Meaning of characters of animals in logo design

Animals act as a source of inspiration just like any other natural object. Certain animals have traits which are too much relatable to human beings. For instance, similes of like an eagle like a lion or like a wolf are quite common. Before moving to why the use of animal shapes in logo design is gaining popularity, just have a look at one simple example.

Many teams of MLP, NFL and other such leagues use animal names in the name of their teams, like Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles, Detroit Lions, and Chicago Bears. The reason, why sporting teams keep the name of such animals, is quite obvious; they just want to reflect certain traits in their teams. There is no doubt that merely name of an animal is enough to create an impact. Well, same goes true for the animal logo designs by business organizations too. Various businesses use eagle logo, bird logo, butterfly logo, horse logo and many other such animals to tell what they are

Wisely designing a business logo and choosing the right animal for design, helps to create an impact not only on customers but also on competitors.
Here are 5 most common animal logo ideas that you must consider for your business.

Animal logo ideas:

Lion Logo

Lion is the king of the jungle. While shark may leave a sort of negative impression, the lion may help to create more positive interaction. Usually, leopard is used as the logo design by famous businesses. Companies which deal with products and services related to communication prefer the use of such logos.

When it comes to utilization of lion for creating an impactful animal logo, then a business is meant to give multiple messages. For instance, using a lion logo means to tell how your business is the market leader and has the ability to lead.

Free lion Logo design
free Butterfly Logo design

Butterfly logo

Butterfly logos are again more common. They make customers relate themselves in more proper way. Butterflies represent so much, they usually stand for colors, versatility, and independence and much more.

Above all, butterfly logos are also a way to produce a sense of friendship and strong relation between business and customers. In fact, they are an example of live and let others live. Butterfly logos may give a sense that we are here to survive by letting others benefit from the opportunities.

Bird logo

Simple bird logos are also very popular design options. Such logos don’t represent aggression, dominance or any such trait. They simply exhibit peace and existence for survival. Simple bird logos not depict that we are here to compete or surpass each other. Such logos are a sign of peace.

They indicate that business takes to care for society. It is here to fulfill the needs. They also give a perception that by no means, any business intends to leave a negative impact. One can say that a bird logo is something more neutral.

Create Your Own Animal Logos
free birds Logo design
free shark Logo design

Shark logo

Sharks are a sign of aggression and fear. With widely open jaws, they represent a tendency to eat up anything they meant. One may think logo to be too much horrible, but it is not so.

If you are in the market to create a cut throat competition and want to proceed by surpassing your competitors, then do use a shark logo.

In this way, your business would leave an impact that you have to offer something more unique which has the power to change the world. In case your business is into equipment making, then a shark logo remains the best idea.

Eagle logo

Use of eagle logos amongst businesses has remained more popular. The reason is that Eagle has got so many positive traits that reflect aggression but in a fearful manner. Companies that use Eagle logos, try to portray their uniqueness.

Most of the times, animal logos have to be complimented by certain fonts and other designs as well. In case, of Eagle there is no need to take help from such additional graphics. Businesses can use a simply flying eagle, to elaborate the idea of their courage, bravery and ability to rule with strong traits. An eagle sign also refers to provision of more quality products and services.

free eagle Logo design

Keep in Mind:  Make sure choose the right animal for your business logo. The selection may depend upon following two factors.

  • Keep in view the products or service your business has to offer.
  • Pay consideration to the philosophy that of your business which is already being reflected in a mission statement.

Finally, put emphasis on the use of fonts in logo design that beautifully compliment the personality of the animal.

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