Providing the perfect platform to include additional information, boost visibility, and cultivate branding, email signatures are currently very useful business tools. Considering that 82% of marketing managers actively use email signatures within their businesses, this is one of the most effective ways that you can help improve your organization’s digital communication streams.

You might be wondering, apart from sharing information, what is the point of including a business-wide email signature for all my employees? In this article, we’ll address that question and more, demonstrating the main benefits that you can expect from creating a business-wide email signature.

We’ll be covering the following benefits:

  • Company Branding and Voice
  • Marketing Purposes
  • Professionality and Trust
  • Cross-Sell Opportunity
  • Internal Structure

Let’s get right into them!

Company Branding and Voice

When everyone at your company uses the same email signature template, you’re able to effectively implement your organization’s branding into every email that you send. Instead of having different colored designs and a range of styles, one continual email signature will ensure that your company emails become recognizable.

If your business has many different people dealing with one client, perhaps moving them from department to department, makes sure that the client is able to recognize that they’re still speaking with someone from the company. Whether it be through the inclusion of a company logo or a color scheme that is carried across all banner communications, you’ll be able to create a cohesive email brand for your business.

Considering that 72% of marketing managers think that branding is more important than the content itself, creating a continual brand that is displayed across all of your mediums (including email) is vital.


Marketing Purposes

Every single day, the average office worker will send roughly 40 emails, contributing to the over 370 billion emails that are sent every year. With this huge influx of digital communication, it’s a regular occurrence that your employees will be sending emails out to customers on a daily basis. Due to this, you can treat these emails as a form of marketing.

Instead of having a generic email without a signature that adds nothing to the email, treat your business email signature as an additional way to advertise. With all of those emails sent out every single day, you’re able to put your brand in front of an additional audience, helping you get more leads and increase your brand visibility.

Make sure that what you’re putting in front of your customers is as detailed and useful as possible for your business – it’s free marketing!

Professionality and Trust

Nothing says ‘I don’t care about this email, and I definitely didn’t proofread it’ more than ‘Sent from X’s iPhone’. Leaving the default email signature on business emails instantly makes your employee come across as unprofessional, decreasing the perceived value of the email that they’ve sent out.

If you want to make sure that all of your business communications come across as professional as possible, then including a branded company-wide signature is one of the best ways of doing so. Not only does this avoid the professionality problem altogether, but it also ensures that you have every opportunity to make a good impression over this digital medium.

Additionally, if you’re emailing customers, the company banner on each of the emails that they receive will help to build trust. An email that doesn’t have one can often come across as less trustworthy than one that includes an email signature.

On the other hand, emails with branded signatures can enhance your client’s trust in your brand. Consistent signatures among all of your employees give your client a sense of organization and uniformity, which would definitely make them trust your company more. If you’re looking to build trust with your audience, this is one of the most effective ways of doing so.

Cross-Sell Opportunity

Much like how email signatures can be used for visibility marketing, they can also be used for direct marketing. If you include a link to a product or your service within your email signature, you’re able to include a digital marketing lead in every single email that you send out.

While the conversion rate from an email signature will be low, it’s still worth putting it there. Especially considering that an HTML email signature generator allows you to edit and construct your signature however you would like, this is the perfect opportunity to get your services out there. Even just a ‘Book a meeting with me’ button is a fantastic way of starting the sales funnel and ensuring future success. It also presents the perfect opportunity to offer your existing clients a sneak preview of your upcoming products and services.

Internal Structure

Especially in the modern age of remote working, it’s not uncommon to have employees that work for the same company located all over the world. Due to this, internal co-workers might not actually know much about other people with whom they come into contact within the organization. If this is the case for your business, then having a business signature that has space for the employee’s name and their role will help them share where they are positioned in the company with other people they email.

This implemented role system will make sure that everyone knows exactly who they’re talking to when emailing someone else in the organization, as well as their current role in the company. From avoiding stepping on anyone’s toes to giving useful context to employees, this is a great aid to implement for your teams.

Final Thoughts

Business-wide email signatures provide a cohesive base from which all digital communications crafted by a business can be sent. Instead of including no extra information within your emails, the signature ensures that anyone that contacts your business knows everything they need to.

From the employee’s name and role to more information about your business and even a sales link, business email signatures are a comprehensive tool that can include vital details about your organization.