Top Animated Video Styles to use – What is the best animated video style?

In this era where most people are forced to stay indoors, technology is taking the world by storm. Almost everyone is online. Some have even brought their businesses onto the digital world to get with the times. With that, we have seen a sudden rise of videos in the online world. Whether these videos are purely casual, comedic, informational, or in the form of advertisement, most of us can agree that videos are one of the best ways to share information.

That being said, businesses have been focusing more and more on digital marketing, particularly producing explainer videos to spread brand awareness as well as product information.

Nowadays, animated videos are one of the most widely used video formats. They are known to be eye-catching and short enough to relay most of the relevant information. Most of these animated video formats are used by professionals, business people, artists, and comedians. Whether you want to express art, share a new idea, or sell a product, animated videos are one of the go-to styles today.

See here for some great examples of animated commercial videos.

Since a lot of people have been looking toward using animated videos, it begs the question, “What is the best animated video style to use?”

Let’s go ahead and delve into what these are:

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation is one of the most classic animated videos styles to use. It is easy to make and one of the go-to styles for videos that are focused on explaining the content. The whiteboard animation style is one of the simplest forms of animation. It is called whiteboard animation because you can see the artist’s hand drawing or moving images on a white surface while explaining a concept to the audience.

Despite being simple to make, this style is still one of the most effective ways to share information because of the straightforward and minimalistic art that allows the audience to remember the content.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation

Screencast Animation

Screencast Animation uses screen capture software to record whatever is happening on your computer screen. You may choose to include an audio narration to explain your on-screen recording. Additionally, you may add background music, sound effects, and other graphics to your video if you want to add more pizzazz.

This kind of animation style is used by companies to easily explain complex processes and functions. These are especially used as educational or training materials for company tools and software. This is a lot better because you can demonstrate, elaborate, and elucidate how to do important tasks and highlight necessary information.

Screencast Animation

Screencast Animation

Live-Animated Video

Did you know that you can combine both Live-Action and Animation to create better videos? These videos take time to finish producing but the outcome will leave a good impact on your audience. Video quality does not have to be that great if you are a beginner. Even recording videos with your iPhone has good enough quality. Next, select a good video editor to add the necessary graphics and details to add that pizzazz.

Keep in mind that it is the content of your video that will make your audience remember you and your video. What are you waiting for? Take out your camera and record a video now!

Cartoon Animation

Cartoons are not just for kids. This animation style is mostly used for comedic purposes but can also be used to share information as well. There are thousands of cartoon animation applications and software that you can use to produce quality videos based on your art style and preference.

These cartoons are usually digitally hand-drawn and then stitched together with transitions. Add some background music, graphics, and captions and you will get a cartoon animation. This animated video style usually gives off a more fun, casual vibe to your audience usually calling on humor to make your video more memorable.

Cartoon Animation

Cartoon Animation

Kinetic Typography

The Kinetic Typography animation style uses words to deliver a message. Kinetic typography literally means “moving text” which is an animation technique that uses moving text to share ideas or information. Sometimes, you can also use this to inspire your audience with the right audio narration. You can mix and match different fonts, transitions, and motion to evoke the emotions you want your audience to feel.

There are many kinetic typography video animation applications and software that are both free and require a subscription. However, it is also possible for you to create kinetic typography animation videos with PowerPoint presentation alone by saving the file as .mp4.

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography

Motion Graphics Videos

With simple animated graphics, you can create a motion graphics video. This animation style is one of the most commonly used. Coupled with audio narration, almost anyone can make a motion graphics video. The difference between motion graphics and animated video is that motion graphics focus on giving movement to the drawn elements on the screen while the animation is any technique that can make a stationary object or image move.

Motion Graphics Videos

Motion Graphics Videos

There are a lot more animation styles for videos that you can employ. With the right creativity, you can combine different kinds of animation styles to make your videos really stand out. By trying multiple tools and software that are available on the market, you will be able to find an animation style that suits your image or preference.

Alternatively, you can check out Animation Explainers if you are having trouble simplifying the business ideas in your head. The team at Animation Explainers have worked with many brands to produce tailored quality videos that suit their business and marketing needs.

Even if you are creating videos to share music, art, ideas, jokes, your products, or just simply want to make someone smile, keep in mind that it is still the content that will drive your audience to remember your video so make sure that you draw up a good script!

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