many other businesses with the same symbol and without proper branding it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. But, not all is lost. Creative branding is a great way to differentiate yourself from the majority and it’s the key to success for any medical cannabis business.

Extra tip! As part of your branding, don’t forget to mention the sustainability aspect because a large number of consumers prioritize “green” products. Make sure the packaging you use is sustainable, and consider getting biodegradable or reusable containers.


No matter what your logo looks like, remember to embrace the rich history behind cannabis cultivation and use. Include that in your messaging and use visual symbols that speak to your intentions, while keeping it modern at the same time. Also, consider state regulations before you include certain information in your marketing materials because it may not be legal to make certain claims.  Otherwise, make sure your cannabis website branding is fun, exciting, and memorable.

Design a CBD Oil Brand With Our Free Medical Weed Logo Templates

Free Medical Weed Logo Templates

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