When you are running Cargo, Transport, or Car workshop repair, you need to have a great Automotive Logo Design. Your brand identity should depict power through various mediums such as art, science, and nature. The key factors that make a great business should be prevalent in the company’s logo.

By using the online logo maker tools, you will have access to a huge database of vector templates that you can use to design free logos online. These automotive logos will impart the right message to the consumers. With the growing numbers of car aficionados and the stiff competition in the automotive industry, the vehicle company needs to have an emblem that is competitive and powerful.

Things to Remember When Creating a Logo Design for Automotive

Before guiding you to the major factors that make up a great automotive logo design, you need to know that there are really no distinct rules in creating a logo design. Making a logo highly depends on the targeted market, the population, the location, or anything that is essential to the inception of your prestigious vehicle company. However, creating a brand still needs to possess the key attributes of a great logo.


One of the most essential factors of automotive logo design is the name of the brand.  There are two types of the name of the brand; there are names that depict the offering of the business and those that do not. For instance, KIA Motors has the name “motors” in their company logo to insinuate that they are offering motor vehicles, there are also Ford, Daihatsu, and Audi that we’re able to associate themselves in the automotive industry without the need to incorporate their product in their brand name.

When creating a brand, identifying the brand name should be the first consideration. Start-up businesses should do well to incorporate their service or product into their brand.

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When creating logo designs, you should design something that can be associated with the personality of your business. It should be reflected in font and graphic elements. Color psychology is also applied by some automotive companies.  For instance, red often depicts power, green for environment-friendly, purple for royalty, and blue for authority.

Unique Image Of Your Brand

Having a unique logo can set you apart from your competitors. Some automotive companies are utilizing unique logo templates to give them a unique identity. Observe the logos of different car companies such as Subaru, Daewoo, Nissan, Fiat, and others, they are all in the automotive industry, but they have a distinct logo that differentiates them from the rest.


Finally, a great Automotive Logo Design has the ability to adapt in different modes.  When you create a logo at the online logo maker, see to it that the logo you will create can deliver a message regardless of different platforms, digital, print, marketing, etc.

By creating logo designs for your automotive company using an online logo maker, you will be able to create something that will be memorable to the consumers.

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Automotive Logo Colors to Use for an Outstanding Brand Identity

Selecting the best logo colors for your brand can highlight your strengths and help you attract more potential customers. Color psychology claims that every color has an inherent quality that can amplify the memorable messages and characters of brands.

Below we have a list of the colors you can choose for your transport and automotive logo design. Each of the colors carries a unique mood and communicates something different.

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If you would want your brand to look elegant and sophisticated, then you have to incorporate black in the image. While black is neutral, people associate it with the feeling of being powerful, classy, and stylish. A transport or automotive logo in black will look extremely chick.

A black branding will look great on most surfaces and you can change the color easily when the occasion demands. Furthermore, you can pair the color with white to come up with an elegant black-and-white emblem for your transport or automotive business. The potential customers would associate such a logo with high-quality services.


When designing a logo for your tiers, transport, and automotive company, use the silver color for modernity, affluence, respect, and responsibility. Silver is seen as the balance between white and black, meaning that it will work with most schemes and palettes. You can pair it with light blue, light pink, light purple, light yellow, or light green.

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The red color used in an automotive logo portrays power, passion, and energy. This color is the warmest in the color wheel and it ignites intensity and fearless feelings. People will never mistake someone wearing a red color as shy. They will see him or her as confident and daring.

So, if you want your audience to think of your company as confident, forward-thinking, and powerful, you have to include a red color in your emblem. designers mostly pair red color with black, white, and other powerful and high-energy color shades. In addition to the transport and automotive industry, color is also used in the food industry.


Gold color yields a feeling of royalty. The color is regal, meaning that it is a sign of class and standards. The properties make it an ideal choice when designing logos for companies in the transport and automotive industry, particularly those that would want to convey themselves as providers of great value.

In jewelry terms, gold refers to different colors. Gold should not necessarily look metallic or shiny. It is a mixture of two colors, brown and yellow. What makes the color a durable design tool is the extra properties it brings. Gold is royal and a sign of wealth but it is as eye-catching as yellow. It also gives warmth like brown. Its variations convey different impressions and moods, something that makes gold versatile.

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Green currently stands as the easiest color on the human eyes. Besides, green is the color the human eye is more sensitive to mainly because we discern many green palette shades. That might be the reason green is used as the color of relaxation, peace, and nature in the world. Further, green is about rest, harmony, and equilibrium. It is also a color of money and wealth in the United States, considering that dollars are green.

The color is universally linked to the environment and eco-friendly products. Veganism, vegetarianism, and eco-friendly brands use this color in their emblem to show their values. Tires, transport, and automotive logo with green color will communicate to your audience that your brand is established, dependable, and relevant to nature. If your brand is sustainable, fuel-efficient, or invests highly in carbon-neutral initiatives, green is the best choice.